Spirit Chronicles: The Kidnap Killer

I dreamed about a man that had been kidnapping women and killing them. During this dream I saw three women being taken at various places and was actively involved in the hunt for the killer. Every lead I had fell short and then I saw him take a young lady and drop her off in an alley way. She was draped in a yellow sheet or possibly a yellow rain coat. She was dead and he left her lying there like a piece of trash. I was so mad at him and he walked by me and I got a look at his face. He was around 5’10 and 180 pounds. Late twenties to early thirties with ear length sandy blond hair and dark eyes.

He walked by me and as I was observing him he looked down and pulled a hoodie over his head to try and conceal his identity. I then saw a man in a wheel chair and his brother that takes care of him daily. Both of these men either know the guy or have seen him before. The man in the wheel chair has cystic fibrosis and does not speak but uses a voice box to talk. The brother is older and has a disability also but he can take care of his brother. The brother was on the phone talking to someone and I could not get him to see me or hear me.

I was seeing this from the third eye view looking in. I was not involved in the actual process was watching from the outside. The thing that got me confused was the killer seemed to see me even though no one else could. That tells me that he is evil and knows that I am of the light. That is why he likely can see me and knows I saw him. This may be an older event or something that is current. I will have to do some research on it and see if anyone has been killing people in the area that I cam currently in. I can dream and have visions of the past, present and future and will have to solve this one or it will drive me crazy thinking about it.

Faith- Doubting God


Today as I was riding around the yard mowing and listening to some good Christian Worship music a few songs came on that really hit me hard and the message I got was that we often have doubt in God and his promises. I have had my times when I doubted God, mostly when things were going bad, getting hard and tough to deal with. We want things and want it our way but that is not how it works with God. When we ask for something or pray for something we do not always get the answer we want. We get what God wants us to have as he controls all things human, spiritual and in between.

As I was thinking about this and listening to the words in these songs the thought of God being constant and always with us, guiding us and helping us hit me hard. I have had a very spiritual evolution of late since I had a near death experience back in September of 2020. I had faith in God but had slipped in that faith and how he has handled me and dealt with me since then has shown me that his love, grace, mercy and care are like no other I could ask for or expect. In the bible its tells us that faith in God is the foundation of life.

Faith in God is the rock by which we build a solid foundation. He is the way, the light, the miracle, the past, the present and the future. Human nature leads to doubt. We are emotional creatures and that emotion can take a toll on our faith on people and the Lord. We struggle at times with mental, physical and spiritual battles. These things create anxiety and fear of the unknown. These things can separate us from God and drive us to carry baggage that God wants us to get rid of.

When things get hard sit down and pray. Make a list of the ways God has blessed you and your family. Making this list will bring you back to the understanding that God is omni present in our lives and is leading us the way he wants us to go. We put ourselves in bad situations and that makes us doubt not only what we believe but our belief on God. We win some, we lose some, we tie some. God always wins and we have to see the wins in these situations to remove doubt. We lose a family member and doubt comes crashing in. Know that God has that soul now and they are fine.

We lose a job, a house, a spouse and other things we have. This throws doubt, anxiety and tests our faith. Hold strong and know that God has this. He is in charge and will take care of things. He will carry us through it. I put together a list of things that I think help me stay stronger in my faith. Things that can help you get closer to God and know that his support and love in constant and always present. We must first overcome our own doubt to overcome the doubt we have in God. Life can be disappointing at times and in those times we must not doubt God, but find strength in his words and actions. God is awesome, caring, loving, supportive and patient. We must be the same to be a person of confidence and not a “doubter”.

1- Do not rely on your own emotions, confidence and actions to try and overcome the big challenges in your life.

2- We adopt worry, anxiety and fear as our way of dealing with things.

3- We question Gods goodness and grace in our lives.

Reading Isiah 26, I found these three ways to cast any doubt we have about God in our lives away.

1- Seek God and his everlasting power when times are tough.

2- Know that God promised us safety, grace and mercy in the Bible.

3- Know that God never doubts us and we should never doubt him.


Life Hacks 101- 10 Things Coaches, Managers and Go Getters Look For

Today we are talking about traits that coaches value and look for in their student athletes that cost nothing but time, energy and work ethic.  These traits also are what business owners, companies, managers, leaders and other people looking for talent expect. These traits set you apart from others and can make you a great player, worker, leader, parent, teacher, business owner and whatever it is you want to be.  If I can get my athletes to learn these by my actions, behaviors and results then as a coach I have accomplished my goals and the rest will take care of itself.  

