Americana: Why Carry A Pocket Knife

Rarely do I leave my house without a pocket knife. I have a large collection of them that have accumulated through the years from collecting and buying them. My daughters buy them for me on my birthday and at Christmas time. I see them in stores and shops and snag them up for a few dollars. I keep a knife in every car for several reasons and often as stated have one on me at all times. I cannot have one on campus at school so that is about the only time I will not have a knife in my pocket. I do not carry it as a weapon, but it can be used to defend you and your family if needed. I carry it to use as a tool for many purposes along with possible protection. Knifes are part of Americana, like apple pie, baseball, BB guns, old toys, antiques and sports. They come in all sizes, shapes, colors and decorative styles.

My dad loved knifes and so did my grandfather. They both had some old timers that I still have until this day put away to give to my kids one of these days. You can pay as little as a dollar for a good knife to have on you at all times. One of my favorite knifes is from the dollar store down the road from my house. It is well made and very sharp. I like to switch them like watches. I have a collection of about 20 watches and probably 100 or more knifes that I rotate weekly. Growing up in the country you learned how to use a knife to survive and as a life tool. Be careful with a sharp knife and learn how to handle one before using it. Knifes are a great gift for any guy, son, wife, daughter or friend. Many of them hold excellent value and some of the best knife makers in the world are made in America.

Below is a list of the things you can use a good little pocket knife for so put one on your purse, in the car and in your pocket.

1- You can use it to protect yourself and your family if needed. It may not do a lot of harm, but it can be intimidating enough to keep someone from messing with or attacking you. If your not a gun person, then put a knife beside your bed or in the car.

2- You can use it to cut wood and whittle things. Sitting outside in the fall or late summer and carving something out of wood is relaxing and can be very creative. Recently while cleaning out a garage I found several old boy scout projects I had carved out of wood many moons ago as a teenager.

3- You can use it to cut open a can of food or poke a hole in a can to get the food out. I remember going camping in college and using a pocket knife to open cans of Beans and Franks to cook on the fire.

4- You can use it to cut your hair or fingernails. Yes, that sounds crazy but it happens.

5- You can use it to cut your sausages, cheese and other food items up when you are at lunch, camping or hunting. You can also use it in the kitchen.

6- You can save a life in a burning or wrecked car by cutting the seat belt in half to get someone lose. A knife will cut rope, seat belts and many other things that can have you locked down.

7- You can use it to strip wire, cut wire, trim things and use as a tool on the job. A knife will also turn screws, make holes, cut slits in belts and other cutting reasons.

8- You can use it to get the dirt out your fingernails and food from your teeth. I would rather use a toothpick, but hey a knife works also.

9- You can use it to cut bait, fillet fish, skin an animal and survive. Going fishing growing up we always had a knife handy to cut bait, cut tangled lines, fix the small screws on the reel or fillet the fresh fish we caught on the pier or in the pond.

10- You can just carry it around for the heck of it and know that you have one of the best multi tools in the world at your disposal at all times day or night.

Coach B!

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