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  • 5 Reasons Children Need Discipline

    5 Reasons Children Need Discipline

    As a father, teacher, coach and mentor of young folks, I see one downfall that is getting in the way of their adult lifes once they graduate school. That one thing is discipline or a lack of. Over the last 20 years schools have changed, kids have changed and society has softened it overall stance […]

  • What If?

    What If?

    What if is a small phrase with powerful meaning. It can be used in both a positive and negative tone and meaning. Lots of people, especially parents are “whatifers”. You may ask, what is a “whatifer” coach? I would tell you that my definition is the thought process of what may or may not happen […]

  • Faith- Doubting God

    Faith- Doubting God

    Today as I was riding around the yard mowing and listening to some good Christian Worship music a few songs came on that really hit me hard and the message I got was that we often have doubt in God and his promises. I have had my times when I doubted God, mostly when things […]

  • Dreams and Goals: Five Years From Now

    Dreams and Goals: Five Years From Now

    I often imagine where my wife and I will be five years from now. Will we be fully retired, working, traveling, living at the beach or in the mountains? These are just a few of the thoughts I have when I think about that question. To see where we may be five years from now […]

  • Advice: Life Skills That Prepare Kids for Real Life

    Advice: Life Skills That Prepare Kids for Real Life

    I have been teaching for a long time and one thing I have observed more lately than in the past is that teenagers are not learning life skills that they will need as an adult. These life skills are needed so they can function and be productive as they get out of school and pursue […]

  • Daily Bread: Winning In Life With God

    Daily Bread: Winning In Life With God

    Winning in Life and With God Do you have a winning attitude about life? What is your definition of winning?  That all depends on your personal views, background and experience with winning and losing. As a long time career football, wrestling and softball coach I have had to look at winning from two perspectives.  One […]

  • Daily Bread: Truth Be Told

    Daily Bread: Truth Be Told

    The truth be told I am not perfect.  I am a human being that makes mistakes, thinks the wrong things, says and does things at times I should not say or do.  I have to admit that and say to myself, truth be told I am at fault for my failures, shortcomings and setbacks.  I […]

  • Daily Bread: Nobody loves me like you love me Jesus

    Nobody loves me like you love me Jesus Today I woke up after a very restful night of sleep.  I had positive dreams, slept well and only had to get up a time or two for the bathroom. However, I was not feeling very motivated and seemed to be a bit testy and unappreciative of […]

  • Politics: Shamed, Demeaned and Cancelled- Woke Cancel Culture

    Todays writing may hit a few nerves so I give advance notice. If it turns you off or offends your feelings then please read another person postings. However, my hope would be that because we may disagree on this does not mean we have to quit following one another or reading each others work. I […]

  • Family: Proud Papa Moment

    26 Year old excels at life and buisness!

  • Leadership: “G” Words Alphabet Series- Great Leaders

    Today I am back on my series of alphabet words that describe great leaders, coaches, motivators and people we all are attracted too for being great.  Good leaders can be great leaders if they work really hard at building their management skills and grow their employees, athletes and team members with guidance and direction. These coaches and leaders are often gleeful people that gain the attention and can make people giddy with […]

  • Sports: Chasing Championships- Never Let It Override Your Family Time

    Sports: Chasing Championships- Never Let It Override Your Family Time

    Coaching for a long time has shown me many things.  I have made one of the biggest mistakes many coaches make and that is losing focus of the family, spouse, kids and the most important people in your life as you pursue excellence and chasing championship rings.  I coached football for almost thirty years and […]