Leadership 101- 12 Effective Habits of Great Leaders

1- The very best coaches motivate, inspire and lead the organization with intention, purpose, dedication, discipline, desire and an create energy around them constantly.  2- The really effective coaches never use intimidation, power, embarrassment or other negativity to teach the required skills needed to be successful in life, sports, work and play.   3- Great coaches are greatContinue reading “Leadership 101- 12 Effective Habits of Great Leaders”

Life Hacks 101: 10 Ways to Organize and Maintain Life

Today I was looking at ways to reset my organization and get my life back on the track I wanted it to be on. It is easy to get off track at times and if we do we must then do a reset. It is not as simple as hitting a reset button, but itContinue reading “Life Hacks 101: 10 Ways to Organize and Maintain Life”

Dreams and Goals: Five Years From Now

I often imagine where my wife and I will be five years from now. Will we be fully retired, working, traveling, living at the beach or in the mountains? These are just a few of the thoughts I have when I think about that question. To see where we may be five years from nowContinue reading “Dreams and Goals: Five Years From Now”

Writing: Seven Common Mistakes Beginning Bloggers Make

Beginning to blog is a is something millions of people do. They wrote about their niche, interests and activities. I like to write a variety of things mostly human interest topics like this. For me it keeps things fresh and is not just so regular. Just this week I wrote about financial matters, memories growingContinue reading “Writing: Seven Common Mistakes Beginning Bloggers Make”

Money and Finance: 6 Habits To Effective Credit Card Management

Managing your finances and credit is something everyone should plan for, work hard at and stay on top of. Good financial management allows you to live a successful and less stress free life. Below are six ways to effectively manage credit card debt and keep your finances in order. 1. Create and stick to aContinue reading “Money and Finance: 6 Habits To Effective Credit Card Management”

Writing: Reasons To Write A Book/Blog

Let me begin by stating that if the #1 intention of writing a book or blog is to make a bunch of money then you might want to check yourself. I am not saying it cannot happen, but if you go into it with the goal of making $ then you might be off trackContinue reading “Writing: Reasons To Write A Book/Blog”

Advice: Life Skills That Prepare Kids for Real Life

I have been teaching for a long time and one thing I have observed more lately than in the past is that teenagers are not learning life skills that they will need as an adult. These life skills are needed so they can function and be productive as they get out of school and pursueContinue reading “Advice: Life Skills That Prepare Kids for Real Life”

Money and Finance: Ten Ways to Change Your Financial Situation in 2021

Today I am giving some sound basic principles about small ways you can change your financial situation, save money, save on fees and avoid credit related issues as we all push into 2021 with new financial, personal and career minded goals. For me personally, I am at the point of mid 50’s and really workingContinue reading “Money and Finance: Ten Ways to Change Your Financial Situation in 2021”