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  • The Deconstruction of America: Evil is the Enemy of the People

    Throughout history many nations have faced the same crisis that America is right now. That crisis or “plague” is called socialism. Socialist have one goal and that is to destroy a country from the inside out with ideology that are rooted in evil and deceptive practices. We currently have a movement that us gaining ground […]

  • 5 Reasons Children Need Discipline

    5 Reasons Children Need Discipline

    As a father, teacher, coach and mentor of young folks, I see one downfall that is getting in the way of their adult lifes once they graduate school. That one thing is discipline or a lack of. Over the last 20 years schools have changed, kids have changed and society has softened it overall stance […]

  • Godlessness in the Last Days

    Godlessness in the Last Days

    We are at a point in mankind’s journey where the things that were written to come to pass are now happening. These things are prevalent in society and across the world. A Godlessness had taken hold of the human race. Like a plague that has infected millions of people and turned them into what is […]

  • Worthy Example of Leadership

    Worthy Example of Leadership

    Being a husband, father, teacher, coach, mentor and community leader in troubling times can be hard at times. In fact, it is hard to be these things consistently even in regular day to day activity and non-troubling times. We live in a new society that is plagued with issues that are destroying the framework of […]

  • God’s Expectations and Being Non-Conforming to Indoctrination of Evil

    God’s Expectations and Being Non-Conforming to Indoctrination of Evil

    While watching television today and browsing social media sites I saw so many messages that are non-conforming to God’s word.  I wrote down a list of these things and will not address all of them on here today.  However, it is clear after going back and reading 2nd Timothy that we are now in times […]

  • Spirit Chronicles- Standing Strong In Troubling Times

    Spirit Chronicles- Standing Strong In Troubling Times

    Times are challenging now.  We live in a world where sinful nature, practices and thoughts have taken hold like never before.  Standing strong in these times will not be easy and will come with challenges for sure.  You will be called names, labeled, and censored for your beliefs and thoughts.  Just know that the the […]

  • Spirit Chronicles: Spiritual Gifts, Discernment Between Good and Evil

    Spirit Chronicles: Spiritual Gifts, Discernment Between Good and Evil

    Lately, I have had several people ask me on my streams when I am helping someone connect with a loved one if it is “Christian” to do so or be involved in spiritual matters. That is an interesting question that will get a different answer from people based on how literally they take the word […]

  • Spirit Chronicles: The Great Reset

    Spirit Chronicles: The Great Reset

    There are two forces at play in our lives right now. One of those is good (light) and the other is evil (darkness). It is a battle that has been planned for generations by high powered leaders that are associated with the Satanic Church. One of those figures leading the way when sworn into a […]

  • Spirit Chronicles: The Awakening

    Spirit Chronicles: The Awakening

    I saw millions of people standing in line in front of the great golden gates. These people were waiting for the Awakening. The awakening is a spiritual enhancement for those that are of the light. These people have been granted special powers such as strength, speed, mind and body. They are going to become a […]

  • Conspiracy: The Truth Will Be Revealed

    Conspiracy: The Truth Will Be Revealed

    Soon everyone will see what is really taking place in the world and specifically America. The people that appear to be in control are not who they seem to be and the truth will be revealed soon. The truth that what has taken place and the potential takeover of the American way with these crazy […]

  • Spirit Chronicles: 2022 Predictions

    Spirit Chronicles: 2022 Predictions

    I have taken some time off from writing lately to focus on my family and career opportunities. I have continued to have very fantastic dreams and visions as well as tremendous growth in my abilities. I have had a recurring dream where I seen things that I predict to come to pass in 2022. These […]

  • Spirit Chronicles: The Virus Encampment

    Spirit Chronicles: The Virus Encampment

    I had a vision of people standing in a maasive lines like they were trying to get into a concert. Individuals, couples and families just standing there waiting in these very slow moving lines. The weather was really hot and people were struggling especially the older ones. Younger folks were moving in front of them […]