Spirit Chronicles- Divine Dreaming

I dreamed that I had an out of body experience during sleep. I died in my sleep for a few minutes and went to Heaven. Upon reaching Heaven I was immediately at the feet of the most powerful, light and force imaginable. It was so overwhelming, in a positive manner that I could not react, look up or move. I was frozen at the feet of my Savior and Lord Jesus Christ. I could not look up but knew it was him. He communicated with me mentally without words. He wanted me to know that I would be OK and to keep faith.

This dream occurred during a very rough time in my life where my wife and I were experiencing job loss, money issues and had two small children. I had lost my job at a company, not to be named after nearly seven years of committed service. I was betrayed at the job by an upper level manager that I trusted and had lots of confidence in. Anyways, that committed service got me released for something I truly did not do and it impacted my thoughts on humanity, who I was as a person and man.

Not being able to feed your family and find a job was so overwhelming that I had reached a boiling point in life. I had shut down and was not myself and it was impacting everyone on the household. The worst thing a father ever wants to not be able to do is provide for his family. I prayed every night for help, guidance and grace for my family and self. Once I had this dream it set in motion many more occurrences with forces that we all are yet to understand fully.

I can tell you that the glory of Heaven is unimaginable, it is glorious, and beautiful to say the least. At the time I didn’t really understand why I went to heaven, maybe it was a calling, maybe it was a warning, maybe it was a divine intervention for a normally loving, caring, and considerate person that had become something else. I thank God for giving me the dream, intervention, experience, call it what you want.

It changed the direction of my life and set me on a path to begin teaching public school exceptional children and I have never looked back. The woman that betrayed me died a few years later of cancer and it was sad. I had held onto some bad feelings about her and did not want to allow that to keep me from moving forward. Besides, she was human and we all make mistakes and do things we shouldn’t to people.

My advice would be to not let this type of thing get to you. It will eat you up from the inside out and destroy your life. Holding onto hate, anger, fear, and all those other ungodlike things will set you on a path that leads to the devil taking hold of your life and controlling you. When you get hurt, accept it, face it and overcome it. God only knows how to heal those wounds, do not try that on your own. Seek God’s grace and forgiveness before you begin to ask others to do the same.

Faith- Miracles from God

My wife was recently diagnosed with a tear in her hip that was creating lots of pain for her and was making it hard for her to function daily at everyday tasks. We went to the doctor and they did a battery of testing and imaging showed a clear and present tear in her hip. The doctor ordered surgery so we began the process of praying daily and asking for prayer from our friends, family and church. We continued this process and praying in preparation for the surgery and rehabilitation that was expected to last for up to twelve weeks.

We showed up for the surgery and my wife was prepped and went into surgery. We as stated were expecting her to be off her feet for atleast twelve weeks with no weight and endure a lengthy rehabilitation process. The surgeon went in prepared to fix her torn ligaments and to his surprise found absolutely nothing. He cleaned up the area of some arthritic issues and tissue and closed her up. My wife walked out of that hospital almost completely healed. The doctors were astounded at what had taken place and could not explain it.

I looked at him and said, doctor my wife is the recipient of a miracle from God. We have prayed over her numerous times and have had family and friends do the same for weeks. God answered those prayers and healed my wife. Let me take you back a month or so when she was first diagnosed. The young doctor that did the initial work up on her asked if he could pray with her. He told her that prayer was good and maybe God would help her out. Well as you can see that faith from the doctor, my family and my wife gave us the chance to be the recipient of a miracle.

Miracles come in big and small events. Miracles have been taking place since the beginning of time. I myself am a walking miracle as God revealed to me through spirit that I had a heart issue and it saved my life literally. I was a dead man walking just waiting on a ticking time bomb in my chest to explode and kill me. After we got home I had a dream about my wife and her health. A dear friend then called me out of the blue not knowing that my wife was healed and doing great to tell me something that secured my belief in the miracles of God.

She told me that my wifes mom whom passed away in 2014 had come through to her and told her that a miracle had been sent her way and she was completely healed because God was good. She wanted us to know she was watching and that God had taken care of her little girl once again. This is a true event that took place recently in my life. A real miracle as small as it seems grows our faith in God.

