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  • Spirit Chronicles: Grandfather Penny

    Spirit Chronicles: Grandfather Penny

    I was live streaming my Sunday night show Unexplained W/Coach B and a lady came into my stream asking me about her grandfather. She was very attached to him and was struggling at his recent passing. Her grandfather had raised her since she was a teenager and he was dealry missed. I felt a male […]

  • Spirit Chronicles: Attacked By Giants

    Spirit Chronicles: Attacked By Giants

    At 3:11am last night I was asleep and dreaming about Heaven and suddenly two giant dark spirits walked into the room and attacked me. They were not in my own bedroom but one that I had never been in. I saw them walk into the room and a yound woman was with them. I instantly […]

  • Spirit Chronicles: Grandmothers Love

    Spirit Chronicles: Grandmothers Love

    I was on my live stream the other night and one of my viewers was asking me questions about some unusual activity she had been getting at home lately. I felt spirit hit me and knew that they were here on behalf of the young woman on my stream. I felt a severe pain in […]

  • Spirit Chronicles: Dead Nurses Aid

    Spirit Chronicles: Dead Nurses Aid

    The Dead Nurses Aide When I was in the hospital for seven days for Covid I was sleeping one night quietly but restless as those beds are generally not very comfortable. I was used to people coming in and out of my room at all hours of the day to check my vitals, bring food, […]

  • Spirit Chronicles: The Abandoned Cabin of Evil

    Spirit Chronicles: The Abandoned Cabin of Evil

    Near my house is an old abandoned cabin that was built back in the early 1900’s. Most of it still stands but it is very old and in rough shape. It was the home to generations of family members until the mid 1970’s when the last of the family died and left the property for […]

  • Spirit Chronicles: Gingerman

    Spirit Chronicles: Gingerman

    My wife and I were on a mini vacation to the North Carolina mountains in a small cool town called Banner Elk. In this small town is an old very haunted hospital called Cannon Memorial (check it out on youtube). This place has been on several top ghost hunting shows on various channels. I actually […]

  • Spirit Chronicles: E6 The Armour of God With Me Always

    Spirit Chronicles: E6 The Armour of God With Me Always

    A few nights ago I had a bad experience with a demon that attacked me and tried to hold me down and beat on me. I ran it off and prayed to God for guidance, grace and mercy. I asked him for protection as this was the strongest demon I have faced yet. I went […]

  • Spirit Chronicles: Spiritual Support from Beyond

    Spirit Chronicles: Spiritual Support from Beyond

    One of the things that I can sense, feel, detect, pickup on and see is spirit that surrounds people all the time. This is spirit that has moved on from the earth and are now part of the spiritual realm from Heaven to the earth. Spirit is in constant motion and flows to and from […]

  • Oh God, We Seek You

    Oh God, We Seek You

    In our weakest moments we seek strength In strife we seek peace In trial we seek justice In failure we seek encouragement In doubt we seek hope In brokenness we seek healing In stress we seek patience In exhaustion we seek energy In anxiety we seek understanding In darkness we seek light In life we […]

  • Spirit Chronicles: The Civil War Ghosts

    Spirit Chronicles: The Civil War Ghosts

    Where I live is an old area where several Civil War camps and battles were once fought. There have been rumors and stories for many generations about people seeing Civil War era soldiers at grave yards, in the woods and on some old farms that were around back in the late 1800’s. I have seen […]

  • Spirit Chronicles: Light Orbs

    Spirit Chronicles: Light Orbs

    Last night I took the dogs out to the bathroom prior to bed time and was struck with the feeling of something or someone being all around me. Out property is very spiritual and some old land and as I noticed whoever was touching my head and arm I pulled my camera out to take […]

  • Spirit Chronicles: Attack of the Light Beings

    Spirit Chronicles: Attack of the Light Beings

    An invasion of aliens came in on the earth really fast.  These light beings flew in on these invisible stealthy ships and landed.  As they came in only certain people could see them and try to warn others.  They were seven to eight feet tall and kind of looked like a shadowy figure with light […]