Spirit Chronicles: Zechariah 14:12 

The word of God as given to us many moons ago states “And this shall be the plague with which the Lord will strike all the peoples that wage war against Jerusalem: their flesh will rot while they are still standing on their feet, their eyes will rot in their sockets, and their tongues will rot in their mouths”. I had a dream of millions of people standing in lines waiting to enter the gates of Heaven. One by one they stepped up to the gates and one by one they either entered or melted from the inside out. It was like the saved that were of the light were immediately admitted into the pristine beauty of Heaven.

The lost or dark ones that were walking the earth mocking God with blasphamy, idolotry and hate were burned from the inside out. As they became fire a telling of their past and life journey was shown to them. These pictures and stories were of all the things that God calls abominations. The word tells us what those are so if you want to know I suggest you go read te word. Off in the distance I saw a band of demons and they played the most horrible music, laughed and mocked those that burnt up. They screamed, “we were the reason for damnation, you are now ours”.

It was disturbing, but only to the lost that one by one burned from the inside out. A fire that burned so hot it consumed them one by one. The lost tried to get in the other line but a band of Angels protected that line and stood strong pushing them back to get what they had been warned about and asked for. Begging was not an option as the time had come for God to call his people home one by one into glory to be with him forever. The lost built a huge pile of ashes that the band of demons played in. They grabbed it and rubbed it all over their bodies and threw it in the air. They mocked God and the good ones.

The lines continued for what seemed miles and one by one they eother burned or went into the gates. The pile got so big that others had to be started. If people tried to escape they were tortured by the band of demons and thrown into the pile which would burn them up as if the ashes were made of acid. They screamed bloody murder and turture and one by one the line thinned out. At the end the band of demons were pulled into the pile of ashes and burned with the lost. Demons cannot fight Gods word and he has power over all.

The Angels closed the gates and the most wonderful light imaginable began to shine all over the world, sky and heavens. The earth was cleansed and Jesus was sitting at his thrown and the heavens celebrated him. The saved went into light to presume life in spirit and fulfill all their dreams and aspirations. God had come back and had done what the Bible stated was to come. Prepare now for the day of the Lord will come when he is ready. No one knows the date, but we do know the end result for the darkness and lost. Repent and turn from the sinful flesh of today and become one with God or suffer from the inside out.


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