Americana- Off Shore Fishing With Dad


Growing up and into my late 30’s we always took family vacations to the beach. When we did my dad, brothers and I would take a day trip with a Captained boat to go out and do some off shore fishing. My dad loved to fish and we often would catch the limit on about every fish we got into to. The last trip we took before my dad got where he could barely see and walk was on a boat called the Captain Stacy. We went out of Morehead City, NC into the deep waters of the Atlantic Ocean about 25 miles off the coast of North Carolina.

My dad, two brothers and myself went on this trip. After about a three or four hour boat ride out into the Atlantic into 150-300 feet deep water we put our lines in and soon began to catch Dolphin (not flipper folks) but the actual fish called a Dolphin. We then got into some Amberjack which are big and strong and give one hell of a fight to get into the boat. We fished out the limit on both of those so we moved into some deeper water in search of some bigger game fish.

We put anchor down and suddenly things got hot again and we hit a school of Spanish and King Mackerel and hit the individual limit on both of them. I cannot remember I think it was like 5-7 per person and we had a good time tearing them up and getting them on board the boat. Mackerel is a bony fish that doesn’t eat that well so we gave them to the people who show up everyday at the local docks when the boats come in so they could eat them.

The day continued and we found ourselves surrounded by five or six other boats because we were hitting the fish hard and catching them like crazy on every cast. Other than a few that broke the line or fought off we tore them up that day. Late in the day before coming back in for the three hour return trip we hooked into a large shark. My dad fought it first and then one by one we took turns fighting that beast. It breached the water three times to let us get a hint of his size and power but we never could get it close to the boat.

The last time the shark jumped out of the water three hours later as it was still fighting the Captain got a good glimpse of it and determined based on his experience that we had hooked a 8-10 foot long Tiger Shark that likely weighed in the area of 400-600 pounds. He told us we would not get that thing on the boat and it was best to cut it loose and let it go. He also reminded us that it was getting late in the afternoon and we needed to head back before it got dark. The last thing he said was we really don’t want that full grown adult shark close to a 30 foot boat anyways.

It was big enough to pull the boat around and mean. One huge, lean, mean eating machine. So we cut the line and let it go. That shark won the battle that day as he proceeded to wear all of us out. One by one he kicked our butts and sent us packing and we are all healthy and strong men. My dad was older but was still a 6’4 340 pound mans man and the most experienced of us all and it wore him down also. Just as we were cutting the line my brother hooked a good size fish and as he was reeling it in and just as it was coming out of the water it got hit by another Tiger shark.

This one was not as big but was mean and about 6-7 feet long and he was a monster. He bit the 18 inch long fish in half and kicked his tail at us as to say better stay on that boat. As a kid I spent lots of time in the ocean playing, swimming and fishing for two weeks every summer. But that sunny day in July showed me a life lesson that we are humans and are meant to be on a boat and not in that water out there. We may be the ultimate predator on ground, but those big sharks are the rulers of the deep. They can have the deep water and I will stay my big butt right in the shallows where it belongs.

We lost dad in 2009 and man would I love to fight another big shark or just catch a few pond bass with him. One of these days we will fish again. Dad, thanks for the memories growing up at the beach. Thanks for teaching us how to fish, be men of faith and take care of our families like you did for so long. Happy fishing in Heaven dad!

Love, Hugs and Kisses in Heaven!

Spirit Chronicles: Attack of the Light Beings


An invasion of aliens came in on the earth really fast.  These light beings flew in on these invisible stealthy ships and landed.  As they came in only certain people could see them and try to warn others.  They were seven to eight feet tall and kind of looked like a shadowy figure with light coming from them.  We were at a football game and when it ended the clouds came over really heavy and made seeing the sun almost blacked out.  In those clouds were these ships that were blended into the clouds.  Cell service was interrupted because I tried to take a picture of the ships when I told people about them they couldn’t see them.  I pointed my camera towards the clouds to snap a photo or record and it began to show a fuzzy screen.

I tried to get it to work and borrowed another phone and it did the same thing.  Outside the fence of the football stadium there were these light beings beginning to walk towards the field and the fence.  I could see them and when I panicked the others around me knew something was wrong.  Then another woman screamed and began to run because she saw them marching in a side by side pattern towards the stadium.  Everyone in the stadium was stuck with nowhere to go so I ran to the fence to try and lock the gate so they could not get inside.  They pushed through the fence and past me and did not touch me or look at me.  They continued to walk across the stadium clearing it one by one.  One by one the people were taken and loaded into these floating bubbles that would quickly take flight and be absorbed into the main ship floating over the stadium.