1- Time management skills- Are you on time, are you early for class, practice, work and ready to go when the bell, alarm or clock strikes and its go time.

2- Great work ethic- Do you exhibit a work ethic that people cannot deny and one that shows you are a true go getter.

3- Positive energy- Are you a positive person that exudes positive traits and thoughts. Do people want to be around you and grow with you.

4- Positive attitude- Do you see the glass half full or half empty.  Does your attitude reflect goodness, kindness, love and respect for others.

5- Being prepared- Are you prepped and ready for completing tasks, work assignments, school work and other demands life throws at you.  Do you do what it takes to be ready to roll, ready to work and ready to win.

6- Passion- Are you passionate about your family, friends, job, sport or life.  Passion can override talent and lots of other traits many times.  Give me  passionate learner and I will take that over talent any day of the week.

7- Discipline- Do you show discipline in your actions, behaviors and life.  Do you have what it takes to be disciplined to work out, lift weights, run, manage your weight and help the team out.  Are you disciplined to get out of bed and get to work and produce for your family and to meet your goals.

8- Communication skills- Can you openly communicate with people in a positive and meaningful way.  Can you talk business like and not use slang and street terms in conversations.  Are you a good listener and have positive skills people see when you communicate with them.  Do you sound educated (I am not talking college educated).  

9- Good body language- Do you carry yourself in a positive manner.  Do you sit upright, keep good eye contact and other positive body language.  Do you know how to present yourself, shake hands and make people feel relaxed around you.  Are you too chilled at times and can you turn it on and off as needed.

10- Coachable- Lastly and most important to me.  Are you coachable, teachable, and able to be mentored. Can you accept feedback and loss with dignity and respect.  Are you part of the solution or part of the problem.  Do you take advice from someone much older, more knowledgeable and experienced and apply it to become better.  Or are you a hotshot know it all that will eventually fail because you know more about a 30 year veteran coach about your position or saw it on a video game.  (believe me folks, this is a reality nowadays)!

There are other things you could put on this list.  But these are the things that cost you nothing but time, energy and work ethic.  These are the basic skills needed in sports, work, life and play that can make you successful whether you are a backup, first string star or do a common job.  These skills will make you stand out in the crowd, rise above others and set you on a path that others envy and want to be on.  They may not admit it, but ultimately they see your success and skill set and desire to be like you.

Faith- Finding Courage In Challenging Situations

You will be put in challenging situations and at times feel overwhelmed and let down. Life will let you down at times and often it is when we are either at the top of our game or at the lowest point.  When we are facing our darkest moments and weakest moments due to life events we must focus on God and look for an outcome that is positive. To make it positive we have to have faith and believe that the process of overcoming challenging times is going to be dealt with head on and with courage.

Challenging events in our lives are part of the process of growing, becoming more than what and who we are.  God wants us to be strong, have faith and walk through life with his light shining.  Life will knock you down and beat you up bad if you let it. We live our best life and know that the things we face in life such as losing a job, losing family, broken families, health crisis and other things make us stronger. God will never put us through something we cannot handle and is right there by our side helping us with it. He is carrying us through it and knows the outcome if we follow him and trust in his process.

The bible tells us that God will not put us through anything we cannot handle, but doing it on our own often leads to more trouble, anger, strife and fear.  Ask God to help you, guide you and lead you and he will.  These times cause us to have all of these emotions and can make us mentally and physically sick. Tough times can also make us spiritually sick which allows the Devil to step in and cast doubt, anger and frustration. When times get hard, we must fight back and seek God for his grace, guidance and mercy.

You will look back and laugh at those times knowing it was all a step forward in your spiritual journey.  Even though it may have felt like a step backwards at the time. What seemed like a step in the wrong direction can often be the steps forward that propel us to become stronger in our faith and relationships with family, friends and God. When it gets tough, fight back. When times challenge you, push back. When a crisis happens in life, step up to the challenge. When life kicks you in the teeth, call on God and overcome!

