Spirit Chronicles: Ghost in the Building

We have a small very old building on the edge of our property and today as I was mowing I sensed something in the building looking out the window at me. I stopped what I was doing, cut the mower off and sat there for a few minutes to see if I could see itContinue reading “Spirit Chronicles: Ghost in the Building”

Spirit Chronicles: Mom, Me and the Beach

I saw my mom last night in my sleep. My mom is one of my guardians and is very involved in my life from Heaven. She was a protector on Earth and continues to be one in Heaven. It had been a while since I saw her in my sleep but I feel her allContinue reading “Spirit Chronicles: Mom, Me and the Beach”

Spirit Chronicles: Book of Life and the Cross

I had a dream where I saw a man and this man was familiar to me. I have seen him many times in my dreams and visions the last five months. He is an older spirit that is very strong and good. He is ancient and dates back way beyond anything I can imagine. HeContinue reading “Spirit Chronicles: Book of Life and the Cross”

Spirit Chronicles: The Number 180

Last night I was half asleep and woke up to go the bathroom at 3:01am. I laid back down and right as I fell back to sleep I heard one of my guardians say “180”. Then I heard “faith and heaven” and “hell”. I saw 180 again before I woke up so I sat upContinue reading “Spirit Chronicles: The Number 180”

Spirit Chronicles: Little Ghost in the Room

Last night my wife and I were sitting in the living room chilling out and talking when suddenly a piece of paper that had fallen on the floor began to move in a crazy pattern across the floor. At first I paid it no attention thinking it was probably the ceiling fan blowing it around.Continue reading “Spirit Chronicles: Little Ghost in the Room”

Spirit Chronicles: Pictures From The Past

I recently lost a loved one to a drug overdose and this person had spent most of adult life addicted to drugs and living the life that drug addiction creates for people. I knew on several occasions where this person was in trouble, went to jail or got into rehab then cleaned up and “becameContinue reading “Spirit Chronicles: Pictures From The Past”

Spirit Chronicles: Ghost in the Green Room

There is a green room in the house and we have family and friends come over and stay at night on occasion. One of our rooms we use is upstairs and is painted green. It was that color when we moved in so we have not changed it up yet. This room is very comfortableContinue reading “Spirit Chronicles: Ghost in the Green Room”

Spirit Chronicles: Spiritual Death and Awakening

I dreamed that I was at home and did not feel well and sat down to rest.  Suddenly I felt pain all over my body and then felt very light like I was floating.  I then transported to an old friend’s house where I was sitting in the living room on the couch beside hisContinue reading “Spirit Chronicles: Spiritual Death and Awakening”

Spirit Chronicles: E58,Dark vs. Light (The Soul Snatcher)

This experience was one that took things spiritually to another level completely. It involved a younger female, two guardian spirits and a demon. The young lady had recently been troubled by some very personal trauma in her life and being young did not know how to deal with the inner mess she had going on.Continue reading “Spirit Chronicles: E58,Dark vs. Light (The Soul Snatcher)”

Spirit Chronicles: Old Brick House and the Man in the Window

I dreamed I was riding down the road looking for a place to stay and suddenly I was in front of my Nanny’s old house once again. I have recurring dreams about this old house that I spent lots of time in growing up and actually lived there for three years in my early twenties.Continue reading “Spirit Chronicles: Old Brick House and the Man in the Window”

Spirit Chronicles: The Battle for Souls

There is a huge battle taking place right now. This battle has been taking place of thousands of years and has more recently escalated to an all out war. This battle is for the souls of mankind and the survival of the human race. Daily things are happening that were predicted in the Bible toContinue reading “Spirit Chronicles: The Battle for Souls”

Sunday Motivation: Living a Fruitful Life

Today‚Äôs reading and word is from Galatians 5, verse 22-23 and it speaks about the fruit of the spirit. This is in reference to a Godly spirit that we can have if we choose to seek his guidance in our lives. The verse lists the following things that are vital to being a good person,Continue reading “Sunday Motivation: Living a Fruitful Life”