Ten Things We Do Not Do Anymore Because of Technology

Today we are looking at a list of things that people used to do on a daily basis before technology changed everything and made them go away.  These are actually things people should continue to do and some may do these anyways.  I love technology but I also continue to do some of these thingsContinue reading “Ten Things We Do Not Do Anymore Because of Technology”

Ten Life Skills to Teach Your Teenagers

 Today we are talking about basic life skills that we need to be teaching our pre-teen and teenage children that will assist them in being a productive young adult once they leave the safe confines of mom and dads house.  They will no longer have mom and dad to take care of their clothes, makeContinue reading “Ten Life Skills to Teach Your Teenagers”

My Four F’s- Faith, Family, Friends and Fitness

Today I am writing about the four main parts of my life that equal up to 100% of good spiritual, mental and physical fitness.  This is my list and may vary from what you think are your top four.  For me all of these are necessary for me to live my life with vigor, intentContinue reading “My Four F’s- Faith, Family, Friends and Fitness”