The main ship was about the size of an aircraft carrier three to four hundred feet long and there were several of them visible.  The local military base sent its war aircraft to check the scene and a battle began.  Our aircraft had no chance against the alien invaders and one by one they were eliminated by these round shaped ships that came flowing out of the main ship  by the thousands.  They were like little five feet round objects that moved at light speed and had a very powerful light beam or laser that destroyed anything they shot.  All of our planes were destroyed and then these small air bubble ships began to shoot at the people that were running.  I looked at my phone and a screen had popped on like a video game screen that showed the ships and their location.  

I am a terrible video game player and I had taken refuge inside a small building to hide and watch the carnage.  I began to mash buttons and realized that I had somehow gained access to the main ship and could destroy the small ones by shooting them with the video game screen.  That is when they began to attack me so I ran as fast as I could and hid behind the bleachers.  The stadium was older and the concrete seemed to block their ships radar and they could not see me or find me.  I weaved my way in and out of the concrete sections hiding and shooting them down.  A teenager then joined me and he was panicking.  I asked him if he was good at video games and he said yes.  I gave him my phone and told him to destroy these things.

As he fought alongside me I began to attack and fight the individual beings and realized that they could not breathe our air so I used whatever I could to bust a hole in their helmets and when I did they would evaporate like a human would in space.  I picked up one of the guns they were using and could not get it to fire so I attacked one of the beings and killed him.  I took his bio suit and out it on and then I was able to fire the weapon.  The weapon was somehow a biological weapon and was attached as part of the bio suit.  Others joined me and the battle moved into the small neighborhoods in town.  People were fighting with guns, knives and whatever they could but most died in the process.  

A group gathered in a building hidden in the woods and planned how to survive and began to fight back.  We gathered food, water and weapons to survive with and I woke up.  This dream was like living in a real science fiction novel or movie.  It was as real as sitting here and typing the story about it.  I can still see the image of the beings walking towards the stadium and beginning to take people away.  I can still hear the gunfire, the planes, the lasers and all the activity that happened in this dream.  It was very disturbing and is similar to a series of dreams I have had about apocalyptic type things like this.


Spirit Chronicles: The Kidnap Killer

I dreamed about a man that had been kidnapping women and killing them. During this dream I saw three women being taken at various places and was actively involved in the hunt for the killer. Every lead I had fell short and then I saw him take a young lady and drop her off in an alley way. She was draped in a yellow sheet or possibly a yellow rain coat. She was dead and he left her lying there like a piece of trash. I was so mad at him and he walked by me and I got a look at his face. He was around 5’10 and 180 pounds. Late twenties to early thirties with ear length sandy blond hair and dark eyes.

He walked by me and as I was observing him he looked down and pulled a hoodie over his head to try and conceal his identity. I then saw a man in a wheel chair and his brother that takes care of him daily. Both of these men either know the guy or have seen him before. The man in the wheel chair has cystic fibrosis and does not speak but uses a voice box to talk. The brother is older and has a disability also but he can take care of his brother. The brother was on the phone talking to someone and I could not get him to see me or hear me.

I was seeing this from the third eye view looking in. I was not involved in the actual process was watching from the outside. The thing that got me confused was the killer seemed to see me even though no one else could. That tells me that he is evil and knows that I am of the light. That is why he likely can see me and knows I saw him. This may be an older event or something that is current. I will have to do some research on it and see if anyone has been killing people in the area that I cam currently in. I can dream and have visions of the past, present and future and will have to solve this one or it will drive me crazy thinking about it.

Faith- Doubting God


Today as I was riding around the yard mowing and listening to some good Christian Worship music a few songs came on that really hit me hard and the message I got was that we often have doubt in God and his promises. I have had my times when I doubted God, mostly when things were going bad, getting hard and tough to deal with. We want things and want it our way but that is not how it works with God. When we ask for something or pray for something we do not always get the answer we want. We get what God wants us to have as he controls all things human, spiritual and in between.

As I was thinking about this and listening to the words in these songs the thought of God being constant and always with us, guiding us and helping us hit me hard. I have had a very spiritual evolution of late since I had a near death experience back in September of 2020. I had faith in God but had slipped in that faith and how he has handled me and dealt with me since then has shown me that his love, grace, mercy and care are like no other I could ask for or expect. In the bible its tells us that faith in God is the foundation of life.