Life Hacks 101: 10 Ways to Organize and Maintain Life

Today I was looking at ways to reset my organization and get my life back on the track I wanted it to be on. It is easy to get off track at times and if we do we must then do a reset. It is not as simple as hitting a reset button, but it is not complicated either. Below are ten ways you can use to organize, reset and maintain a good life free of stress, anxiety and anger. Try one or all and see how it works for you. You can make your own list and go with that. If you have realized your off track, hit the reset and push forward and live your best life.

1st Corinthians 14:40; But all things should be done decently and in order.

Proverbs 10:4; A slack hand causes poverty, but the hand of the diligent makes rich.

  1. Develop good habits and build a daily routine. Being on a routine helps you at work, in life, with family and in general. It keeps you on track and helps you maintain a pattern of positivity.
  2. Plan ahead- Avoid last minute decisions, actions and reactions. Planning your day, your week your vacation and other life activity will keep you on track.
  3. Be consistent with life and relationships. Consistency adds to the routine and keeps stress away from your life.
  4. Know yourself- Know who you are and what you are about. Take a good look at the person in the mirror on occasion to reset any inconsistencies you see happening.
  5. Life life with a positive attitude- Life will beat you up, will have ups and downs but the attitude you pursue life with will determine how things go and the consistency you need to be sane, mentally stable and reactionary to these events.
  6. Expect things to go wrong at times. A plan is great and in life we will get off track from those plans. Be on the lookout for these times and adjust your actions and reactions to meet them head on. Do not allow these things to derail your life and patterns.
  7. Seek balance in life. Balancing life, family, work, activity, and all the other obligations require planning, commitment and energy.
  8. Declutter and simplify when possible- If you feel overwhelmed by constantly cleaning things then declutter. Simplify life by living simpler and being smarter with your time and energy. Down size, use basic things, meet your needs and not wants and see how that will declutter and simplify your life.
  9. Automate everything you can- Pay your bills electronically, use delivery services, use the internet and services designed to make life less complicated. Doing this frees up time, stress, reduces anxiety and gives you better organization in life.
  10. Measure your life progress- How are you doing with life, stress, organization, goals, family, friends and commitments. Measure it and hold yourself accountable to a better organized and stress free life.

Spirit Chronicles: Ghost in the Building

We have a small very old building on the edge of our property and today as I was mowing I sensed something in the building looking out the window at me. I stopped what I was doing, cut the mower off and sat there for a few minutes to see if I could see it again. I just caught a glimpse of something in the window the first time but that building is padlocked from the outside and has never been opened as long as we have lived here. Honestly, I do not know what is in that old building and was thinking about it as I drove past it mowing and cutting the high weeds around it down.

I started the mower up and continued to mow the rest of the yard. While finishing up the yard I could help but think about that old building and what I may have seen. Sure it could have been a critter of some type like a possum or racoon but this thing that moved was fluid and tall. No animal could move like that or cast a picture like that. The property was the former home of settlers and Indians so it is a very spiritually active site daily. I sense lots of things on the property and have written many stories about Old Town Road.

My wife flagged me down and told me it was getting dark and time to get inside and rest some for tomorrow. I parked the mower and continued to think about that building. I told my wife when I sat on the golf cart to head back to the house that I was going to go check that old building out tomorrow and see what was happening with it and what is in it. I feel that there is something attached to that building and it sensed that I could see it and knew it was there. It hid from me which tells me it is not the nicest of spirits or just wants to be left alone.

As I was driving back towards the house I got a very sudden spirit headache (spirit gives you a headache) when it comes at you really strong. I also felt sick to my stomach suddenly which shows me it is not of the light and a lost or wandering spirit. Then it hit me hard in the upper chest and throat taking my breath in the process. It hit me so hard that I had to stop driving and focus on stopping its attack. It came at me really hard and was very strong. I have been previously attacked on the property by an ancient Indian female spirit and she was mean and nasty and hard to deal with.

That spirit tried to choke me also and held my head in the pillow one night almost killing me in my sleep. Look at the story Attacked on Old Town Road for that one. Anyways, I focused up and told the spirit I meant it no harm and did not want to interfere with its business to leave me alone. It let up as spirit can only use a certain amount of energy at one time. I got back to the house, prayed and blessed the entrance of the house telling it to stay out and away. As I write I am still tired from the attack and the headache is almost completely gone. I will have to deal with this spirit at a later date but for now I will leave the old building on Old Town Road alone.

