Spirit Chronicles: Was It Real or Not


I was driving down the road the other day and off to my right I saw something step into the woods. I wasn’t sure what it was but I know it was not a bear, deer, coyote, dog or large cat. It was bi-pedal and stood to be about five or six feet tall. I caught just a glimpse of it as it made its way into the brush and disapeared as if it was never there. I have driven that road many times in the past and have always felt like it was an area that something unexplained could hide in or be protected from. The woods are deep and thick with Pine Trees and big hard woods. There is a rock quarry across the road and a large wooded boggy area about three or four feet deep near the sighting.

That bog has plenty of wildlife surrounding it with fish, turtles and other critters in the water. It is a perfect habitat for a large predator to live and prosper in. It provides plenty of cover, railroad tracks, water, a huge man made rock quarry and plenty of roots, fruit trees and wild flowers. I know I saw something and when I was nine years old I saw something similiar to this. I was told by another person that I trust that I saw a shaoe shifter that day but I am still not sold that it was not a bigfoot. This looked like a bi-pedal being and it moved through the woods smoothly and just was gone. It was not a trick of my mind.

I stopped the jeep and got out to go check it out and maybe grab a photo. I snapped a few and heard movement down in the valley a few hundred feet away but that could have been any type of wildlife so no proof of anything. Whatever was moving made some heavy paths and noise as it moved through the thick brush. It was getting dark so I went to my jeep and rode on to the house. The whole time I was thinking about what I had seen and have not mentioned it to anyone until writing this today. I will be going to do an investigation in that area soon to see if I can find some evidence or grab a very rarely seen photo of what it might be. I will continue to believe that there is something out there deep in the woods all over the world that is yet to be found. Time will tell and we will see.

Spirit Chronicles: The Civil War Ghosts


Where I live is an old area where several Civil War camps and battles were once fought. There have been rumors and stories for many generations about people seeing Civil War era soldiers at grave yards, in the woods and on some old farms that were around back in the late 1800’s. I have seen videos online about Civil War ghost with some being quite impressive sightings and video. I had never encountered one in my Spirit Chronicles work and research until I had an experience at a graveyard locally. I was at the graveyard where many Civil War soldiers are buried and as I was doing some EMF and voice recordings I picked up a mans name that said “soldier”.

I asked him to give me his name and he said “dead soldier”. The area of the grave yard I was in has many soldiers buried there from the Civil War, WW1 and WW2 so I was not surprised to hear from a dead soldier. I walked around the grave yard and got a few more random words that I may not be able to attirbute to the same person and never got a name so I moved on and put the information in my research journal for later review. I also went back and listened to the voice and the first two seemed to be the same but the last few were random and made no sense.

Later that night I went to bed and that is when I mostly see, hear and feel spirit. I am a dreamer that sees visions, people, happenings and am generally more open during sleeping time. While I was asleep I saw a man dressed in Union war gear with a beard. He was short in stature maybe 5’6 and about 150 pounds. He had a scraggly beard and was holding his left leg and had a grimace on his face showing the intense pain he suffered. This showed me that he was injured in battle and it was bad enough to cost him his life. I also felt breathing issues and chest pressure which generally tells me that the person was struggling to breath when they passed.

Part of my gift other than sensing spirit, dreaming and visions is feeling the pain they had in life. I often get severe pain in my head, arms, limbs and heart area when I pass by a scene where someone died in an accident or may have been murdered. This can be overwhelming at times and painful so I have to block them often and push them away. It is likely residual spirit haunting an area or a spirit that just has not moved on. In this case the guy I saw was obviously dead and died during the war between the states. He came to me when I was asleep because I have yet to develop the ability to see spirit (except) when I am asleep.

I can see movement and shadows but have yet to see a full body apparition as of today. I talk to them in my sleep and told this man to go to the light and to seek God. I told him he was dead and asked my guardians and Angels for protection for myself and the dead soldier. Often people die from horrific instances and life altering accidents that leave them wandering as a spirit. They are not at rest and may not know they are actually dead. They wander until they find a person that can sense them and help them find the light. I am a light worker and have not seen the Civil War soldier anymore so I am hoping he moved on to the light and is now at rest.

Spirit Chronicles: Light Orbs


Last night I took the dogs out to the bathroom prior to bed time and was struck with the feeling of something or someone being all around me. Out property is very spiritual and some old land and as I noticed whoever was touching my head and arm I pulled my camera out to take a few pictures and videos. I walked around the yard and snapped some pictures and made a few short videos as the “spidy senses” I call them continued to accelerate. I saw a light orb close to me and then it came by my camera and I hoped that I caught it and to my surprise I did.