Faith in God is the rock by which we build a solid foundation. He is the way, the light, the miracle, the past, the present and the future. Human nature leads to doubt. We are emotional creatures and that emotion can take a toll on our faith on people and the Lord. We struggle at times with mental, physical and spiritual battles. These things create anxiety and fear of the unknown. These things can separate us from God and drive us to carry baggage that God wants us to get rid of.

When things get hard sit down and pray. Make a list of the ways God has blessed you and your family. Making this list will bring you back to the understanding that God is omni present in our lives and is leading us the way he wants us to go. We put ourselves in bad situations and that makes us doubt not only what we believe but our belief on God. We win some, we lose some, we tie some. God always wins and we have to see the wins in these situations to remove doubt. We lose a family member and doubt comes crashing in. Know that God has that soul now and they are fine.

We lose a job, a house, a spouse and other things we have. This throws doubt, anxiety and tests our faith. Hold strong and know that God has this. He is in charge and will take care of things. He will carry us through it. I put together a list of things that I think help me stay stronger in my faith. Things that can help you get closer to God and know that his support and love in constant and always present. We must first overcome our own doubt to overcome the doubt we have in God. Life can be disappointing at times and in those times we must not doubt God, but find strength in his words and actions. God is awesome, caring, loving, supportive and patient. We must be the same to be a person of confidence and not a “doubter”.

1- Do not rely on your own emotions, confidence and actions to try and overcome the big challenges in your life.

2- We adopt worry, anxiety and fear as our way of dealing with things.

3- We question Gods goodness and grace in our lives.

Reading Isiah 26, I found these three ways to cast any doubt we have about God in our lives away.

1- Seek God and his everlasting power when times are tough.

2- Know that God promised us safety, grace and mercy in the Bible.

3- Know that God never doubts us and we should never doubt him.


Faith- Lukewarm Spirituality

I am 100% convicted of the title of todays faith based lesson. I have been a spiritual person since I was just a young boy but have had times in my life when I was lukewarm at best. In fact, I have been less than lukewarm at times in my journey with God. The bible refers to this as non being mindful or watchful of God’s work in your life. Life throws all kinds of curve balls at us and the Devil loves to step in and get between us and the Lord. Lukewarm spirit can be compared to lukewarm work habits, relationships and family matters.

If we are lukewarm we will face things that we are not prepared for and those things will take us down. We have to constantly be in prayer and seek guidance from God to make sure that we stay Red hot for God and not go lukewarm. You do not have to church every week to be red hot on fire for God. We choose our relationships with family, spouses, co-workers and God. We build habits within ourselves that determine how we do in these areas of our lives. Laziness creates lukewarm behaviors and lukewarm results.

God wants us to be more than lukewarm for him. He seeks us daily and consistently watches over us and wants us to reach back to him. We must not just seek him in bad times but at all times. God is never lukewarm and we should not be either. If we are lukewarm in a marriage then it will suffer. If we are lukewarm at a sporting event or when playing then out performance will suffer. If we are lukewarm at work then out performance will suffer.

I had to look at myself and think about my Luke warmness in life at times. I had to look at myself in all aspects to make sure I stayed on fire for God and that he can continue to influence me and lead me to what he wants me to be. Avoid be lukewarm by doing the following things in your life daily. This will keep you on fire in your relationships, career, outside activities and most importantly with God himself.

1- Pray everyday without fail. Failure to pray is failing to seek God in your life.

2- Check yourself to see where you stand in all aspects of your work life, family life and spiritual life.

3- Change what is broken. Get rid of old habits by creating good ones that are productive and never be lukewarm in anything you have passion about.

4- Work hard at all aspects of life and go for red hot in everything that is important to you.

5- Pray, Pray and Pray some more and watch God become red hot in your life.

2nd Corinthians 13:5; Examine yourselves, to see whether you are in the faith. Test yourselves. Or do you not realize this about yourselves, that Jesus Christ is in you?—unless indeed you fail to meet the test!


Faith- Finding Courage In Challenging Situations

You will be put in challenging situations and at times feel overwhelmed and let down. Life will let you down at times and often it is when we are either at the top of our game or at the lowest point.  When we are facing our darkest moments and weakest moments due to life events we must focus on God and look for an outcome that is positive. To make it positive we have to have faith and believe that the process of overcoming challenging times is going to be dealt with head on and with courage.

