Spirit Chronicles: The Water Bridge

I was walking down a wonderful pathway beside a creek and suddenly to my right I saw a beautiful bridge made of water. On the other side were massive rocks of all shapes and sizes. They were also made of all colors and were glowing. They were so nice and soothing that I had to crossover the bridge to get to the other side. I love water and rocks and that made me even more curious to go over and see them.

As I stepped onto the water bridge it felt like I may fall through and that was because I had doubt and some fear that I may fall into the creek and wash away down stream. It was a 20 foot drop as the bridge looked kind of like a mini rainbow that grew in angle as it went to the top. Then it went back down on a curve to the other side.

I decided I would step out in faith and go across to see those rocks. I soon realized that the water bridge was stronger than anything iron, wood or block that I had ever crossed. The water was warm and made my feet feel so good. The view from the top of the bridge was fantastic and I could see glowing spirits swimming around below me like fish. As I made it to the other side I saw the rocks.

They were all shapes and sizes. They were different colors, textures and types. They were white, blue, green, brown, yellow, black and other colors of a crayon box. They were massive yet I could climb them. Each one had a different feeling to them and as I touched them I could feel the spirit of that rock. They were big, strong and powerful. They were full of energy and spirit.

As I got to the last rock to touch it, I noticed the initials of many people. Different initials that had been hand carved into the rocks. As I touched the initials I saw the many faces and races of those people. All of them had a smile on their face and were peaceful beings. They were ancient spirits that had made it to the other side and each had an attachment to those rocks and nature. I awoke and felt really good and that things were going to be OK.

Even when walking near or on water we can always see that they are solid and God has given us that path to trust and walk on. Cherish each person in your life and make sure that you are writing your initials in the great rocks of life so you will be preserved when you become one with spirit and nature.


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