Spirit Chronicles: Spiritual Death and Awakening

I dreamed that I was at home and did not feel well and sat down to rest.  Suddenly I felt pain all over my body and then felt very light like I was floating.  I then transported to an old friend’s house where I was sitting in the living room on the couch beside his wife. I was not sure why I was there so I just watched the people in the room interact with one another.  They were talking about someone passing away so I realized I was probably at a visitation due to a death in the family.  My old friend’s wife was covered up with a blanket and said to the others that she was freezing and was really cold.  I felt really warm so I made the comment that I felt great and was really warm like God’s light was in me.  

The wife of my friend looked at the spot I was sitting in and looked puzzled. She looked over at the others in the room (one of which is passed) and said can you hear him talking?  They all said yes and then she said “I hear you but cannot see you”.  At that time I realized that I was actually looking at myself sitting there in the room on the couch and they could not see me there.  I suddenly was thrust back into my body back at home in the chair and saw myself sitting there with my head rolled over like I was asleep or dead possibly.  I was still looking at myself and it was kind of scary.  I have lots of changes going on spiritually in my life and have been praying for an awakening and what I need to be doing to balance my life with a gift God gave me after a near death experience.

After praying about it and thinking about it I realized that dream was not me physically dying as a person but was a spiritual change (death) that will take me to where God wants me to go.  To fully transform spiritually and use a God given gift I had to move forward from the past and into the future that is full of new possibilities, brightness and extreme happiness.  As a career teacher and coach to think that I may not complete that journey had been on my mind a lot.  I decide to give it to God and allow him to take over, grow me and use me for the purpose he made me.  What that will be, if I continue my current career, and other things are TBD at this point.  I will hold on, be faithful and see where this leads me in life!


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