Challenging events in our lives are part of the process of growing, becoming more than what and who we are.  God wants us to be strong, have faith and walk through life with his light shining.  Life will knock you down and beat you up bad if you let it. We live our best life and know that the things we face in life such as losing a job, losing family, broken families, health crisis and other things make us stronger. God will never put us through something we cannot handle and is right there by our side helping us with it. He is carrying us through it and knows the outcome if we follow him and trust in his process.

The bible tells us that God will not put us through anything we cannot handle, but doing it on our own often leads to more trouble, anger, strife and fear.  Ask God to help you, guide you and lead you and he will.  These times cause us to have all of these emotions and can make us mentally and physically sick. Tough times can also make us spiritually sick which allows the Devil to step in and cast doubt, anger and frustration. When times get hard, we must fight back and seek God for his grace, guidance and mercy.

You will look back and laugh at those times knowing it was all a step forward in your spiritual journey.  Even though it may have felt like a step backwards at the time. What seemed like a step in the wrong direction can often be the steps forward that propel us to become stronger in our faith and relationships with family, friends and God. When it gets tough, fight back. When times challenge you, push back. When a crisis happens in life, step up to the challenge. When life kicks you in the teeth, call on God and overcome!

Spirit Chronicles: Blue/White versus Red/Black

I was with a group of people away from my family in a desert area on a business trip.  I saw what looked like a nuclear explosion to the east of us around 250 miles away.  I tried to tell everyone near me but nobody saw it but me.  Then to the west I saw another explosion the same way and this time a few others saw it.  I tried to take a picture but the phone was not working due to no service.  Then panic set in among the people and they began to stress out, fight, run and hide where they could.  All that was around to hide were a few empty buildings and barren landscape. 

Then a huge light show appeared and it had all kinds of colors and the noise was deafening making people fall on the ground and squirm around.  It didn’t make me hurt or squirm but I could hear it.  I saw a portal open in those lights and a troop of soldiers dressed in red and black began to fall to the earth and they were super soldiers like nothing I have ever seen. They were giants about eight feet tall and had solid black military style uniforms with glowing neon like red trim all over.  Their helmets were black with a face mask and red neon trim on them.

They hit the ground running and started coming at us about 300 yards away and as they came they were shooting people with laser weapons and instantly they would disappear after being shot.  People tried to fight them off but to no avail and the onslaught continued.  There was a group of young people and they were near me just sitting in chairs listening to music.  I tried to warn them but all they did was stare at one another and shake their heads.  They were so wrapped up in their phones they didn’t seem to care.  

Then one of them said go away old man and chill out and turned his heavy metal music up real loud but it still was not high enough to drown out the noise from the invasion force and lasers.  Then ships began to arrive with even taller soldiers that fired lasers from their hands which turned people into red balls of light that would fly into the ship into a central bulb to be absorbed.  Then the young people began to run and scream but they were mostly killed by the red lasers and soldiers.  They pleaded for help and some threw their phones down once they figured out they were not working.  

The soldiers became closer so I tried to tell the remaining young people to run and hide but again they told me to go away and leave them alone.  One of them stood up and he looked at me and his eyes were dark and he pointed at me and yelled he is not one of us and the others stood up and started coming at me.  I knew I was in trouble and as they got close to me another portal opened and a group of warriors appeared and they were wearing blue and white uniforms.  These warriors were also over eight feet tall with a few as tall as ten feet or more.  They began to fight the black and red force immediately.  

They pushed back the others and I looked down and immediately was wearing a blue and white uniform.  These uniforms were all blue from head to toe with white neon trim.  The white was very bright and warm so I knew the soldiers were good and were there to help and protect people. Then the young ones became scared and started to scatter and run.  As they did the soldiers in Red and black shot them with lasers turning them into the red balls of light.  Others asked for help and cried out to the soldiers in blue and white and when they asked they were touched and instantly turned into a blue ball of light.  

A fierce fight began as the red and black (evil) fought the blue and white (light force) globally.  Millions of people were lost to both sides.  Those that were red and black and sided with them went into that ball of red light where their souls were taken forever into torment.  The blue and white soldiers turned people into the blue light and those were saved from torment and given eternal life in a new world.  People chose sides and with that decision earned a fate based on that decision.  They either went to heaven or went to hell.  Once they chose there was no way back and that was their fate.  