Americana- The Car Lot Dumbass Driver

Today on my way home I am riding down the road listening to some good Christian music to relax and bring my inner peace level to a slow pace and chilling state. As I do daily I am driving the same road about the same time just minding my own business and going home. About a mile from my house a car in front of me hits his right turning signal, slows down to a crawl in a big old truck and makes the right turn. No big deal right, he did the right thing by giving a signal and safely making a turn into the side road.

I was the first car behind him so I slowed down to about 25 MPH to allow him a good turning radius and stay safe. As he is turning into the road that is when Mr. Dumbass that was at the stop sign decides to turn out into the lane while he is about 95% into the road. The truck is clear so I accelerate to speed up as normal traffic would do but the issue is Mr. Dumbass that decided to turn out in front of everyone including myself and four cars stacked up behind me almost hits me as I enter the section of road he is turning into.

The guy was in a small car so I just barely saw him behind the truck and as he came into the road with me now back to about 45 MPH I have to hit the brakes hard to avoid hitting him and having an accident. That creates an issue with all behind me as they have to tap the brakes and slow down to keep from hitting each other. Horns begin to blow as most people do when something like that happens. After saying a few choice words about Mr. Dumbass as he is labeled for this posting I settle down do not blow my horn and just kind of throw up my hands like what the hell are you doing?

He decides to throw up his hand and give me the middle finger so now my pleasant ride home has turned into me being mad as hell and wanting to whip his butt. I didn’t do anything to Mr. Dumbass, he was the one that almost created a four car pile up. I bit my lip and refused to give him the return signal of a middle finger and slow down to give him some room and try to chill back out. Mr. Dumbass decides about a half mile down the road that he will now turn left without giving a signal and does so by turning in front of oncoming traffic which causes a lady to slam on her brakes and turn into my lane to avoid hitting him.

Now Mr. Dumbass after two selfish moves in his car and about costing people to be harmed and tear their cars up decides to throw his hand out the window and shoot the “bird” to me and others because the lady he pulled in front of blew her horn at him. I noticed he was driving a car with dealer tags already when I almost hit him and that paid off for me a little later. I now get pissed “road rage” for the second time so I whip it around (after giving a signal) and went to see if I could catch Mr. Dumbass.

It took me a few minutes and I had almost given up so as I was turning around to head on home and my blood was no longer boiling to my surprise Mr. Dumbass passed me going the other way. The look in his eyes when he saw my car and me smile and wave at him was priceless. Mr. Dumbass floors it and heads off really fast but the evidence I gathered seeing the dealer tags told me where I could find him. There is a car lot at a pretty well known dealership just a mile or so away so I ventured over to see of he was there.

I had no intention of actually doing what I wanted to do which was take his middle finger and stick it where the sun does not shine. Instead I figured I would mess with Mr. Dumbass a little and maybe even let his boss know that he was out driving around representing the car lot in such a “positive” manner and being so nice to potential customers. I had bought a few cars from this place and was surprised they had someone employed that would act this way.

So I went in and asked to see the guy that was driving the little white “Nissan” with the dealer tags ABC-123. They said yep that is Johnny (fictitious name) and let me get him for you. Here comes Mr. Dumbass and he is all fired up ready to go and try to sell me a car. He didn’t know who I was so I started asking him questions about a small white Nissan that I had my eye on. He pointed me right to the car and asked if I wanted to test drive it.

I walked over and looked it over a bit and asked if it had ever been wrecked, how it ran, and other questions just to mess with him a bit. I could tell he was a cocky guy, very smug and full of “you know what”. So I then said, yep I am thinking about trading in that old green car for that one. He looked over and his expression changed a bit and I could tell he knew who I was. I told him I might need to trade it before some “dumbass” causes me to wreck and tear it all to hell driving like a maniac.

At this point he is busted and squirming a bit so I am loving it. I then said, you know I think I have seen you and that car before and he looked away. I said in fact, I seen you driving that car and almost killing people a few minutes ago. Then if I recall correctly I think you actually gave people the middle finger for your irresponsible actions. At this point he is getting defensive and says he thinks I need to leave. So I said, why don’t I instead go inside and talk to the manager since I have bought two cars here the last 10 years or so. I am sure they would love to know what kind of person they have working here and how he treats people on company time in a company owned vehicle.

