What’s In Your Bookbag- Emotional Baggage

Today I am writing about your bookbag, your purse, your wallet, your gym bag of whatever it is you carry around with you day to day.  This bag is filled with all the stuff you need for the day to function like a phone charger, some snacks, bottle of water, clothes, laptop and all theContinue reading “What’s In Your Bookbag- Emotional Baggage”

Leaving 2020 and Moving into 2021- My Must Do’s

Some of my readers may or may not know that 2020 was a very tough year for me and my family.  I personally have battled heart issues, covid and other sickness since September of 2020.  I had three hospital stays, a couple of real scares as far as living another day and this has tookContinue reading “Leaving 2020 and Moving into 2021- My Must Do’s”

Battling Covid 19

I took a few days off from blogging as I have been recovering from Covid 19 over the Christmas Holidays.  I am writing this to tell my story of the battle I fought with Covid and how it has impacted me and the family this past week and a half.  Since Covid hit we haveContinue reading “Battling Covid 19”

All I Want For Christmas 2020 and Beyond

My wife and I have grown kids and they are always asking us what we want for Christmas.  Many parents out there of grown children can relate to this dilemma and we all probably give the same answer over and over.  We say “I don’t know”, “I don’t want anything”, “I don’t need anything”, orContinue reading “All I Want For Christmas 2020 and Beyond”

Covid Christmas 2020

This year will be a Covid Christmas. One like we have never seen, but it still can be awesome and filled with celebration, hope, faith and fellowship.

If I Could Be Twenty Again- Seven Things I Would Have Done Different

Today I am writing about seven things that I look back on that I should have done a bit different when I was twenty.  Thirty four years later I have learned many lessons in life and am grateful for those lessons.  Setbacks, disappointments, tragedies, and unexpected life events allow us to grow and become whoContinue reading “If I Could Be Twenty Again- Seven Things I Would Have Done Different”

Dump Them Now- Five Signs To Avoid In A New Relationship

Today I am writing about toxic relationships and how they can destroy families, friendships, marriages and cause chaos.  I have been fortunate in my life to find a loving and wonderful wife that seeks a great relationship with me.  We get along mostly, disagree at times, but in the end we are together and strong. Continue reading “Dump Them Now- Five Signs To Avoid In A New Relationship”

Cleansing Activity- Closing the Doors of Our Past

**Please Read All of this top to bottom and try what I have given you.  I promise it will help you (if you are open to cleansing) and really focus on it.  I would appreciate any feedback on the process and any comments that you would like to leave for me and my readers**.   TodayContinue reading “Cleansing Activity- Closing the Doors of Our Past”

Dogs and Cats Go to Heaven

Recently I had a friend ask me if I thought that dogs and cats went to heaven.  Before I could answer the question another man sitting near told her that the bible makes no mention of animals going to heaven. My personal opinion is that dogs and cats have souls and they are special inContinue reading “Dogs and Cats Go to Heaven”

Parents and Teachers Guide- Surviving and Thriving in Covid Times

Today I am writing about remote learning and giving some basic ideas and tips on how as parents we can not only survive but thrive during this Covid 19 mess.  As a career teacher it has been a daily learning experience for myself and my students.  It is up and down roller coaster ride ofContinue reading “Parents and Teachers Guide- Surviving and Thriving in Covid Times”