Spirit Chronicles: The Wondering Cowboy and His Dead Children

I saw a cowboy with a dark tan and large hat. He was from the 1800’s based on his clothing and the gun he had on his side. He rode up to me on a horse and looked at me but did not speak. He was a tall man, very thin and dark skinned from being out in the sun so much. He was likely a farm owner or rancher because he handled the horse very well and was in complete control. He had two kids, a little boy and a little girl. They were about seven or eight years old each and wore 1800’s era clothing. The little boy had pants and long sleeve button down shirt and the girl had her hair in pony tails and wore a yellow knee length dress. The children were hugging me on my right side.

I looked down and saw them staring up at me and they had a look like they were scared and wanted someone to take care of them. The man on the horse was their dad and he was a mean man, rough and tumble cowboy type that had lost his wife. The kids were confused and scared and looking for someone to help them. They held onto me very tightly and would not let me go. I tried to walk but they clung to my side and held on. The man frowned at me and then looked down at the kids as if to say to them to come on. But they refused and he got mad and turned his look to me and gazed at me and I could see the anger in his eyes.

He also had a sadness about him from being a single dad that had lost his wife somewhere along the way. All three of them had died but did not know they were dead. They were well over 100 years dead and clinging to life in the present very confused and seeking someone to help them. They had been restlessly wondering for all those years seeking a person to help them, comfort them and help them out. I told them they had to let me go and go to the light but they were scared. I assured them it would be ok and to let go and go to God. The dad turned and rode off into the mist and went away as quick as he had appeared. I think he was wanting his kids to stay and was not ready to move on.

His anger and frustration had him reliving his life over and over and refusing to move into the light. He is aimlessly wondering on his horse. The kids let go and slowly went away into the mist but as they left a light shown near them which showed me they had been took to heaven. They were innocent kids that had at some point experienced lots of trauma and fear in their young lives. They had died at an early age and didn’t know they were dead and what to do. I woke up, wrote all of this down and began my day. It was a weird experience seeing and feeling two small kids come to me and hug me seeking help and safety.


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