He proceeded to apologize and ask me to let things go. I said no problem, all is well and I think you have squirmed enough for one day. As I walked off to actually look at a real nice Dodge Challenger and a Jeep I looked back and said. “Oh, by the way you may want to be careful where and t whom you fly that bird” It may get you fired or possibly and ass whipping. He had nothing to say and went back inside. I got in my old green car and drove off heading back home. The moral of the story is do not create chaos for others by being selfish or a jerk and then take it out on them because you are a “dumbass”.

Are You Sick and Tired of Being Sick and Tired

Yesterday on the way home I was thinking about the past 15 months and all this Corona 19 mess and the health issues that not only myself but hundreds of thousands of people have faced this last year. We had no idea the Corona Virus would take such a toll on us physically, mentally and at times spiritually. Corona Virus did lots of damage, took lives, damaged the body and left all those people missing someone or working hard to recover from the stupid cough, headaches, lack of energy and other lingering effects. I was talking to a co-worker about this past year and she made the comment that she was “sick and tired of being sick and tired”.

That made me begin to think about my own journey this past 15 months and the health related issues I faced due to Covid 19, its lingering effects and the reasons it may have taken such a hold on me. I was the classic candidate if you follow the “so-called” experts. I was in my 50’s, overweight, diabetic and had a previous heart condition. All of those things combined put me at a higher risk and unfortunately Covid 19 struck my family and me. It made me very sick and put me in the hospital. Like so many others I spent time recovering and for a few days I was not sure I would leave the hospital at all, breathing that is.

I came home and after a long recovery and some continued lingering effects I had become tired of being tired. The struggle was real and then I became sick and tired of being sick and tired. So I sat down with my wife and we decided together to lose weight, become healthier and live our best life. Life and the things that happen in it will make you become tired of being sick and tired. No energy, headaches, achy joints and back aches become a nuisance to people. Then they become a habit or something you just get used to living with. However, to change the past we have to redirect our intentions, habits and behaviors to overcome the same old sick and tired.

When you become sick and tired of being sick and tired you’ll make the decision to change your life and press forward. I am now down 54 pounds, 5 or 6 pant sizes and into a brand new shirt size for the first time in forever. I feel better than I have in thirty years and am working hard and consistently to overcome the past mistakes, break old habits and live my best life. I say ask yourself, are you sick and tired of being sick and tired? Seriously, are really sick and tired of being sick and tired? When you decide you are then you will attack life and go after it so you then begin to feel better than ever because you feel better than ever.

Step one is to become sick and tired of being sick and tired. Step two is now that you realize your sick and tired. Take action towards fixing what made you become sick and tired of being sick and tired. Step three is to change old habits, go hard, work hard and overcome. Step four is to feel better than ever and know that you never have to once again, be sick and tired of being sick and tired.

Spirit Chronicles: The Lost Souls of the Mountains

I dreamed I was in the mountains fishing for trout with my old college roommate. We were working along a small stream and walked up on a man standing there on the other side of the creek holding a bow and arrow. We assumed him to be a hunter or outdoorsman that was trying to find some food along the river in this deep hollow. As we got closer the guy looked at me and pointed the bow at me saying nothing. He just stood there pointing it at us as if to hold us at bay. We spoke to him but he did not respond. His eyes were dark and he was fading in and out a bit and at times you could barely see him.

Before I could tell him I was there fishing and did not want any trouble he released his arrow towards us and it traveled to the left of my head zipping by and it seemed like he missed on purpose. He took a very deliberate aim at me and when he released it I just froze thinking this is going to be it. He grabbed another arrow and pulled it back, but this time it fell short a few feet away from him as he released it at my roommate. He then disappeared into the bushes as if he was never there. Shaken by all this we decided to leave the area and head back out towards the truck to get out the area.

As we made our way back towards the truck about a two mile hike down stream we stopped on occasion to try and catch some small trout. That is when another group of people came down on us from up on a hill. This group were all dressed in ragged dress like the early 1900’s with the women and girls wearing longer heavy dresses and the men and boys with long heavy pants and long sleeve shirts. The clothes were torn and tattered as if they has a rough life while they were alive. These people surrounded us and I told my roommate to get behind me.