Actually it came in front of my camera four times during the period of about five minutes of video. You may say it was probably a bug or a trick of the light. I am quickly becoming a veteran spirit hunter and assumed it to be a bug myself. I sat down at the computer, downloaded the video and went through it frame by frame and there it was a light orb “white” light which tells me it was a positive spirit right there on film. I stopped it, edited it and made it larger and it was an obvious “light orb” and not a bug. It was fast and came and went within a few seconds.

An untrained eye would not have caught it but I have been doing this awhile so I was able to see it. At one point of the video I asked it to show itself because I could sense it around me. About five seconds after that request the white orb came into the view of the camera lens on my phone. It went across and back and then came up and down a little later. As I walked around the yard a few more orbs appeared in the video at different phases and were gone quickly. I will be out there tonight with the camera to see if I can catch it again to try and debunk the video I made yesterday.

I have caught voices on recorders, EMF detections and other video than last night. The land we live on is very spiritual and has lots of activity so I am excited about what I can see, hear and film in the future and trying to figure out who the light orb is and what it wants. I have to be careful as well, but my senses can help me be guided as to how to deal with and what I am dealing with. I was told by an advisor to look for orbs and they are finally showing up for me as I make the transition into working with the spirit realm.


Spirit Chronicles- Martha Shows Herself

We have a lady spirit that lives on our property that has talked to five different family members in the family. She has also turned lights on and off and banged on the walls at times to get our attention. Recently we had a few people staying in town for a few days and one of the young ladies and I were talking about spiritual energy, ghosts, hauntings and our belief or non-beleif in such things. I told her the story of Martha our friendly ghost that roams the land and house frequently speaking to people in their ears and cutting the lights on and off.

Martha is a good spirit and is very kind and fun to be around. She died on the property we now live on back in the mid 1950’s of a heart attack in her kitchen. The house we currently live in is built right on top of the land the old house she lived in once stood. As I was telling our visitor about Martha and some of the things she does around the house and to us the young lady told me that she wasn’t sure about ghosts and spirits but was kind of open to the idea.

Later that night just before going to bed the young lady felt a presence in her room and looked up to see a woman standing there dressed in older style (`1930’s) style clothing with her hair up in a bonnet staring at her. It shocked her and caught her off guard and scared her a bit. The woman looked at her with a confused look and kind of smiled then faded away into nothing as if she had never been there. The young lady came down stairs and immediately told me what she had just witnessed and what happened. She had described the lady knew as Martha based on the age and clothing of the woman.

Startled but interested she was amazed that Martha had shown herself and then realized that she had been talking about it with others prior to it happening and was a very visual person. The young lady had opened herself up to the possibility that the spirit realm does exist based on the stories she had heard and the things that took place on the property. We are amazed and glad that Martha is beginning to show herself to people and reveal to us more and more about her life prior to us living here.

Martha has been heavily involved in spirit activity for over a year now and has thus proven to be like Casper the friendly ghost. Just a happy go lucky spirit that remains here where she spent most of her adult life working, making a family and helping her husband run the farm.

Spirit Chronicles: Ghost in the Building

We have a small very old building on the edge of our property and today as I was mowing I sensed something in the building looking out the window at me. I stopped what I was doing, cut the mower off and sat there for a few minutes to see if I could see it again. I just caught a glimpse of something in the window the first time but that building is padlocked from the outside and has never been opened as long as we have lived here. Honestly, I do not know what is in that old building and was thinking about it as I drove past it mowing and cutting the high weeds around it down.

I started the mower up and continued to mow the rest of the yard. While finishing up the yard I could help but think about that old building and what I may have seen. Sure it could have been a critter of some type like a possum or racoon but this thing that moved was fluid and tall. No animal could move like that or cast a picture like that. The property was the former home of settlers and Indians so it is a very spiritually active site daily. I sense lots of things on the property and have written many stories about Old Town Road.

My wife flagged me down and told me it was getting dark and time to get inside and rest some for tomorrow. I parked the mower and continued to think about that building. I told my wife when I sat on the golf cart to head back to the house that I was going to go check that old building out tomorrow and see what was happening with it and what is in it. I feel that there is something attached to that building and it sensed that I could see it and knew it was there. It hid from me which tells me it is not the nicest of spirits or just wants to be left alone.