Do you believe in Miracles? Have you witnessed a miracle? Is your faith in God strong enough to believe that he can heal you? How can you pursue God and his miracles in your life?

Psalm 77:14; You are the God who works wonders; you have made known your might among the peoples.

Spirit Chronicles: The Crying Lady and Angels With Candles

I dreamed I was at a massive church and everywhere I looked I saw staircases going up and down, all around.  Thousands of staircases to choose from and there were other people with me.  As we began to try and walk down a case, seven angels dressed in glowing beautiful white robes with long flowing hair began to walk up or down the staircases forming a shoulder to shoulder line where no one could get past them.  They were all carrying small candles that were lit and  glowing really bright white light that looked like Christmas candles you would see in the window of homes. They did not speak and had a presence about them that was warm and friendly.  They were all Angels of the Lord. 

Beautiful organ music was playing that was very loud and could be heard all over the world.  It was like a calling out to the people to witness the glory that was about to unfold.  I felt safe and secure knowing they were there to protect me.  As people moved up or down the stairs to run away they were absorbed by the candlelight and became part of the glow.  Each soul collected made the light brighter, warmer and pleasant to see.  It was clear God was calling his people home and collecting the souls of the saved.  Some of the people simply were pushed away not physically but just couldn;t face the Angels and turned and ran trying desperately to get away.

The flow of Angels was non stop and numbered in the millions.  Five at a time in rows five or so feet apart walking in unison and singing praises to God.  Those that were lost ran but it didn’t work.  They were eventually led into a room where there was a beautiful crying lady.  She had long hair, was young and very pretty.  Her hair was curly and long and she was quiet.  She just looked at the people and cried.  I was watching all of this from above as a third party.  I saw people step to her and plead their case and she would drop a tear and they would just vanish into a dark vacuum like tunnel. 

I deciphered this tunnel as hell and she was the lady of the church that was weeping for them because they were lost.  They chose fear and ran away from the Angels and their light.  They instead chose to run towards that tunnel and were swept away forever to suffer at the hands of their own actions, thoughts, beliefs and it had consequences.  The weeping woman was overpowering and so sad.  She was a mother of sorts and was very depressed and sad that so many people were lost during this rapture of sorts.  She just stood there and wept.  As the dream ended the thousands of steps began to disappear and go away as the Angels converged on a central location.  Some of the people fearing the consequences of the weeping woman ran and jumped off the steps and just disappeared into oblivion.

The Angels gathered and the voices, music and worship became so loud you had to cover your ears.  Then a huge light that you could not look at appeared and all the Glory of God was there at that moment and in that light tunnel was the millions of souls walking towards Heaven and the magnificent light.  God had sent a message that it is time or revival.  Time for his people to stand up for him, follow his ways and prepare for life everlasting.  As Soon as it had started the tunnel closed and the Angels and souls went to God and the world was dark.  The light was gone and those that had been left behind with the weeping woman were left to struggle, suffer and endure forever and ever.

According to Revelations Angels will serve major roles in the end of mankind and the rapture. Revelation 5:11; Then I looked, and I heard the voice of many angels surrounding the throne and the living creatures and the elders; they numbered myriads of myriads and thousands of thousands.

  • God will send the angels to become harvesters at the end time. They will harvest both the good and the evil.
  • The wicked will be judged in the presence of angels
  • There will be seven angels that will stand before the Lord with seven trumpets.
  • Before Christ returns angels will pour out seven bowls of judgment on the people of the earth (Revelation 15 and 16).

Spirit Chronicles: 9000 Feet Fall

I dreamed I was in a gigantic hotel that was as tall as the skies. I entered the building and could not see the top floor it was so high in the air. I went into the elevator and the door closed and I saw the number 9000 appear before me and the elevator began to travel upwards at a very high rate of speed. I looked across from me and a woman was also traveling in an elevator at the same rate of speed. She smiled at me and I could see that the distance between us was like a fog of sorts that I could see through and stick my hand into. It was very warm and inviting so I stuck my hand into it and a series of beautiful lights began to flow around my arm.

