Americana- July 4th Fireworks, Family and Friends

My family has been celebrating the fourth of July for many years at a pool party with friends, family and lots of fireworks. My dad loved fireworks and would always drive down to South Carolina or have someone bring some back from the beach to shoot off at the party. He would sit on theContinue reading “Americana- July 4th Fireworks, Family and Friends”

Spirit Chronicles: The Dark Wave

I dreamed I was fishing in a very nice lake and was catching fish that looked kind of like a flounder but they had human like faces. I caught them one by one and they got bigger each time. I would reel them in, take them off the hook and throw them back into theContinue reading “Spirit Chronicles: The Dark Wave”

Spirit Chronicles: Ghost in the Building

We have a small very old building on the edge of our property and today as I was mowing I sensed something in the building looking out the window at me. I stopped what I was doing, cut the mower off and sat there for a few minutes to see if I could see itContinue reading “Spirit Chronicles: Ghost in the Building”

Spirit Chronicles: The Dancing Man, The Rock Cross and Feeding People

I was walking along a beautiful mountain road looking at all the wonderful sites. The trees were full of wonderful colored leaves which signified to me it was late fall because that is when the leaves change and is one of my favorite times of the year to visit. I came around a bend onContinue reading “Spirit Chronicles: The Dancing Man, The Rock Cross and Feeding People”

Spirit Chronicles: The Hairy Men and the Dog

When I was nine years old some friends and I were playing down on a small creek riding our bikes, looking for a shallow swimming hole and just being boys. We got deep into the woods and one of my friends had a huge dog named Cowboy. He was so big you could ride himContinue reading “Spirit Chronicles: The Hairy Men and the Dog”

Americana: Fishing The Local Creek

Growing up my brothers and I fished in small creeks around our house. We never found that huge fish much bigger than a small mouth bass but seen lots of them swimming in the creeks. We would gather our poles and tackle box and ride our bikes down to the creek a mile or soContinue reading “Americana: Fishing The Local Creek”

Americana: Why Carry A Pocket Knife

Rarely do I leave my house without a pocket knife. I have a large collection of them that have accumulated through the years from collecting and buying them. My daughters buy them for me on my birthday and at Christmas time. I see them in stores and shops and snag them up for a fewContinue reading “Americana: Why Carry A Pocket Knife”

Americana: Four Wheeling Fun, Family and Friends

The old saying is that money cannot buy you happiness. But it can buy you a four wheeler and everyone I know that has one rides with a smile on their faces. My wife and I bought new four wheelers last year and have had a great time riding them on the property. We goContinue reading “Americana: Four Wheeling Fun, Family and Friends”

Americana: Testing Your Patience- Me Versus a Weed Eater

Todays story is about my battle with a weed eater. Funny how life can frustrate you and get you all tore up.

Americana: Pocket Full of Rocks

My youngest daughter Brooke has always been infatuated with rocks of all kinds. When she was a little girl she would come home every day from school and my wife would find her pocket full of rocks. She would have rocks in her pockets, her jacket, her back pack and anywhere else she could hideContinue reading “Americana: Pocket Full of Rocks”

Travel: Five Reasons To Visit the Mountains

Five Reasons to Visit the Mountains Visiting the mountains for a day trip, a weekend getaway or for a vacation is a fabulous idea.  The mountains offer so many advantages that you cannot find in other areas of your state.  If you are not fortunate to have mountains then go a few states over andContinue reading “Travel: Five Reasons To Visit the Mountains”

Americana: Old CR and Rhinehart

When I was in college in the Banner Elk, NC up in the mountains there was a small store in that little one stoplight town. Everyday the local college students would flood that small community store getting drinks, snacks, food and other items to take back to the dorms on campus. Sitting outside of thatContinue reading “Americana: Old CR and Rhinehart”