As I was driving back towards the house I got a very sudden spirit headache (spirit gives you a headache) when it comes at you really strong. I also felt sick to my stomach suddenly which shows me it is not of the light and a lost or wandering spirit. Then it hit me hard in the upper chest and throat taking my breath in the process. It hit me so hard that I had to stop driving and focus on stopping its attack. It came at me really hard and was very strong. I have been previously attacked on the property by an ancient Indian female spirit and she was mean and nasty and hard to deal with.

That spirit tried to choke me also and held my head in the pillow one night almost killing me in my sleep. Look at the story Attacked on Old Town Road for that one. Anyways, I focused up and told the spirit I meant it no harm and did not want to interfere with its business to leave me alone. It let up as spirit can only use a certain amount of energy at one time. I got back to the house, prayed and blessed the entrance of the house telling it to stay out and away. As I write I am still tired from the attack and the headache is almost completely gone. I will have to deal with this spirit at a later date but for now I will leave the old building on Old Town Road alone.

Spirit Chronicles: Spiritual Death and Awakening

I dreamed that I was at home and did not feel well and sat down to rest.  Suddenly I felt pain all over my body and then felt very light like I was floating.  I then transported to an old friend’s house where I was sitting in the living room on the couch beside his wife. I was not sure why I was there so I just watched the people in the room interact with one another.  They were talking about someone passing away so I realized I was probably at a visitation due to a death in the family.  My old friend’s wife was covered up with a blanket and said to the others that she was freezing and was really cold.  I felt really warm so I made the comment that I felt great and was really warm like God’s light was in me.  

The wife of my friend looked at the spot I was sitting in and looked puzzled. She looked over at the others in the room (one of which is passed) and said can you hear him talking?  They all said yes and then she said “I hear you but cannot see you”.  At that time I realized that I was actually looking at myself sitting there in the room on the couch and they could not see me there.  I suddenly was thrust back into my body back at home in the chair and saw myself sitting there with my head rolled over like I was asleep or dead possibly.  I was still looking at myself and it was kind of scary.  I have lots of changes going on spiritually in my life and have been praying for an awakening and what I need to be doing to balance my life with a gift God gave me after a near death experience.

After praying about it and thinking about it I realized that dream was not me physically dying as a person but was a spiritual change (death) that will take me to where God wants me to go.  To fully transform spiritually and use a God given gift I had to move forward from the past and into the future that is full of new possibilities, brightness and extreme happiness.  As a career teacher and coach to think that I may not complete that journey had been on my mind a lot.  I decide to give it to God and allow him to take over, grow me and use me for the purpose he made me.  What that will be, if I continue my current career, and other things are TBD at this point.  I will hold on, be faithful and see where this leads me in life!

Spirit Chronicles: Old Brick House and the Man in the Window

I dreamed I was riding down the road looking for a place to stay and suddenly I was in front of my Nanny’s old house once again. I have recurring dreams about this old house that I spent lots of time in growing up and actually lived there for three years in my early twenties. That old house had some odd experiences in it when I was a child and those continued when I lived there for three years later on. It seems as if that house was alive in a sense spiritually. There was lots of spiritual activity in that old brick house on Kennedy Avenue. So to dream once again about being at the old house was no surprise. I seem to find my way back to it like I am drawn to it.

I was driving an old jeep like a 1987 CJ off roader around town and in the passenger seat was a young person maybe in their teens that I did not know but felt like I did from the past. I did not recognize him and he didn’t talk to me. He just sat there and smiled at me and rode along with me. We were coming up to a main intersection and I saw this huge mud pit where there were hundreds of Jeeps parked watching and some playing in the mud slinging it everywhere. I looked over and said that would be fun and the young boy just smiled and nodded his head. I drove into the driveway and suddenly I was transported back over to the old brick house.

I needed a place to stay but did not want to stay there. I was not afraid but that house just has history to me that I do not want to go and stay. The young boy pointed to the house and the door was open. He was telling me to go inside. I felt like I should but did not want to once again as I do not care for that old house and its history. I looked over and he pointed to the door and when I looked up the door started to close. Then it slammed shut really hard so I drove off thinking someone was inside. That neighborhood has a wrap around road where you drive past the house and go around a curve over a small bridge and back around.