This new world was heaven where they got a new body and granted any wish that was good and positive.  There was no war, no fighting, no anguish, no disease and no famine.  It was perfect but not everyone wanted that because they were deceived and had found sin to be the life they wanted.  Sin brought them power, fortune, greed, sexual pleasures, political status and human pleasures.

These people perished into the red ball of eternal hell due to their choices.  Those that chose the light were granted access to a new life that was fabulous and wonderful.  A life that was free from sin, powers, sexual pleasure and greed.  I fought alongside the light force for generations in the war to end all wars.  I was injured many times and in the process and witnessed millions make their choice of the good or the bad.  A final very fierce battle of biblical proportions took place and the world was cleansed of all evil for good.  God had established his heaven on earth for those that chose the blue and white light (good).

Spirit Chronicles: The Demon Temptress of 11A

I dreamed I was at a motel on the 3rd floor on a nice vacation with my wife, family and friends. The entire time we were there my wife was not paying any attention to me and only hanging out with the friends and family. I got bored being alone so I started walking down the steps to go outside and see the beach and get so e fresh air. My phone rang and it was a number I had never seen and before I could touch the phone to accept or deny the call the phone call went active on its on. On the other end I heard scrambled voices, screams, and scary people talking to me. A lady said “you don’t need her anymore”. A man said “just walk away from all that”.

I knew the voices were demonic and told them to go away and leave me alone. I told them I was happy and had no intention of leaving my wife. As I went down the final step a door appeared out of nowhere blocking my path to the front door. I felt an urge to knock on it. One of my relatives that is a prayer warrior was in the dream and he touched me on the shoulder and told me not to knock or open the door. I felt the urge so I knocked and a large black lady as big as the door opened the door and I am around six feet tall and was staring at her breast plate. She had to be over seven feet tall and as wide as the door.

She looked at me and said “I can take care of you, leave her now”. My family prayer warrior grabbed me and said get away from her now and then my wife stepped down the steps and told me to get away from her. I knew as soon as she opened the door she was a demonic temptress sent to try and mess with my mind. I told her I was not interested because I knew what she was and why she was there. I was also not interested in here physically so I told her to go away. She tried to grab me but I pushed her off and then the door slammed shut and I was thrust back upstairs and around my family.

I awoke and wrote down the dream and began to process it. The devil tempts all of us with physical, emotional and spiritual forces trying to tap into our biggest fears, needs, wants and desires. We have to stand strong and not allow him and his minions to win our souls. Being a light worker (a person that helps) people find God and the light this comes with the territory. The battle of good and evil rages on and some will fall to the devils trickery while others will defeat it and be of the light. Choose the light and stay strong for the darkness the devil offers is bleak, scary, misguided and deceptive.

Spirit Chronicles: Ghost in the Building

We have a small very old building on the edge of our property and today as I was mowing I sensed something in the building looking out the window at me. I stopped what I was doing, cut the mower off and sat there for a few minutes to see if I could see it again. I just caught a glimpse of something in the window the first time but that building is padlocked from the outside and has never been opened as long as we have lived here. Honestly, I do not know what is in that old building and was thinking about it as I drove past it mowing and cutting the high weeds around it down.

I started the mower up and continued to mow the rest of the yard. While finishing up the yard I could help but think about that old building and what I may have seen. Sure it could have been a critter of some type like a possum or racoon but this thing that moved was fluid and tall. No animal could move like that or cast a picture like that. The property was the former home of settlers and Indians so it is a very spiritually active site daily. I sense lots of things on the property and have written many stories about Old Town Road.

My wife flagged me down and told me it was getting dark and time to get inside and rest some for tomorrow. I parked the mower and continued to think about that building. I told my wife when I sat on the golf cart to head back to the house that I was going to go check that old building out tomorrow and see what was happening with it and what is in it. I feel that there is something attached to that building and it sensed that I could see it and knew it was there. It hid from me which tells me it is not the nicest of spirits or just wants to be left alone.

As I was driving back towards the house I got a very sudden spirit headache (spirit gives you a headache) when it comes at you really strong. I also felt sick to my stomach suddenly which shows me it is not of the light and a lost or wandering spirit. Then it hit me hard in the upper chest and throat taking my breath in the process. It hit me so hard that I had to stop driving and focus on stopping its attack. It came at me really hard and was very strong. I have been previously attacked on the property by an ancient Indian female spirit and she was mean and nasty and hard to deal with.