Suddenly the elevator stopped and we were on the 9000 floor in Heaven. I looked at the woman and she smiled at me and waved. I did not recognize her but felt like she was very nice and a kind soul. She motioned for me to step forward into the mist and when I did the floor fell out from under my feet and I fell 9000 feet to the bottom floor. I was surprised but was not afraid of the fall and knew that I was not yet ready or worthy to be on the 9000 floor with the likes of an ancient soul like that woman.

I came crashing to the ground landing on my feet and felt no pain and was amazed that I was unharmed without a scratch or muscle ache. I looked up and the elevator was gone and the sky was blue with white puffy clouds (my version of heaven) and all was well. The lady was gone and there was no sign of any building, elevator, sidewalk, woman or anything. Just beauty and peace surrounding me everywhere. I was calm, relaxed and knew that everything was going to be OK. I have been struggling a bit with things not knowing exactly how my gift will be used and what is about.

It is like giving candy to a kid and then telling them to wait until later and be patient. I struggle with patience at times and have to sit tight, pray and wait for God to truly reveal what he has in store for my life. The elevator was a sign that I am climbing up the ladder. I am making moves in my transformation as a Christian. I am growing my skills as a gifted lightworker. I am forging a deeper relationship with God almighty and have to trust him completely. I have to know that no matter what comes my way, it is what God wants for me and how he wants me to use the gifts he gave me.

I also learned in this dream that a fall from grace can happen as quickly as it takes place. I must know that grace and mercy are part of how God deals with us and we live and learn by our mistakes and choices. I chose to reach out and step into the unknown and God made sure I landed on my feet. I was told earlier this week by a spiritual guide that I had a big storm coming and God has been preparing me the whole time to deal with it. It will be the AHA moment in my life that shows me the true gift and how I can use it to help others as a light worker find God. I look forward to the battle and know God has my back!

1st Peter 4:12; Beloved, do not be surprised at the fiery trial when it comes upon you to test you, as though something strange were happening to you.

Spirit Chronicles: Graveyard Voices

I spent some time recently in a city grave yard doing some paranormal research to catch EVP, voices, images and sense spirits actively moving in this small town cemetery where people have been buried since the early 1800’s. I pulled into the main section and turned the car off and just sat back and relaxed to see what I was picking up on. Within a few minutes I felt something poking at me and my “spidy senses” kicked in. I asked who it was and turned on my ghost voice machine and instantly heard “Pastor”. I asked the spirit if they were a pastor and the spirit replied “believe”. That word told me what a pastor would tell me in life and that was to believe.

I spoke with him and got many more words and found out he was very old and was on row three of the main section and died in 2000. I moved on to another location and immediately picked up another strong sense of someone near me. I asked whom I was talking to and the voice said “Steven”. I asked Steven when he died and he replied to me “War”. There are many people buried there that died during the civil war, WW1, WW2 and later. I could not find the grave for a Steven but he was very strong and he also told me to “believe”.

I moved to another section and once again felt a sensation come over me but this one was mean and made me have a headache. It made me sick on my stomach which tells me it was bad or negative. I asked it what it wanted and who it was and the reply was “inside you”, “me”, “psychopath”. I knew this one was mean so I told it to get away from me and go back to where it came from and put up a block on it. I said a prayer to it and told it to seek Gods light and go home. It left me and did not come back. As I was leaving I heard another message from the pastor saying “faith” and “believe”.

This message of believing was not a coincidence but one that I know was a message from the heavenly spirit realm telling me to believe in myself and what I am able to do. I have a gift but often doubt that I can use it for good and do not know how to use it. I had dreamed the night before about having faith and moving forward in life from some of my past. This message told me that I had to step up, take a chance and learn to use my gift. As weird as it seems I actually find solace in graveyards and seeking out spirit.

It relaxes me and I get a chance to grow my skills and gift that God gave me back in September of 2020 when I died on the operating table.