I wrapped around and drove back by to see what was going on. The door was open, no cars were in the driveway and all seemed to be OK. The young boy pointed to the house again so I felt like I had to go inside and face whatever was holding me back in that house. As I pulled into the driveway the door slowly began to shut again. Then it slammed real hard and that startled me so I backed out of the driveway in the old jeep and as I did the road became full of muddy holes deep and hard to drive through.

I floored it with the intention of leaving and never going back and as I drove away slinging mud everywhere I looked up and the door opened and an old man was peaking out the window at us. He briefly pulled the curtain back, looked at us with glowing eyes and then released the curtain and was gone. I am not sure who that old man is, but many years ago something or someone tried to suffocate my grandfather in that same house during his sleep. I sense that the man in the window was the person that haunts that old brick house. He was the entity that tried to choke my grandpa and is the entity standing in the window.

I have no plans to go back to that old house anytime soon or in the future. The old brick house on Kennedy Avenue holds a place in my childhood and adult memories but it is not a place I want to think about or visit ever again. It is a portal to the spirit realm and too much activity has taken place there over the years. The young spirit guide wanted me to go in and face that demon but the old man did not want me in there so for now I will leave it at that and at some point I know in my heart and gut I will have to face it and send it back to where it came from. With God’s help I will do that someday.

Spirit Chronicles: The Lost Souls of the Mountains

I dreamed I was in the mountains fishing for trout with my old college roommate. We were working along a small stream and walked up on a man standing there on the other side of the creek holding a bow and arrow. We assumed him to be a hunter or outdoorsman that was trying to find some food along the river in this deep hollow. As we got closer the guy looked at me and pointed the bow at me saying nothing. He just stood there pointing it at us as if to hold us at bay. We spoke to him but he did not respond. His eyes were dark and he was fading in and out a bit and at times you could barely see him.

Before I could tell him I was there fishing and did not want any trouble he released his arrow towards us and it traveled to the left of my head zipping by and it seemed like he missed on purpose. He took a very deliberate aim at me and when he released it I just froze thinking this is going to be it. He grabbed another arrow and pulled it back, but this time it fell short a few feet away from him as he released it at my roommate. He then disappeared into the bushes as if he was never there. Shaken by all this we decided to leave the area and head back out towards the truck to get out the area.

As we made our way back towards the truck about a two mile hike down stream we stopped on occasion to try and catch some small trout. That is when another group of people came down on us from up on a hill. This group were all dressed in ragged dress like the early 1900’s with the women and girls wearing longer heavy dresses and the men and boys with long heavy pants and long sleeve shirts. The clothes were torn and tattered as if they has a rough life while they were alive. These people surrounded us and I told my roommate to get behind me.

I asked them what they wanted and to back away from us and only one of them spoke. She was a young girl probably 13 years old with a very bad complexion and teeth. She gave me a sense that she was one of the good spirits they had in that group of ten to fifteen people. She told me the others were not comfortable with me being in the woods because they owned the land. We were on federal land in a national park so I knew they were lying or confused. She told me the people wanted to hurt us and we needed to leave the area now.

I asked her where they from and if they lived on the land and she tried to explain again that we needed to move. That is when one of the men stepped forward and motioned for us to leave the area using his finger to point. So we started to back away and walk back into the woods to clear the area. As we tried to walk away they continued to surround us and just stare at us. I looked over at the young girl and she asked me to take with us her because the others were lost. She pleaded to come and a woman grabbed her and they disappeared into the woods like the hunter did as if he had never been there.

I wanted to help her but the thought of it made the others mad. They closed the circle around us and one of the younger boys in his late teens pulled an old gun out and pointed it at my roommate and began to pull the trigger. I jumped in front of him and the bullet went through me and missed him. The bullet did not leave an entry or exit point and did not hurt. I looked and I had no wounds so the people all ran and as he ran off they all screamed out at us with this weird language and there heads began to distort and one by one they ran up the side of the hill and wham, were gone as if they never were there.

We walked back down the river a ways and back to the truck and I woke up. I reached down to my chest to see if I had been shot by the young man and on my chest was a small red spot about the size of a bullet. I cannot confirm not deny what left the mark, but the dream was as real as any I have ever had and I am struggling to get the little girl out of my mind. She wanted me to help her and was being kept against her will by mean spirits. They knew I could help her and that is why they tried to attack us and make us go away.