I asked them what they wanted and to back away from us and only one of them spoke. She was a young girl probably 13 years old with a very bad complexion and teeth. She gave me a sense that she was one of the good spirits they had in that group of ten to fifteen people. She told me the others were not comfortable with me being in the woods because they owned the land. We were on federal land in a national park so I knew they were lying or confused. She told me the people wanted to hurt us and we needed to leave the area now.

I asked her where they from and if they lived on the land and she tried to explain again that we needed to move. That is when one of the men stepped forward and motioned for us to leave the area using his finger to point. So we started to back away and walk back into the woods to clear the area. As we tried to walk away they continued to surround us and just stare at us. I looked over at the young girl and she asked me to take with us her because the others were lost. She pleaded to come and a woman grabbed her and they disappeared into the woods like the hunter did as if he had never been there.

I wanted to help her but the thought of it made the others mad. They closed the circle around us and one of the younger boys in his late teens pulled an old gun out and pointed it at my roommate and began to pull the trigger. I jumped in front of him and the bullet went through me and missed him. The bullet did not leave an entry or exit point and did not hurt. I looked and I had no wounds so the people all ran and as he ran off they all screamed out at us with this weird language and there heads began to distort and one by one they ran up the side of the hill and wham, were gone as if they never were there.

We walked back down the river a ways and back to the truck and I woke up. I reached down to my chest to see if I had been shot by the young man and on my chest was a small red spot about the size of a bullet. I cannot confirm not deny what left the mark, but the dream was as real as any I have ever had and I am struggling to get the little girl out of my mind. She wanted me to help her and was being kept against her will by mean spirits. They knew I could help her and that is why they tried to attack us and make us go away.

Spirit Chronicles: The Wondering Cowboy and His Dead Children

I saw a cowboy with a dark tan and large hat. He was from the 1800’s based on his clothing and the gun he had on his side. He rode up to me on a horse and looked at me but did not speak. He was a tall man, very thin and dark skinned from being out in the sun so much. He was likely a farm owner or rancher because he handled the horse very well and was in complete control. He had two kids, a little boy and a little girl. They were about seven or eight years old each and wore 1800’s era clothing. The little boy had pants and long sleeve button down shirt and the girl had her hair in pony tails and wore a yellow knee length dress. The children were hugging me on my right side.

I looked down and saw them staring up at me and they had a look like they were scared and wanted someone to take care of them. The man on the horse was their dad and he was a mean man, rough and tumble cowboy type that had lost his wife. The kids were confused and scared and looking for someone to help them. They held onto me very tightly and would not let me go. I tried to walk but they clung to my side and held on. The man frowned at me and then looked down at the kids as if to say to them to come on. But they refused and he got mad and turned his look to me and gazed at me and I could see the anger in his eyes.

He also had a sadness about him from being a single dad that had lost his wife somewhere along the way. All three of them had died but did not know they were dead. They were well over 100 years dead and clinging to life in the present very confused and seeking someone to help them. They had been restlessly wondering for all those years seeking a person to help them, comfort them and help them out. I told them they had to let me go and go to the light but they were scared. I assured them it would be ok and to let go and go to God. The dad turned and rode off into the mist and went away as quick as he had appeared. I think he was wanting his kids to stay and was not ready to move on.

His anger and frustration had him reliving his life over and over and refusing to move into the light. He is aimlessly wondering on his horse. The kids let go and slowly went away into the mist but as they left a light shown near them which showed me they had been took to heaven. They were innocent kids that had at some point experienced lots of trauma and fear in their young lives. They had died at an early age and didn’t know they were dead and what to do. I woke up, wrote all of this down and began my day. It was a weird experience seeing and feeling two small kids come to me and hug me seeking help and safety.

Spirit Chronicles: The Abandoned Apartments and Walking Dead

Let me start by saying the “walking dead” were not what you may have seen in your head with zombies walking around wondering and looking for someone to attack and eat alive. In this dream the walking dead were lost souls that were aimlessly wondering around this old apartment complex that had been abandoned many years ago. The apartments are now in ruins and no one lives there with the exception of a few homeless folks that break in and gather there. I dreamed that people were living there and going about there daily lives going in and out of apartments, kids playing outside and people leaving for work. I saw an old lady that appeared to be in her late 80’s and she was walking by people looking at them and trying to talk to them.

