Spirit Chronicles: Light Orbs


Last night I took the dogs out to the bathroom prior to bed time and was struck with the feeling of something or someone being all around me. Out property is very spiritual and some old land and as I noticed whoever was touching my head and arm I pulled my camera out to take a few pictures and videos. I walked around the yard and snapped some pictures and made a few short videos as the “spidy senses” I call them continued to accelerate. I saw a light orb close to me and then it came by my camera and I hoped that I caught it and to my surprise I did.

Actually it came in front of my camera four times during the period of about five minutes of video. You may say it was probably a bug or a trick of the light. I am quickly becoming a veteran spirit hunter and assumed it to be a bug myself. I sat down at the computer, downloaded the video and went through it frame by frame and there it was a light orb “white” light which tells me it was a positive spirit right there on film. I stopped it, edited it and made it larger and it was an obvious “light orb” and not a bug. It was fast and came and went within a few seconds.

An untrained eye would not have caught it but I have been doing this awhile so I was able to see it. At one point of the video I asked it to show itself because I could sense it around me. About five seconds after that request the white orb came into the view of the camera lens on my phone. It went across and back and then came up and down a little later. As I walked around the yard a few more orbs appeared in the video at different phases and were gone quickly. I will be out there tonight with the camera to see if I can catch it again to try and debunk the video I made yesterday.

I have caught voices on recorders, EMF detections and other video than last night. The land we live on is very spiritual and has lots of activity so I am excited about what I can see, hear and film in the future and trying to figure out who the light orb is and what it wants. I have to be careful as well, but my senses can help me be guided as to how to deal with and what I am dealing with. I was told by an advisor to look for orbs and they are finally showing up for me as I make the transition into working with the spirit realm.

Spirit Chronicles: Little Ghost in the Room

Last night my wife and I were sitting in the living room chilling out and talking when suddenly a piece of paper that had fallen on the floor began to move in a crazy pattern across the floor. At first I paid it no attention thinking it was probably the ceiling fan blowing it around. Then a few minutes later it happened again. This time it caught my eye and I told my wife that was real wierd to continue to move around like that. She said it is the ceiling fan and we kept talking. A few minutes later it took off across the floor as if someone or something had blown or kicked it.

That is when I got real curios and walked into the room to see what was going on and felt the spirit in the room. It was small spirit and I sensed it as a child kind of young and nor very strong. It was not threatening to me so I knew it was trying to get my attention. So I got my phone out and made a film of the paper moving around. I turned the fan off to test the possibility that it was the wind from the fan but it continued to move on its on. I got my ghost hunting equipment out and picked up a small stick figure instantly maybe 2-3 feet tall right beside the paper.

I also turned on the EMF detector and another detector I have that picks up on voices and it said to me “Spider feelings yet”. As soon as I heard those words I felt it touching my leg to signal to me that it knew I could see it and hear it. It then said “happy” so I told it I was glad it was happy. I told it to leave the area and go back outside or where it came from and a few more movements later the paper stopped and the little spirit was gone. As I am sitting at my desk typing in the same room (my office) I feel that little one near me.

It is clingy and I sense it is seeking help, is confused and wandering around looking for a parent, friend or another relative. Today I told it to go to the light several times and it stopped again and I do not feel it anymore. I said a prayer to God for it and asked him to take it home to its parents. I will continue to monitor the little spirit in the room to see if it shows up. My “Spidey Senses” as a good friend of mine calls them tells me it is gone so we will see.

Americana: Spiders vs. Me- Bathroom Battles and Facing Fear

Today I am writing about an experience I had this morning in the bathroom as I was preparing for work. I assume that your bathrooms are equipped like ours with nothing to kill a spider with other than toilet paper. We don’t have a fly swatter, shoes, sticks, etc. to face those mean little creepy crawly critters. The standoff with these little mean monsters began after I had entered the bathroom to get ready to shower. As I am getting ready to step into the shower, a mean looking spider about the size of a dime decides to walk across my foot. Once I realize what it is I panic and about fall over dead right there in the bathroom.