Spirit Chronicles: The Flood and the Zombie Lady

I dreamed I was at a large gathering and was surrounded by people of all nations, religions, creeds and backgrounds. There were Asians, Indians, Middle Eastern, Central Americans, Americans, Islanders, and all other nations from the corners of the world were represented. We got into a large circle and began to praise God, worship him and celebrate. As we were engaging in this tremendous celebration the water started to suddenly rise. There was no river, rain, or ocean in the area. We were all in a flat plain type environment where all you could see for miles was plains and beautiful grass waving in the distance.

As the celebration continued the water kept rising and I became concerned because the children were not tall enough to stand up and keep their heads above the water. One by one all of the people around me including the children started to disappear into the rising water. I pleaded with the parents to save their kids, to swim for their lives and fight the rising water until help showed up. I soon realized that they were not listening or could not hear me and continued to be washed under the water into this giant lake that suddenly appeared out of no where and became over six feet deep.

I was floating myself trying to survive, but my biggest concern was the kids. The water was dark blue and I tried to dive down and see anyone needing help. I could see myself diving as If I was watching from above. One by one the thousands of people began to sink and be gone. I tried to save them but no-one was there once they went under. Then a tall slim very attractive lady walked near the outside of the giant lake and she caught my eye instantly. Her beauty was graceful and deceiving.

Suddenly as fast as the water had shown up it dried away and was gone. I looked around and I was alone standing there in knee deep mud looking for anyone to help. The beautiful lady was sitting at a table and she looked at me and her face was really pretty and her teeth were made of porcelain. She smiled at me and said something in a language I did not understand, but It felt like she had said something bad or satanic. Then she grinned and her beautiful teeth of porcelain busted into pieces revealing her true looks.

She was horrible looking and right before the dream ended she looked at me, picked up a small head partially rotten from a child that had been in the water and she bit down on it. She smiled, laughed and was gone. The lady represented all that is deceptively beautiful about our world. But in reality, she was the epitome of sin and how it destroys our lives. I then saw the sign 21 which is an Angel number that symbolizes a higher transformation of the soul, mind and body. The lady I saw is the deception of the devil that destroys families and lives. The flood was the cleansing of those people that did not know Jesus.

I woke up and wrote down this vision and began to investigate it, pray about it and digest the information. It was one of the most graphic dreams I have ever seen and was scary but during the flood I knew I was OK, but the others were not. I saw the lady for who she was and that was deception, anger, resentment and many other things the Bible tells us will destroy us piece by piece. Avoid the pretty lady and turn your eyes to God. Seek his refuge in the flood and do it before the rising tide rushes in and sweeps you away to be eaten by the zombie lady.

Spirit Chronicles: Graveyards of 601

Recently my wife and I had to travel to another small town to buy some wedding stuff for our daughters wedding. To get to this small town we had to travel down this long windy country road with about five to six churches on that road during the 15 mile drive. As we began to pass the first graveyard I instantly sensed a very strong spirit that felt warm and inviting. I pushed it away from me and continued to drive without telling my wife what I had felt. A mile or so down the road we passed another small church on the left side of the road and once again I was overcome with emotion and anxiety.

This one felt different and was coming from more than one soul in the graveyard. There were multiple spirits trying to come at me so I pushed them off by concentrating on clearing my mind and body and drove on past. A short ways down the road the feeling went away. We drove a few more miles and on my right was a pretty large graveyard and something in there was very strong and angry. It hit me hard right in the chest and throat to let me know it was coming to me. When I sense bad spirit it hits me in the chest and stomach area and feels like someone is pressing (sitting) on my chest or like they are punching me in the stomach.

I tried to block this one but it was strong and kept coming. It made me sick to my stomach and obstructed my breathing so I slowed the car down to catch my breath and not wreck the car. I was really feeling the pressure in my chest and throat area. I drove on past the church and graveyard but this spirit tried to attach to me and continued to pursue me. It knew that I could feel it and it had caused stress, anxiety and some fear. I was new to the whole transformation thing and how to deal with spirit.

I tried to talk to it, think thoughts to it and focused to get it to go away. A few miles later it finally let go and seemed to be gone. We drove down to that small town and bought the stuff we needed and headed back. I was dreading that drive because I knew that church graveyard on 601 had a mean spirit waiting on me or the next person like me to come back by. As we approached the church I sped up to get past as fast as I could and before I could even get to the church property here it came. It was on full blast and was coming at me harder than the first time.