Spirit Chronicles: The Demon Temptress of 11A

I dreamed I was at a motel on the 3rd floor on a nice vacation with my wife, family and friends. The entire time we were there my wife was not paying any attention to me and only hanging out with the friends and family. I got bored being alone so I started walking down the steps to go outside and see the beach and get so e fresh air. My phone rang and it was a number I had never seen and before I could touch the phone to accept or deny the call the phone call went active on its on. On the other end I heard scrambled voices, screams, and scary people talking to me. A lady said “you don’t need her anymore”. A man said “just walk away from all that”.

I knew the voices were demonic and told them to go away and leave me alone. I told them I was happy and had no intention of leaving my wife. As I went down the final step a door appeared out of nowhere blocking my path to the front door. I felt an urge to knock on it. One of my relatives that is a prayer warrior was in the dream and he touched me on the shoulder and told me not to knock or open the door. I felt the urge so I knocked and a large black lady as big as the door opened the door and I am around six feet tall and was staring at her breast plate. She had to be over seven feet tall and as wide as the door.

She looked at me and said “I can take care of you, leave her now”. My family prayer warrior grabbed me and said get away from her now and then my wife stepped down the steps and told me to get away from her. I knew as soon as she opened the door she was a demonic temptress sent to try and mess with my mind. I told her I was not interested because I knew what she was and why she was there. I was also not interested in here physically so I told her to go away. She tried to grab me but I pushed her off and then the door slammed shut and I was thrust back upstairs and around my family.

I awoke and wrote down the dream and began to process it. The devil tempts all of us with physical, emotional and spiritual forces trying to tap into our biggest fears, needs, wants and desires. We have to stand strong and not allow him and his minions to win our souls. Being a light worker (a person that helps) people find God and the light this comes with the territory. The battle of good and evil rages on and some will fall to the devils trickery while others will defeat it and be of the light. Choose the light and stay strong for the darkness the devil offers is bleak, scary, misguided and deceptive.

Spirit Chronicles: Ghost in the Building

We have a small very old building on the edge of our property and today as I was mowing I sensed something in the building looking out the window at me. I stopped what I was doing, cut the mower off and sat there for a few minutes to see if I could see it again. I just caught a glimpse of something in the window the first time but that building is padlocked from the outside and has never been opened as long as we have lived here. Honestly, I do not know what is in that old building and was thinking about it as I drove past it mowing and cutting the high weeds around it down.

I started the mower up and continued to mow the rest of the yard. While finishing up the yard I could help but think about that old building and what I may have seen. Sure it could have been a critter of some type like a possum or racoon but this thing that moved was fluid and tall. No animal could move like that or cast a picture like that. The property was the former home of settlers and Indians so it is a very spiritually active site daily. I sense lots of things on the property and have written many stories about Old Town Road.

My wife flagged me down and told me it was getting dark and time to get inside and rest some for tomorrow. I parked the mower and continued to think about that building. I told my wife when I sat on the golf cart to head back to the house that I was going to go check that old building out tomorrow and see what was happening with it and what is in it. I feel that there is something attached to that building and it sensed that I could see it and knew it was there. It hid from me which tells me it is not the nicest of spirits or just wants to be left alone.

As I was driving back towards the house I got a very sudden spirit headache (spirit gives you a headache) when it comes at you really strong. I also felt sick to my stomach suddenly which shows me it is not of the light and a lost or wandering spirit. Then it hit me hard in the upper chest and throat taking my breath in the process. It hit me so hard that I had to stop driving and focus on stopping its attack. It came at me really hard and was very strong. I have been previously attacked on the property by an ancient Indian female spirit and she was mean and nasty and hard to deal with.

That spirit tried to choke me also and held my head in the pillow one night almost killing me in my sleep. Look at the story Attacked on Old Town Road for that one. Anyways, I focused up and told the spirit I meant it no harm and did not want to interfere with its business to leave me alone. It let up as spirit can only use a certain amount of energy at one time. I got back to the house, prayed and blessed the entrance of the house telling it to stay out and away. As I write I am still tired from the attack and the headache is almost completely gone. I will have to deal with this spirit at a later date but for now I will leave the old building on Old Town Road alone.