The living were just walking by and could not see, hear or feel her when she tried to communicate with them. I saw an old man in his 70’s and he was sitting on a porch in a swing and just looking at the kids playing out in the courtyard of the apartments chasing one another. He was pointing to them to ask for help but they could not hear, see or feel him. I saw a man laying on the ground holding a liquor bottle who had died of alcohol abuse and homelessness just whimpering softly wanting someone to help him. Down the road a few apartments I saw a young girl that was hiding behind a car and when a car came down the driveway she would run out in front of it as if she was residual energy from being runover and she was re-living that moment over and over everyday.

Then a group of walking dead people came from the woods and there were several people of all ages and they looked to be a family. They emerged and just walked across the street into one of the abandoned units that had fire damage and disappeared as they went into the door. Another young mother was walking around looking for her children and couldn’t get anyone to help her. She was looking everywhere trying to find them and was constantly moving trying to figure it out. There were others there, some dead some not and they were not aware of each other. The walking dead were in the spirit realm and the others were the people that had left residual energy at that apartment complex over time.

It was a sad place had experienced lots of tragedy with crime, murders, homelessness, fires, poverty and accidents. It was full of energy and the lost walking dead did not know they were gone so they just relived their lives in spirit or walked around aimlessly trying to get help. I was up the road a bit observing and one walked over to me and touched me on the arm and I felt her and the others realized that I could see them, hear them and sense them so here they came. The grief, fear, anger, frustration and desperation of them all was overwhelming and took most of my energy. They were coming at me from all sides, not trying to physically hurt me but to ask me for help. I tried to block them but they were all strong and too numerous so I began to help them by saying “go to the big light” and seek God. One by one I saw them start to disappear as if they were being taken away one by one.

A few continued to wonder around even after I tried to help them while most just left and moved on from there continuous cycle of being a lost and wondering soul. I woke up and was very tired as this was harrowing experience that required a lot of my energy. As my gift grows, so does the responsibility and opportunity to help others I see in my dreams, visions and sometimes night mares.

Coaching: Five Ways to Identify A Quitter

Quitting in life is a habit that people learn from an early age. As they get older and grow up they learn that it is OK to quit sports teams, school, jobs and on family. There are signs that will give you an idea that someone is about to quit on you, your company, your relationship, your family, their kids, their job and life. I talk to my students about this a personal dilemma they may face in life. As a wrestling coach I see it every year. Kids quit mostly because wrestling is hard, practice is tough and it requires a winning attitude to face down all the potential serbacks it offers. I had a kid quit this week after a few minutes. He asked me to join the team so I let him come out. We warmed up doing some tumbling and exercises and within 20 minutes he asked to go to the bathroom and never came back.

I saw him today and asked him what happened and instead of just telling me it was hard or he didn’t like it he gave me a bunch of excuses about he had to go home, his mom called, etc. I asked him to come back and well, he must have forgot because I have not seen him since. I know why he quit because it is hard. Wrestling is a very mentally and physically challenging sport. It was hard so he walked away. He gave up on it. He quit without a good effort. He gave into his self doubt. He was lazy and wasn’t used to the effort required. I am not sure which one of these is the real answer but I do know that this kid has quit more than one sport, quit on clubs and other groups at school. He has learned a behavior and built a habit that it is OK to just walk away.

There is a likely hood that when he becomes an adult he will quit on jobs, family, friends, and give in when life gets tough. Quitting on life blocks people from being there best. They think it is the easy way out, but reality is it just makes things worse. Quitters show signs and could see them in this kid as he was stopping during team activity, wanting to go get extra water, sitting around while the others were standing up. I saw the signs but still tried to save him. I wanted him to stay, overcome and be a better person and athlete. But he choose to quit, walk away and give in. Below are some signs that someone may be getting ready to quit on you.

1- They stop working hard or hardly give an effort.

2- They quit attending functions, events, meetings and required activity.

3- They have a change of attitude about work, life and play.

4- They want it easy and desire instant gratification.

5- They show weakness physically, mentally and spiritually.

My dad always told me that winners never quit and quitters never win. That still stands for me today and I hope more of the younger parents begin to teach their kids to stick with things. Give things a fighting effort. Work hard and work smart for what you desire. Not just give up, quit, walk away, shut down, run from problems and be a quitter.

Coach B