I had prepared myself and said a prayer to God and my guardians for protection and that helped. As it hit me I began to block it mentally from pushing on my chest. So it went for other areas of the body where spirit knows it can come at or into you. I told it to stay away and go back to where it came from and commanded it in Gods name to go away. This made it mad so it went after my neck nerve ending on the right side of my head. This is an area where a good bit of nerve traffic comes from your brain and goes down and across your body on the left side.

As it hit me I felt instant numbness in my neck, upper back and hand on the right side. It felt like I was having a stroke or something so I sped up and prayed for it to go away. Suddenly I felt a warmness around me and the tip top of my head began to tingle which triggers me to know that friendly spirit is around me. This feeling was an instant message that my angels and guardians were on deck and backing me up. I drove away and the mean spirit continued to come at me moving to my stomach, then crotch, then knee then bottom of my feet.

It was determined to get into me and to me. It was determined to hurt me because It wanted me to feel the frustration, anger and resentment it had about life and the death it had faced. With focus, some pain and an instant headache (spirit will give you a headache) if it hits you hard on your third eye chakra hard enough trying to communicate with you. It eventually drove away and we came home. I was tired emotionally and physically from the episode so I went to lay down. I prayed before coming into the house and told the spirit it could not come into the house. I commanded it to be gone and stay away from me.

I felt it outside the window and it was pushing hard at me. I called a friend who is gifted for advice and the spirit tried to go through the phone and come at her. She asked me as soon as she said hello, “what in the world is behind you outside”. Then she said that thing is mean and very strong how did you beat it. I told her I focused on blocking it and told it to go away. We talked about how to send it away and clear the spirit from near me. I went to bed with a prayer, holding my Bible and reading versus of praise, encouragement and hope.

I told all spirit not to come into my sleep, my dreams, my sub-conscience or at my family while I was asleep. It stayed outside my window all night and on occasion would make noise, block the light outside or push hard at me to let me know it was there. The next day I had had enough so I went outside, talked to it and told it to leave now. I read Bible verses and carried my cross. It pushed away and I never felt it again. To this day I do not like to travel past the graveyards of 601 because that spirit was so big, bad and nasty.

Now that I am stronger and can block them off of me I am more confident and will eventually go back by there just to see how good I can handle it. It is a bad spirit with anger so it is not to be taken lightly. To imagine a church graveyard would have such mean spirits is hard to believe. I assure you the churches of 601 has some strong spirits, some nice, some soft, some mean and soft just plain nasty. If you are gifted do not go past the churches and graveyards of 601.

Spirit Chronicles: The Escaped Murderer

Many years ago when I was in college my roommate and I were back in the mountains doing some Saturday morning trout fishing. We were down this long dirt road about seven miles off the main highway back in the woods working this little creek that had small but numerous brown and rainbow trout in it. We were having real good success and caught several big enough to keep and cook over a nice fire later that night. We were camping out in the area also just having fun and being college kids drinking some beer, chilling out and enjoying nature.

Later that night around midnight the two of us were joined by a couple of friends that had to work that day so the party got going pretty good as they came in with a re-supply of cold beer and some liquor also. As we were hanging out and having fun this tall skinny man about 6’5 and 170 pounds walked up to our remote campsite and began talking to us. He told us he lived in the area, but we were down there about every weekend and knew of no houses, cabins or homes within 10 miles of this remote out post we stayed at.

He told us he was doing some camping and that his car had broken down up the road a ways about a mile and he was just walking and hoping he would find someone in the area to get help. This is back when there were no cell phones and all you could do for help was use a telephone or drive for help. This triggered one of my friends to tell us that he did not see any cars as he drove into the site and the story was not adding up. We were very uncomfortable with the situation but felt protected because we had numbers with five of us versus one of him. I also had my 22 rifle and my roommate had his old single shot 12 gauge shotgun incase we encountered some type of wildlife we needed to protect ourselves from.

He told my roommate he needed a ride and his place was about another mile down the road or so back in the woods. We knew this was not true because the road ended a few hundred feet from where we were and it became a national forest trail leading to a series of waterfalls we would go dive and swim in. We tried to blow him off and get him to leave the area by pretending we were packing up to leave early the next day but he just hung around. He was wearing a long black coat with ragged jeans and cowboy hat. He was not clean shaven and smelled of liquor. That night I had a dream that someone got killed in the woods and saw people chasing me.