Spirit Chronicles: Mom, Me and the Beach

I saw my mom last night in my sleep. My mom is one of my guardians and is very involved in my life from Heaven. She was a protector on Earth and continues to be one in Heaven. It had been a while since I saw her in my sleep but I feel her all the time almost daily. I have written many stories about my mom and her spiritual guidance she gives me and my family so you can browse my postings for more stories about her. One of our favorite places to go every summer when I was a boy all the way into my older teenage years was the beach.

We would go every summer to the beach down at Emerald Isle, NC and stay for two weeks. We stayed in a camper with my dad, mom and two brothers. We always stayed in a small campground called Bogue Inlet Park and it was right on the beach and beside a pier. I know this place like the back of my hand so I am 100% sure that is where I was at with her in this dream. I was a full grown man sitting in the beach sand near the water and was playing in the sand with a silver bowl that you would make a pie crust in. I was grown but also felt like I was just a boy and there was no one else on the beach.

The seas were calm and it was low tide and the water was way out there and the sand was not wet where I was sitting. I sat there and played in the sand as I would have as a child building sand castles and watching the tide rise and slowly melt them away as the water rolled over the structures I made steadily to eventually make it go away. I looked back and my mom was sitting in a chair back off the beach a ways just smiling at me as if she was enjoying our time together just she and I. I heard others talking but did not see anyone nearby so I smiled back and continued to play.

I stood up and she motioned for me to come to her and as I went near she stood up and started walking off the beach up the path. I followed since I assumed it was time to leave and go back to the camp site. As we topped the dunes I saw the people that I heard and they were sitting in the way of the small sandy trail as if to block it on purpose. A woman I did not know told me “you cannot leave” the beach right now you have to stay. I felt like she was not a nice person and the small girl beside her looked at me with a mean look and had dark eyes. This told me that they were demons and wanted me to stay on the beach with them.

I live in a constant battle between the two and the closer I get to God the more the demons mess with me because God has a master plan for me. My mom without saying a word looked at me and I knew to follow her. I am a big man and the only exit area was a small crease between the two people and their chairs. I was not afraid and frankly was ready for a fight with them. Mom motioned to follow her and she slid in between the chairs easily and I followed. The space was real small but I was able to bend myself to make it between and as we exited the beach sand the lady started mocking and laughing at us.

Mom looked at me and smiled which told me everything was going to be OK and I watched her walk off into the distance. I turned to look back and the beach was gone and the woman and her child. Mom was showing me that I cannot look back on life, live in regret or seek to change the past. I can only change the future by moving forward. God sent me a message the other night about “180” and not looking back in life. This reinforced my thoughts of living faithfully, hopefully and seeing what God has in store. I loved spending time on the beach with my mom last night and look forward to seeing her many more times.

Thank God for moms, angels, guardians and spiritual guidance that comes from Heaven. My blog is titled heavenly notices because of my mom and her presence in my life even after she has transitioned to heaven back in 2017.

Spirit Chronicles: The Number 180

Last night I was half asleep and woke up to go the bathroom at 3:01am. I laid back down and right as I fell back to sleep I heard one of my guardians say “180”. Then I heard “faith and heaven” and “hell”. I saw 180 again before I woke up so I sat up in bed thought about what that may mean and wrote it down to write about later. Guardians and Angels often use numbers and pictures to send messages to those that are connected with them. I have been getting these messages for quite some time now and they always have meaning to exactly what is going on with me at the time.

The number 180 from an Angelic meaning is a sign of continuing to push towards enlightenment, transformation and faith based practice of my ability. It is a sign that success through change is coming and that I must do it with faith and go forward. The number one stands for new beginnings and I received a new beginning in September of 2020. The number eight is a symbol of confidence, self control and mentality. The number zero is a sign of spiritual awakening and spiritual journey. 180 is telling me to trust my intuition and move forward knowing God has a plan for my life.