That spirit tried to choke me also and held my head in the pillow one night almost killing me in my sleep. Look at the story Attacked on Old Town Road for that one. Anyways, I focused up and told the spirit I meant it no harm and did not want to interfere with its business to leave me alone. It let up as spirit can only use a certain amount of energy at one time. I got back to the house, prayed and blessed the entrance of the house telling it to stay out and away. As I write I am still tired from the attack and the headache is almost completely gone. I will have to deal with this spirit at a later date but for now I will leave the old building on Old Town Road alone.

Spirit Chronicles: Graveyards of 601

Recently my wife and I had to travel to another small town to buy some wedding stuff for our daughters wedding. To get to this small town we had to travel down this long windy country road with about five to six churches on that road during the 15 mile drive. As we began to pass the first graveyard I instantly sensed a very strong spirit that felt warm and inviting. I pushed it away from me and continued to drive without telling my wife what I had felt. A mile or so down the road we passed another small church on the left side of the road and once again I was overcome with emotion and anxiety.

This one felt different and was coming from more than one soul in the graveyard. There were multiple spirits trying to come at me so I pushed them off by concentrating on clearing my mind and body and drove on past. A short ways down the road the feeling went away. We drove a few more miles and on my right was a pretty large graveyard and something in there was very strong and angry. It hit me hard right in the chest and throat to let me know it was coming to me. When I sense bad spirit it hits me in the chest and stomach area and feels like someone is pressing (sitting) on my chest or like they are punching me in the stomach.

I tried to block this one but it was strong and kept coming. It made me sick to my stomach and obstructed my breathing so I slowed the car down to catch my breath and not wreck the car. I was really feeling the pressure in my chest and throat area. I drove on past the church and graveyard but this spirit tried to attach to me and continued to pursue me. It knew that I could feel it and it had caused stress, anxiety and some fear. I was new to the whole transformation thing and how to deal with spirit.

I tried to talk to it, think thoughts to it and focused to get it to go away. A few miles later it finally let go and seemed to be gone. We drove down to that small town and bought the stuff we needed and headed back. I was dreading that drive because I knew that church graveyard on 601 had a mean spirit waiting on me or the next person like me to come back by. As we approached the church I sped up to get past as fast as I could and before I could even get to the church property here it came. It was on full blast and was coming at me harder than the first time.

I had prepared myself and said a prayer to God and my guardians for protection and that helped. As it hit me I began to block it mentally from pushing on my chest. So it went for other areas of the body where spirit knows it can come at or into you. I told it to stay away and go back to where it came from and commanded it in Gods name to go away. This made it mad so it went after my neck nerve ending on the right side of my head. This is an area where a good bit of nerve traffic comes from your brain and goes down and across your body on the left side.

As it hit me I felt instant numbness in my neck, upper back and hand on the right side. It felt like I was having a stroke or something so I sped up and prayed for it to go away. Suddenly I felt a warmness around me and the tip top of my head began to tingle which triggers me to know that friendly spirit is around me. This feeling was an instant message that my angels and guardians were on deck and backing me up. I drove away and the mean spirit continued to come at me moving to my stomach, then crotch, then knee then bottom of my feet.

It was determined to get into me and to me. It was determined to hurt me because It wanted me to feel the frustration, anger and resentment it had about life and the death it had faced. With focus, some pain and an instant headache (spirit will give you a headache) if it hits you hard on your third eye chakra hard enough trying to communicate with you. It eventually drove away and we came home. I was tired emotionally and physically from the episode so I went to lay down. I prayed before coming into the house and told the spirit it could not come into the house. I commanded it to be gone and stay away from me.

I felt it outside the window and it was pushing hard at me. I called a friend who is gifted for advice and the spirit tried to go through the phone and come at her. She asked me as soon as she said hello, “what in the world is behind you outside”. Then she said that thing is mean and very strong how did you beat it. I told her I focused on blocking it and told it to go away. We talked about how to send it away and clear the spirit from near me. I went to bed with a prayer, holding my Bible and reading versus of praise, encouragement and hope.

I told all spirit not to come into my sleep, my dreams, my sub-conscience or at my family while I was asleep. It stayed outside my window all night and on occasion would make noise, block the light outside or push hard at me to let me know it was there. The next day I had had enough so I went outside, talked to it and told it to leave now. I read Bible verses and carried my cross. It pushed away and I never felt it again. To this day I do not like to travel past the graveyards of 601 because that spirit was so big, bad and nasty.

