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  • Five D’s to Success in Coaching, Teaching and Life

    Five D’s to Success in Coaching, Teaching and Life

    Today I am writing about positive words that begin with the letter D that are inspirational, motivational and can be used daily to guide you in life. There are a bunch of words that can be applied to this posting and used as a tool for daily your inner motivation, inspiration and what it takes […]

  • “C” Words That Define Great Leaders

    “C” Words That Define Great Leaders

    I am continuing my series of alphabet words that best describe great leaders, coaches, teachers, mentors, business and family leaders.  I talk about leadership alot but it has a special place in my heart and has been engrained in me since I was a child.  I grew up watching my dad be a man that […]

  • “A” Words That Define Successful People

    “A” Words That Define Successful People

    Today we continue a series of blog post I have been writing using the alphabet to define successful people. These words often are mentioned when we look at successful, well rounded people that we know.  Not just your run of the mill person, but people that stand out from the crowd.  Amazing people that set […]

  • Worthy Example of Leadership

    Worthy Example of Leadership

    Being a husband, father, teacher, coach, mentor and community leader in troubling times can be hard at times. In fact, it is hard to be these things consistently even in regular day to day activity and non-troubling times. We live in a new society that is plagued with issues that are destroying the framework of […]

  • Living By The Word

    Living By The Word

    Today in my morning reading, mediation and study I read about Living by the word of God. This is an incredibly hard thing to do as a human being made to use personal choice and decisions as a guide. I made the following notes as I was reading the information and trying to absorb it. […]

  • Decluttering Life 2022

    Decluttering Life 2022

    Today I am writing about ways you can declutter your life for the 2022 year moving forward. These are all simple, basic ideas that will allow you to take some of the things off your bucket list or honey do list for the guys. I have a long list of things to complete, declutter and […]

  • What If?

    What If?

    What if is a small phrase with powerful meaning. It can be used in both a positive and negative tone and meaning. Lots of people, especially parents are “whatifers”. You may ask, what is a “whatifer” coach? I would tell you that my definition is the thought process of what may or may not happen […]

  • Faith- Impossible Actually Spells I’m Possible

    Faith- Impossible Actually Spells I’m Possible

    Impossible Actually Spells I’m Possible Impossible is a word we have all heard at some point in our life. This is a very negative and non-supportive way for people to acknowledge your goals, dreams and visions. You will not, You cannot, You might not, That is crazy, What a stupid idea, What in the world […]

  • Covid- Teachers Perspective

    Covid- Teachers Perspective

    Covid is taking its toll on schools, students, parents and teachers all across this great country we call America. It is ravaging the world as well, but for my purposes I will write about what I witness on a daily and weekly basis as a local career educator and coach. Different states, cities, towns and […]

  • Americana- Football, Family, Friends and Faith

    Americana- Football, Family, Friends and Faith

    There are three things that have been a part of my family tradition for what seems forever and a day. Football, Family, Friends and faith are all part of my American dream. For millions of Americans these four F’s have become part of what we know as the annual right of passage from early September […]

  • Football Time Again

    Football Time Again

    After two years away from coaching football. I have accepted the role of Head Football coach at Thomasville Middle School. I am excited to get back into the sport as a head coach on my terms. I stood on the sidelines in 2019 after a tough playoff loss as an assistant at Thomasvile High School […]

  • Spirit Chronicles: Healing Breath of My Guardian Angel

    Spirit Chronicles: Healing Breath of My Guardian Angel

    I have had a bad back for several years and lately it has gotten much worse. I have sciatica and lower back muscle issues that keep me from sleeping comfortably most nights. This also limits what I can do physically and was one of the main reasons that I retired from coaching football a few […]