I did some heavy research into this number and the Biblical importance of it today. It turns out the number 180 means a directional change, point of change, going and not looking back.. When we get to a 180 we are either going forward or backwards. We are either going for the light and God or going for the Devil. I prayed last night before I went to bed for God’s guidance and my guardians to show me the direction I needed to take with my new gifts. I heard the words “180”, “heaven” “hell” and “faith” which spoke to my heart directly as an answer to my prayer. In my quest to be a light warrior for God and better Christian I often face spiritual warfare in my sleep, daily life and at other unexpected times.

This 180 is telling me I have a long ways to go to get to where I need to be and am at the breaking point where I can go one way or the other. Once I commit and go past the 180 I must walk with faith and seek Heaven as my ultimate goal. I cannot go back or go the other way. I am set on being with God and my heavenly host. I went through the Bible and verse 180 in 35 books tells a significant story about good versus evil. Below are a few examples of what the 180 verse or line is in the Bible and its significance to faith, heaven and hell.

Ecclesiastes 10:2; States that a wise mans heart directs him towards the right (good) while a foolish mans heart directs him towards the left (bad).

John 5:14; talks about a man becoming well and not sinning anymore.

Ezekiel 10:11; talks about going in one direction and not looking back.

Spirit Chronicles: Little Ghost in the Room

Last night my wife and I were sitting in the living room chilling out and talking when suddenly a piece of paper that had fallen on the floor began to move in a crazy pattern across the floor. At first I paid it no attention thinking it was probably the ceiling fan blowing it around. Then a few minutes later it happened again. This time it caught my eye and I told my wife that was real wierd to continue to move around like that. She said it is the ceiling fan and we kept talking. A few minutes later it took off across the floor as if someone or something had blown or kicked it.

That is when I got real curios and walked into the room to see what was going on and felt the spirit in the room. It was small spirit and I sensed it as a child kind of young and nor very strong. It was not threatening to me so I knew it was trying to get my attention. So I got my phone out and made a film of the paper moving around. I turned the fan off to test the possibility that it was the wind from the fan but it continued to move on its on. I got my ghost hunting equipment out and picked up a small stick figure instantly maybe 2-3 feet tall right beside the paper.

I also turned on the EMF detector and another detector I have that picks up on voices and it said to me “Spider feelings yet”. As soon as I heard those words I felt it touching my leg to signal to me that it knew I could see it and hear it. It then said “happy” so I told it I was glad it was happy. I told it to leave the area and go back outside or where it came from and a few more movements later the paper stopped and the little spirit was gone. As I am sitting at my desk typing in the same room (my office) I feel that little one near me.

It is clingy and I sense it is seeking help, is confused and wandering around looking for a parent, friend or another relative. Today I told it to go to the light several times and it stopped again and I do not feel it anymore. I said a prayer to God for it and asked him to take it home to its parents. I will continue to monitor the little spirit in the room to see if it shows up. My “Spidey Senses” as a good friend of mine calls them tells me it is gone so we will see.

Spirit Chronicles: Pictures From The Past

I recently lost a loved one to a drug overdose and this person had spent most of adult life addicted to drugs and living the life that drug addiction creates for people. I knew on several occasions where this person was in trouble, went to jail or got into rehab then cleaned up and “became a Christian”. Then within a short time went right back to that life as if the change that God would make in them actually never happened. Eventually this life of drugs, streets and that crowd got the best of this person and they died a drug addict.

The family was devastated and left with many questions. As a Christian my biggest concern was the eternal life of this person so I called upon spirit guards and Angels to please reveal what had happened with this person. I fell asleep and dreamed about three pictures or scenes that I knew all too familiar from past moments in my life. I first saw a man walking beside a pond pulling a little red wagon with two small children and they resembled the deceased and her brother when they were little.

I then saw a big truck that I was driving and it went into a curve and missed the curve and rolled over and I was riding but someone else was driving. The last image I saw was an elderly lady meeting a younger female in the spirit tunnel taking her hand and leading her to the light. These were all very specific events that instantly hit a memory I had of this person and the family. The first image was easy as when this person was young myself and another member of the family used to take her and her brother fishing and would pull them in a wagon to the ponds and creeks.

