Spirit Chronicles: Indian Arrowhead Attack

My daughter is moving and I have been over at her house helping her pack up things and move them. The house she is selling is located on a small mountain that is millions of years old and was once inhabited by Native Americans. The property is ancient, rocky and very pretty. It has some huge rocks with lots of energy coming out of them. I love rocks and can feel the energy coming from them. I also have the ability to feel vibrations and am often led to certain rock formations, crystals and other natural formations. I was walking towards my truck to go home and saw this red rock on the ground near a tree.

I bent down to look at the rock and realized it was granite with some red jade in it. It was a nice rock so I picked it up and put it in my pocket to take home and clean up. Jade has some nice healing properties and I had told my daughter I wanted to grab a rock or two from her yard for my collection to keep from her property she was selling. I always felt at ease there so I grabbed the red jade rock. Beside the red rock was just a point sticking out of the ground. I was curious so I dug it out and what I found was an arrowhead.

The arrowhead was about six inches long and nicely shaped into a good point. It was very old and had been there a long time. I have some arrowheads in my rock collection so I put it in my pocket and went home. Later that night I was asleep and that is when I am typically visited by spirits. I felt a female crawl on to of me and she pinned my arms down. I sensed that it was a medicine woman spirit and she was not happy with me. She grabbed my mouth and held it open with her fingers and I could taste the dirt in her fingernails. I tried to fight her and make her let go.

As I fought her I tried to wake my wife but she kept sleeping even though I was tapping on her. The the medicine woman fooled me by making me think my wife had gotten up and went into the bathroom. I realized later that the whole time my wife had been laying beside me and I thought I had been trying to wake her but my arms were pinned down. I bit her fingers and one of them fell off into my mouth and it was choking me. She was saying some kind of incantation over me and obviously trying to kill me.

I started praying to God and my spirit guides and suddenly my mom was laying beside me hugging me. I could see her hair and body and she was holding me in a tight brace as to protect me. I told the woman to leave me alone and asked her what she wanted. I saw a rock above my head and realized that he was after the arrowhead and the red rock I had brought home. I should have never removed those rocks as they were attached to the land and the Indian spirits that still dwell on the property.

The medicine woman left me as fast as she came and my mom went back to Heaven. I awoke grasping for breath and my wife woke up to see what was going on. I asked her if she heard or seen anything and she told me she didn’t. I asked her if she went to the bathroom and she replied no. That is when I knew the spirit had fooled me to think I was alone and she knew that would stress me and make me even more desperate for help. I got up, took a bath and went straight to my daughters old house and placed the red rock and the arrowhead back into the spots I found them.

I walked the property, sat on a huge rock and said a prayer of confirmation and spoke to the spirits to let them know I was sorry, wanted peace and had returned the red rock and arrowhead. I felt a sense of calm and the rock beneath me was vibrating signals to let me know the earth and spirits had heard me. I left the property never to return again. This is my second issue with American Indian spirits that are ancient and attached to the ground, rocks, trees and surroundings where they lived. I have learned a lesson that it is not a good idea to mess with things that are ancient and they are best left alone.


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