Now that I am stronger and can block them off of me I am more confident and will eventually go back by there just to see how good I can handle it. It is a bad spirit with anger so it is not to be taken lightly. To imagine a church graveyard would have such mean spirits is hard to believe. I assure you the churches of 601 has some strong spirits, some nice, some soft, some mean and soft just plain nasty. If you are gifted do not go past the churches and graveyards of 601.

Spirit Chronicles: The Elevator to Hell

I have a crew of demons that have been assigned to me to try and make me turn from God. As I have begun to transform and become closer to God everyday they have on occasion came at me trying to tempt me into their bidding and to use my ability and gift for bad. God gave me a gift and I fully intend to use it for his glory and to help people, not hurt them or destroy lives. Last night his four henchmen showed up in my dream again trying to mess with me. They taunt me, tease me and laugh at me. They know I am of the light and a light warrior for God and it pisses them off. They know who is in charge and that they will never see Gods glory as they have chosen a life of sinfulness and destruction that lead them to be demonic entities.

The leader is about 5’10 and 240 pounds. He appears to be about mid 40’s and dresses in a gray suit with a vest. He is a heavy smoker and a real smart ass. His two henchman are about mid 30’s and wear all black suits with black shirts and black glasses. Sounds like men in black, but these guys are mean and nasty. The last one is the muscle, he is the scariest one standing over 7 feet tall and weighing in excess of 500 pounds. He never talks, but looks mean as hell and uses his body to block me from trying to see good light when dealing with them. He has also appeared as a coach in a dream, a security guard and as a genie type character. He is big and mean and the muscle of this demonic crew.

I saw people walking towards a freight elevator like you would see in an old building back in the day. One by one they entered the elevator. The doors would open, the two guys in black would lead them in and the leader would just stand there and eat and smoke and laugh. The big guy was on constant watch trying to make sure the people did as they were told. I knew who they were and that they were bad so I backed away and tried to tell some of the people to not go to the elevator. The cop like guy looked at me and blew smoke out and told me he would get me at some point. He pointed at me and said, the “only way to become what you want is to meet the master”. He is obviously referring to meeting the Devil.

Those poor souls were stepping into the elevator and it only went down. It was dark, lonely and isolated and they had fallen for this line he was given. I have no intention of ever meeting the Devil much less working with or for him. I told them to stay away from me in the name of God and that made them even madder. Demons will laugh at you, make fun of you and tease you. When you name God as your primary defense and call on him the get very mad and will go away. God has control over all Demons and the closer you get to God the farther they will distance themselves from you. The further you stray from God the more they will come at you trying to break you and make you a lost soul. I sent them away and as they left they laughed and moved on. I backed away and woke up.

The world is full of evil and good. It is in a constant battle for souls and people. The spiritual realm is there and not for the weak to mess with. It takes all a light warrior has to fight these things off and dispatch them back to where they came from. I pray that God lift me up, protect me and keep me safe and secure. I am a light warrior, a dreamer, a visionary and it is all for God because he has a plan for my life and wants me to help others. Keep your eyes on God, keep your heart on good and fight evil or it will take your soul.

James 4:7; Submit yourselves therefore to God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you.

Ephesians 6:11; Put on the whole armor of God, that you may be able to stand against the schemes of the devil.

Spirit Chronicles: The Demon In The Closet

Last night I dreamed that I was in my nanny’s house that I have not been into since back around 2000. Many of my dreams about spiritual warfare between myself and demons takes place at this location. It seems to be connected somehow to a spiritual realm through a portal. When I lived there for several years after my Nanny passed we encountered several odd things that happened to us. Not that it seems to be a house that shows up a lot in my dreams and visions tells me that it has a connection of sorts to both good and evil spiritual realms. As I am making my transformation into doing God’s will and using a gift he gave me I seem to get harassed by demons, malevolent spirits and lost souls. The devil sends them to us to attack us when we are strong and weak.

When God gives us the gift of showing people the light the devil steps in and does what he can to fight that off and turn you away from God. He uses his various types of demons and evil spirits to attack you, bother you, fight with you and try to scare you into not believing in what God is doing for you. The stronger the gift and the connection with God the more they will attack you until you reach a point where they back off. Then they come every now and then to test your will, strength and determination to stay the course and do what God had willed in your life. This being I fought last night was pretty common and is routinely a low level but strong spirit given authority to ruin lives by the Devil.