The second image was when this person was around 18 and wrecked my dads big tall 4×4 truck in a curve known as dead mans curve tearing the truck all to pieces and surviving the wreck with a few bruises and scratches. The last picture was my mom meeting her granddaughter in the tunnel to take her home to Jesus. She grabbed her hand, smiled and turned and walked into the light sending a calm feeling of happiness all through my mind and soul.

I had been in prayer concerned the person had died and was either restless or wandering around as a soul or even worst in Hell with the devil. These pictures were a direct message sent to me by the deceased and my guardians to make sure that I knew she was OK and would be OK. This was an interesting situation and one I had to kind of hide for a while. I wanted to tell the father of this person about the dreams and visions, but how do you tell that and not sound crazy. So I prayed about it and eventually the perfect situation came along and I told him.

The relief on his face was perfect and it warmed his heart and took away a lot of doubt that was in his mind also. This was the first time in my transformation of spirit where I directly called upon a soul or spirit and received the message back so direct and to the point. No other way could have told the story and closed the emotional scars I had at the time worrying about a loved one suffering in spirit death after suffering for so long on earth.

I thank God and his spirit for offering healing, love, grace and mercy to myself and the family. But I am even more thankful for the message that this lovely person who suffered so much in life was no longer suffering and was safe in death and living eternally with God, my mom and other Angels in Heaven. No matter what we do we can ask for and be given grace, salvation and mercy. This allows us to overcome the death of the body and gain the spiritual journey of Heaven forever and ever.


Spirit Chronicles: Ghost in the Green Room

There is a green room in the house and we have family and friends come over and stay at night on occasion. One of our rooms we use is upstairs and is painted green. It was that color when we moved in so we have not changed it up yet. This room is very comfortable and has been used on many occasions. Recently I went upstairs to check on the air conditioning and when I walked past the green room I sensed something was in there. Me being a sensitive and naturally curious went straight in and tried to see what I was sensing.

I immediately got a strong sensation of spirit in the room and it knew I had picked up on it. We had no issues before and no one has ever mentioned any instances over the years so I was curious as to why we suddenly had a ghost or spirit in the green room. I spoke to it and felt it in the back corner so I approached the area and it moved to the other side of the room. I went to that side and it went into the closet. I was pressing it pretty hard trying to get it to identify itself or leave and it left and went into another room.

This room is called the blue room and is frequently used by guests as well. I went down the hallway and followed it a few doors down into the blue room. The spirit did the same routine hiding in each corner and as I moved towards it, it would move to another side of the room. It then went down the hallway into another room and up some stairs near the attic. I followed it and pressed it to identify or leave. I went into the exercise room that leads to the attic and I lost the feeling which told me it was messing with me or just had gone.

So I went back down the steps and checked a room close by and nothing was there. So I went back into the green room and there it was in the back corner again. So I spoke to it once again but this time it felt different and I know I had agitated it a bit and it was not having me messing with it. At the time I was still learning to sense, see, feel and hear spirit so I was just very curious and trying to learn how to deal with it. It left the room and went into the attic area again and a friend of ours was there and as I began to walk down the three steps from the exercise/attic area it pushed me down the steps.

It pushed me so hard that my left leg collapsed under me and I twisted my knee pretty good. This made me mad so I grabbed my handy Bible and went to send it away with Bible versus. It ran from me for another twenty minutes or so and suddenly was gone. I guess the Bible versus combined with me harassing it made it go away. We have had no further issues so far in the green room but have had some people make comments about things happening in the blue room recently. I guess it will be time to go and run it out once and for good.

The moral of the story is that sometimes spirit is just hanging around, chilling out and is part of the universe and all it beauty. Messing with it can have consequences good or bad. In this case it clearly pushed me but I still believe to this day that it was not mean, malevolent or demonic. I sensed it was a wondering soul that had found its way into the area and the house via the huge power lines that run through our yard. The green room ghost is no issues unless it begins to create issues then It will deal with me and the Bible one more time.