Spirit Chronicles: The Whistler In the Woods

I was outside in the woods recently and kept hearing movement around me but couldn’t see anything or anyone. I grew up in North Carolina in the country and I know the birds, animals and sounds of the woods around here. This was a distinct whistle and not one that sounded like any bird I have ever heard or seen growing up. When I was nine years old I saw a hairy man deep in the woods and as an adult have had an encounter also with unexplained creatures hiding themselves in the brush and behind trees. I kep hearing this whistling and knew it was different. I looked around to observe the trees and woods as far as I could see but no birds were in sight.

I walked closer to the source of the whislte and it then was down the trail a ways about 75 feet away. I heard movement but in the fall North Carolina has many animals that move in the woods like deer, squirells, possums, raccoons, and other small creatures. This was different because the movement was not like a shuffling or jumping around like most of these critters will do when moving or running from something. This movement was purposeful and would go then stop. A few weeks ago I caught some eye shine in the woods about one hundred yards away and the eyes I estimate were at about six or seven feet.

I investigated that area and found several tree branches broken at close to eight or nine feet as if something had walked by and snapped them down as it went up the steep hill beside the house. I also saw distinct stratch marks in a few big trees and we have no large cats here tall enough to do this damage and no bears either. We do have coyotes and often we hear some screams down in the valley that are not coyotes or a screech owl. Those two noises are very distinct and common around my land. With all this said the whistling intrigued me as there has been lots of documented evidence of hairy men (AKA- Bigfoot) using whistling as a means to communicate with others, people and animals to let them know it is in the area.

I do not now if this was a big foot, but I do know the whistler was moving very purposefully, hiding itself and smart to not be seen. The birds common to the area such as cardinals, blue jays, chimney sweeps, crows, and others all got quiet when this thing whistled at me. I made some location changes to document the activity and each time I moved it moved away from me and where I had already been. Birds do not do that and you can see them take flight and if agitated they will be very loud and evident. This whistler was something different, something unexplained and something I have to work on to find and document.

You can believe what you want. I believe that what I saw when I was nine years old (the hairy man) I wrote about in this blog now is near my house. I have a connection to nature and the unexplained and this whistler has a coneection to me.


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