These generally look quite normal until the ugly side comes out. Last night I was in the old house and near the front door is a closet that even when I lived there never felt comfortable to me. I walked into the front door and sitting on a bed were two women. One of those was my older spirit guide (my great grandmother) and another woman I did not recognize. They were there to support me but were not speaking to me, just sitting and looking at me smiling with a reassuring and calming look as mothers would do to a child in need or in fear. I sensed a strong spirit close so I opened the closet door and inside stood a blond headed male over six feet tall with dark blue eyes. He looked harmless due to his nice blond hair and good looks, but inside of him I sensed an evil presence and realized it was there to attack me or harasses me.

The spirit started laughing at me, mocking me telling me I was weak and should give in. I knew it was trying to attack my bit of fear and self doubt that we all have at times. So I immediately put my hands out into a blocking formation like I was the karate kid (that is how I muster my life force) to push things away from me. I began to push it back using my spiritual force and it pushed back and the harder we pushed the madder and louder it got. It just kept saying “your weak, give up”. Then it escalated when the thing took a few swipes at me from inside the closet and I was just a few feet away. It couldn’t leave the closet but was trying to push its way through the open door. I had a strong block on it but it was strong and came on hard.

That is when my guardians tried to stand up and assist me but I knew I was strong enough to beat this thing. I had faced three the night before and a few much stronger than this one before and defeated them. I looked at the ladies and told them to stay there that I had this and would handle it. They smiled and nodded there heads in agreement which told me I was strong enough to defeat this tall dark thing. Its face then turned crazy and warped which always signifies to me what I am dealing with. This shows me they are a lost soul, demon or evil spirit with bad intentions for myself, family or others. So I pushed even harder and began to demand it go back to where it came from. It laughed, contorted its face and pushed against me.

I got a hold on it and gave a big push and yelled “by the power of God, I command you to go away” and it slammed to the back of the closet against the wall shaking the house. I then stepped just inside the door because sending it away didn’t feel enough so I physically pinned it to the wall with my left arm and suddenly I was strong enough with one arm to hold it off. It tried to bite me, spit on me and snarled and screamed a deep and dark growl and started to flail around wildly. I took my right hand and wetted my pointing finger with my saliva and began to draw a cross on its forehead as it fought me off. I did the down swipe and its eyes changed dark black and it screamed so loud it shook the room we were in as if it was calling for help. When it did this my guardians stepped over to the doors entering the room, one at the front door and the other at the hallway door to block any help that may have been conjured.

I took my saliva once again and while literally fighting it from biting me like a crazed zombie did the side ways swipe completing the cross and when I did that it yelled even louder a bone chilling yell no one could ever forget and it began to stop flailing, fighting and contorting its face. The power of God and his overwhelming spirit is too much for any evil to withhold and the process of placing the cross on the forehead and telling it to go back to where it came from instantly sent it back to hell. I looked to my right and left and the ladies smiled at me joined hands and walked off into the clouds towards heaven and faded into the sunrise. I was in the room but could see the clouds and sky and have on many occasions. I believe that is my version of heaven, a beautiful blue sky, partly cloudy with white clouds and just peacefulness everywhere.

I stepped away from the door and no longer felt the thing that was there and slammed the door shut. I woke up and began to write this scary tale of good versus evil that most people would never understand until they lived in it. God has given me a gift from heaven and I use it to fight off bad spirits and show lost spirits Gods light. I am a light warrior that battles things in my dreams, has visions and am visited by the other side frequently. I am growing spiritually in a positive way, changing from the inside out and praying for God’s guidance, wisdom and grace as I continue this journey and transformation.

The bible is laced with many verses and stories about good versus evil and how the spirit of God and good always wins in the end. We as humans have to choose which way we will go and how we will live our life. We can live life with God in it or the devil in it. Be careful what you choose for there will be consequences for those thoughts, actions, behaviors, and beliefs. This is my story and I am sticking to it. People can criticize, not believe, throw shade or just generally disagree with me and my dreams. However, actual experience always outweighs someone’s opinion. If God had gifted you, tapped on your heart and you realize the spiritual realm is much bigger, wider and stronger than anything we can imagine. Then stand strong, tell your story and do not be afraid of what others think.

James 4:7; Submit yourselves therefore to God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you.

Ephesians 6:11; Put on the whole armor of God, that you may be able to stand against the schemes of the devil.