Americana- July 4th Fireworks, Family and Friends

My family has been celebrating the fourth of July for many years at a pool party with friends, family and lots of fireworks. My dad loved fireworks and would always drive down to South Carolina or have someone bring some back from the beach to shoot off at the party. He would sit on theContinue reading “Americana- July 4th Fireworks, Family and Friends”

Spirit Chronicles: The Escaped Murderer

Many years ago when I was in college my roommate and I were back in the mountains doing some Saturday morning trout fishing. We were down this long dirt road about seven miles off the main highway back in the woods working this little creek that had small but numerous brown and rainbow trout inContinue reading “Spirit Chronicles: The Escaped Murderer”

Spirit Chronicles: Mom, Aunt Beona, Grandmother and The Old Camping Cabin

Last night I dreamed that I was at a camping ground staying in an old wooden structure and my mom and aunt were with me sitting around a camp fire relaxing. There was another older spirit there which is one of my spirit guides. This lady has long silver hair, is very pretty and inContinue reading “Spirit Chronicles: Mom, Aunt Beona, Grandmother and The Old Camping Cabin”

Spirit Chronicles: The Dancing Man, The Rock Cross and Feeding People

I was walking along a beautiful mountain road looking at all the wonderful sites. The trees were full of wonderful colored leaves which signified to me it was late fall because that is when the leaves change and is one of my favorite times of the year to visit. I came around a bend onContinue reading “Spirit Chronicles: The Dancing Man, The Rock Cross and Feeding People”

Spirit Chronicles: The Old Haunted Mansion

When I was 16 years old a group of friends and I decided we would go and check out an old mansion that no one lived in since the early 1900’s. This old mansion at one time was on the main wagon trail and was an overnight stop for people traveling on the wagon trails.Continue reading “Spirit Chronicles: The Old Haunted Mansion”

Spirit Chronicles: The Hairy Men and the Dog

When I was nine years old some friends and I were playing down on a small creek riding our bikes, looking for a shallow swimming hole and just being boys. We got deep into the woods and one of my friends had a huge dog named Cowboy. He was so big you could ride himContinue reading “Spirit Chronicles: The Hairy Men and the Dog”

Americana: Fishing The Local Creek

Growing up my brothers and I fished in small creeks around our house. We never found that huge fish much bigger than a small mouth bass but seen lots of them swimming in the creeks. We would gather our poles and tackle box and ride our bikes down to the creek a mile or soContinue reading “Americana: Fishing The Local Creek”

Dreams and Goals: Five Years From Now

I often imagine where my wife and I will be five years from now. Will we be fully retired, working, traveling, living at the beach or in the mountains? These are just a few of the thoughts I have when I think about that question. To see where we may be five years from nowContinue reading “Dreams and Goals: Five Years From Now”

Health: Eight Ways To Avoid Getting Sick Post Covid

Like millions of people I had the Covid-19 virus and was in the hospital in pretty bad shape. It took a toll on my overall health and made me really consider how I would go forward protecting myself from viruses like Covid, the Flu bug and other communicable diseases. I have always been a dailyContinue reading “Health: Eight Ways To Avoid Getting Sick Post Covid”

Health: 10 Things To Do At Home To Have Fun and Relax

Today we are talking about things to do at home to chill, relax and enjoy family time. At the end of a long work week or day we often need to just chill out, rest and relax. Finding things that make your life more relaxing and fun is important to good mental, physical and spiritualContinue reading “Health: 10 Things To Do At Home To Have Fun and Relax”

Americana: Why Carry A Pocket Knife

Rarely do I leave my house without a pocket knife. I have a large collection of them that have accumulated through the years from collecting and buying them. My daughters buy them for me on my birthday and at Christmas time. I see them in stores and shops and snag them up for a fewContinue reading “Americana: Why Carry A Pocket Knife”

Health: 10 Ways To Improve Your Physical and Mental Health

Today we are looking at ten ways you can improve your physical and mental health. I have been a on reboot of sorts the last several months due to some major health issues and two close calls with death. I actually did many of these during my adult life but had let some things skipContinue reading “Health: 10 Ways To Improve Your Physical and Mental Health”