Spirit Chronicles: 2022 Predictions

I have taken some time off from writing lately to focus on my family and career opportunities. I have continued to have very fantastic dreams and visions as well as tremendous growth in my abilities. I have had a recurring dream where I seen things that I predict to come to pass in 2022. These things are out there and may sound crazy to some. To me I see these and recieved them from spirit guides and the light so I know they very well could come to pass.

  1. 2022 will see an increase in Covid related issues, illness and death. A plague like no we have seen in modern times will sweep the world and kill hundreds of thousands of people. I saw this in a dream that will be written about later.
  2. 2022 will reveal top secret information that will be leaked and verified of aliens visiting the earth and top government officials being in contact with there aliens for many generations to obtain technology.
  3. 2022 will also be a year where hundreds of new species of animals, most unexplainable will be found and proven to exist. One of these will be the hairy man, bigfoot or whatever you call him. Physical remains will be found, tested and revealed as what it is.
  4. 2022 will be a year of severe weather patterns like we have never seen. Unexpected patterns due to unusual heat in the winter will lead to these weather anomolies.
  5. 2022 will be a year of spiritual awakening for many that are pursuing it. The many predictions in the Bible are beginning to play out and will continue in 2022. World leaders and nations will begin to abuse more power using force and deception. The awakening will help millions avoid the consequences. Many millions of others will fall prey to the lies, deception and infuence.

These may seem common but are what I have seen and been shown. My dreams and visions generally come to pass. We will see what 2022 holds for the world and its people. Be open minded, pursue your dreams and seek God.


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