At the time I did not know my dreams were due to a gift I had and that it was a warning about what was going to happen. Spirit was telling me in a protective way to get away from him. One of my buddies tried to go to the car and the guy started acting paranoid asking what he was doing and where he was going. Being a young cocky guy my buddy told him to back off and that it was none his business what he was doing. That is when the guy opened his coat up like an old cowboy revealing his gun to another person. This guy showed us a long bladed knife and he made a comment that he had cut many “young punks” in his life and for all of us to shut up. We started to panic a little bit and realized this guy was not right in the head.

He went into the woods to pee so we came up with a plan to lure him into the truck and put him in the back of it for the ride. I would follow in my truck where my 22 rifle and the shotgun were at in case he tried to hurt someone. So we drank some more beer with him to let him see we were all cool. All the while we knew something was not right about this tall, lanky, creepy guy with a long knife. The next morning he asked us for a ride once again so we hatched out plan. Three of us would take him down the road towards the falls and the others would go for help in the nearest town.

He agreed to the ride and when he climbed in the back of the truck he pulled his blade out and out it on his lap. My roommates drove and rode in the front of the truck. I followed along behind him now with access to the guns we may need if he was to try something with us. We drove down to the end of the road and he jumped out of the truck and said my place is just down the road here a ways. We knew that was a lie and at this point figured out he had bad plans for us all. So my roommate jumped back in the truck and took off down the road with the guy running and hollering at them to stop and slung the knife at the truck striking the windshield.

I backed up and turned around and he ran towards my truck grabbing the passenger door and trying to open it. I floored it and that sent him flying onto the ground rolling down in the ditch a few feet away. My roommate had turned around and came flying up the road to get out of there also and drove by as he got to his feet. We left everything at the campsite and drove out of the woods to a small town seven miles away and called the sheriff. The sheriff deputy met us about hallway back into the woods to get a description and take a report.

None of us were in trouble as we were deemed to be defending ourselves during this process. He told us that the local park ranger had told him about a vagrant camp off in the woods somewhere they had to run people out of on a routine basis. So we drove back down, grabbed our gear and got back to school and decided until things cleared up not to go back down there. Two weeks later on the local news we say that man on television. He had been charged with attempted murder of two young college students using a knife. He was also known as an escaped fugitive that had been on the run for five years evading police by living back in the woods in a camp.

The guy was a convicted murderer that had escaped jail twice and was wanted for connection to several murders or attempted murders in various areas of the southern states. He was eventually caught and sent back to jail where he later died a few years later from a violent knife attack fight in prison. We escaped with our lives that day and had it not been for us just having a feeling that this guy was rotten to the core we probably would be dead now. All at the hands of the tall knife wielding murderer of that old mountain road.

I no know what my gift is and am figuring out how to interpret my dreams, visions and use my intuition better. Thankfully we survived this harrowing experience and I lived to tell another true story of the power of spirit and its battle of good versus evil. This man had an evil heart and wanted to take us with him and kill us. This story could end up a book or movie one day soon.

Spirit Chronicles: Shadow Men Behind the Trees

There was a property where large trees covered the yard and people claimed to see shadow figures behind the trees that would peak at them and hide quickly. The people would get freaked out and walk over to the tree and no one would be there. This went on for many years and then the property owners started hearing strange voices and growls coming from behind those same trees, The shadow would only peak at people after dark so you could barely see it. Then it would move to another tree and growl at the people from another spot in the yard.

Many investigators came and went trying to find the shadow figures of the woods and try to capture them on video. No one could ever get a picture but the people could see them peaking out behind the trees and hear them growl. Then one night a group of teenagers went to the wooded area to hang out and that is when things turned bad. The shadowy figures became mad at the kids mocking them and running in the woods climbing the trees. The shadow figures began to growl, scare and give chase to those kids for breaking the rules of the spiritual realm. The shadow figures were happy just showing themselves and watching from behind the trees,

Everywhere the kids would run they were surrounded by the shadow figures. No matter how fast or far they ran the shadow figures were there peaking out from behind the trees. The kids all five of them got scattered among the woods that night and three were later found one in a creek, one in a small cave and the other laying face down with his eyes wide open dead. Two of them made it back out and went home and to this day are scared to go into any woods near their house. No one knows what happened to those kids but the thought process is that they died of being scared to death in the woods ruled by the shadow figures behind the trees.

People claim they still see the shadow figures, hear growls and children running and screaming bloody murder. Be careful when dealing with the spiritual forces of nature because once you cross the line between reality and the spiritual realm there may be no coming back. Stay away from the shadow figures behind the trees!