Spirit Chronicles: The Demon Temptress of 11A

I dreamed I was at a motel on the 3rd floor on a nice vacation with my wife, family and friends. The entire time we were there my wife was not paying any attention to me and only hanging out with the friends and family. I got bored being alone so I started walking down the steps to go outside and see the beach and get so e fresh air. My phone rang and it was a number I had never seen and before I could touch the phone to accept or deny the call the phone call went active on its on. On the other end I heard scrambled voices, screams, and scary people talking to me. A lady said “you don’t need her anymore”. A man said “just walk away from all that”.

I knew the voices were demonic and told them to go away and leave me alone. I told them I was happy and had no intention of leaving my wife. As I went down the final step a door appeared out of nowhere blocking my path to the front door. I felt an urge to knock on it. One of my relatives that is a prayer warrior was in the dream and he touched me on the shoulder and told me not to knock or open the door. I felt the urge so I knocked and a large black lady as big as the door opened the door and I am around six feet tall and was staring at her breast plate. She had to be over seven feet tall and as wide as the door.

She looked at me and said “I can take care of you, leave her now”. My family prayer warrior grabbed me and said get away from her now and then my wife stepped down the steps and told me to get away from her. I knew as soon as she opened the door she was a demonic temptress sent to try and mess with my mind. I told her I was not interested because I knew what she was and why she was there. I was also not interested in here physically so I told her to go away. She tried to grab me but I pushed her off and then the door slammed shut and I was thrust back upstairs and around my family.

I awoke and wrote down the dream and began to process it. The devil tempts all of us with physical, emotional and spiritual forces trying to tap into our biggest fears, needs, wants and desires. We have to stand strong and not allow him and his minions to win our souls. Being a light worker (a person that helps) people find God and the light this comes with the territory. The battle of good and evil rages on and some will fall to the devils trickery while others will defeat it and be of the light. Choose the light and stay strong for the darkness the devil offers is bleak, scary, misguided and deceptive.

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