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  • End Times Visions, Dreams and Nightmares

    End Times Visions, Dreams and Nightmares

    God will move in ways mankind cannot understand. He will show his full might and hold over all things living in 2023. Nature will rear its ugly head in 2023 with some devastating weather patterns, record floods and the earth moving and shaking. Famine will hit many parts of the world wear it has never […]

  • Bigfoot Shows Himself

    Bigfoot Shows Himself

    I was in the backyard of the house and was walking around enjoying the outside and I looked into the woods and I saw eye shine about seven to eight feet off of the ground. I knew it had to be either an owl or what I refer to as the Big Hairy Man. I […]

  • Spirit Chronicles: Indian Arrowhead Attack

    Spirit Chronicles: Indian Arrowhead Attack

    My daughter is moving and I have been over at her house helping her pack up things and move them. The house she is selling is located on a small mountain that is millions of years old and was once inhabited by Native Americans. The property is ancient, rocky and very pretty. It has some […]

  • Spirit Chronicles: Sketching The Tall Demon

    Spirit Chronicles: Sketching The Tall Demon

    A friend of mine contacted me recently and asked me to check on something for him. He felt like something was following him or after him. I immediately felt a connection to it as I can discern between both good and evil spirits, demons and Angels. In this case I instantly saw a seven foot […]

  • Spirit Chronicles: New World Order

    Spirit Chronicles: New World Order

    I dreamed about a new world order and the plot and plan to take over all countries by four of the Largest military countries in the world. They began the process of dismantling the largest and strongest countries in the world using social media, large print media and news stations. They fed lies and deciet […]

  • Are You Ready for the Storm

    Are You Ready for the Storm

    We are facing a storm folks. One that is sweeping the world and soon to come to pass. A storm of Biblical proportions that I have seen in many visions and dreams. A storm that will cleanse the wicked and free the good. A storm that was predicted thousands of years ago in the Bible. […]

  • Spirit Chronicles: Dead Nurses Aid

    Spirit Chronicles: Dead Nurses Aid

    The Dead Nurses Aide When I was in the hospital for seven days for Covid I was sleeping one night quietly but restless as those beds are generally not very comfortable. I was used to people coming in and out of my room at all hours of the day to check my vitals, bring food, […]

  • Spirit Chronicles: The Abandoned Cabin of Evil

    Spirit Chronicles: The Abandoned Cabin of Evil

    Near my house is an old abandoned cabin that was built back in the early 1900’s. Most of it still stands but it is very old and in rough shape. It was the home to generations of family members until the mid 1970’s when the last of the family died and left the property for […]

  • Spirit Chronicles: The Whistler In the Woods

    Spirit Chronicles: The Whistler In the Woods

    I was outside in the woods recently and kept hearing movement around me but couldn’t see anything or anyone. I grew up in North Carolina in the country and I know the birds, animals and sounds of the woods around here. This was a distinct whistle and not one that sounded like any bird I […]

  • Spirit Chronicles: Gingerman

    Spirit Chronicles: Gingerman

    My wife and I were on a mini vacation to the North Carolina mountains in a small cool town called Banner Elk. In this small town is an old very haunted hospital called Cannon Memorial (check it out on youtube). This place has been on several top ghost hunting shows on various channels. I actually […]

  • Spirit Chronicles: E6 The Armour of God With Me Always

    Spirit Chronicles: E6 The Armour of God With Me Always

    A few nights ago I had a bad experience with a demon that attacked me and tried to hold me down and beat on me. I ran it off and prayed to God for guidance, grace and mercy. I asked him for protection as this was the strongest demon I have faced yet. I went […]

  • Spirit Chronicles: Crying Young Lady

    Spirit Chronicles: Crying Young Lady

    I was asleep and I got up to go the bathroom about 3:15am and as I walked into the hallway I felt spirit come to me and touch the top of my head. After using the bathroom I acknowledged the spirit that I felt it and ask it to present itself to me only if […]