Sorry for the visual but I am in my birthday suit preparing to bath and in no way prepared to face down a spider attack. So I feel the little monster on my foot and kick as hard as I can, well that worked to get him off my foot, but didn’t work so well as my foot bounced off the toilet bowl (ouch). So now I am trying to be hold my tongue and not curse up a storm while trying to relocate the creepy little spider I just sent flying across the bathroom like a sling shot shooting a pebble. After I ask God to forgive me for saying some words I shouldn’t have to combat the toe pain from kicking the toilet and having the crap scared out of me by the surprise spider attack. I look around and finally locate the little spider crawling across the floor and man he is fast.

I grab an empty toilet paper roll (only weapon I could find) and sat it down on top of him thinking it would trap him. Well, you have probably already thought this through and yes creepy spider knows how to crawl and he comes right up the tube and onto my hand. I panic and sling him off my hand again, this time bouncing my hand against the door. Same scenario as before, I am trying to be a Christian spider killer and not say bad words while locating the little monster. I settle down and see him on the mirror crawling. So I grab the next available weapon a roll of toilet paper.

I roll a bunch off so I can grab that little spider and yes, once again he escapes my grip and lands on my hand where I sling him off again. This time I got lucky because he landed on the toilet seat. This gave me a chance to knock him in the water and flush, he is gone. I just hope he doesn’t find his way back through the pipes, my wife or daughters will have a fit if they see him in the toilet. So I am now just sitting on the toilet with the lid down trying to make sure my stints from a recent heart procedure don’t explode or get pushed out of where they are since my heart is racing ten thousand miles an hour.

Finally, I get settled down and as I attempt to get in the shower again, another one that looks just like that one comes scurrying out of the shower right at my feet. I jump up and that is hard for a big boy to do. I have about had enough of these darn things and thought about hollering for my wife to come kill it. But that wouldn’t be a very manly thing to do, since I am the appointed spider killer in our house. So I let her sleep and reached for the toilet paper again. Well this one is faster than the other and scurries over and under the cabinet. Again, I am stuck in the thought of “heck with this, I will just let them little monsters go free” as long as they stay away from me.

After careful thought, once again I am thinking the wife and daughters may not like that so I attempt to subdue little spider #2. I grab the deodorant spray and attempt to immobilize him with it and spray his little tail real good. It slowed him down so I once again go for the toilet paper roll and get a bunch wound off. As I again grab at him he decides to run and jump to avoid capture and the fate of his brother, sister, or whatever they were. So as he runs under the bathroom door, I grab my towel and throw it on him. This seemed like a good idea at the time and it worked. Yes, you have already thought it through that now I have got to find him on the towel.

I now have a dark brown towel with a brown spider somewhere on it. So I think about it and come up with a plan which was to put the towel over the toilet bowl and shake it until the little monster falls off. Well, my plan worked and he fell off because I was shaking the “you know what” out of that towel. I was done with these twin spiders and meant business. Hang with me, I am almost done telling the story. I shook the spider off, but unfortunately he didn’t fall in the toilet, instead he fell out and ran down the lower part of my leg.

So now my heart is about to explode and I am stressed, panicking and about to have a fit over this little bity spider. As he hit the ground running, I thought just quit and let that sucker live. Then I am once again thinking what if he crawls on my wife or me tomorrow? That wouldn’t be very good for me so I do what I don’t want to do and use my foot to squash him. Yes, my barefoot and it was gross and I just knew it was going to bite me and kill me or something. I got what remained of it wiped off my foot, cleaned up with some toilet paper and sent him down the hatch to meet his friend.

Moral of this story is that fear can overtake you and even the smallest things in life can cause you to doubt yourself and be afraid. I have told my family on more than one occasion “it is just a little spider” kill it when they hollered for my assistance. I ended up eating those words as I battled the spiders today in my birthday suit. After cleaning up and getting dressed I read in the bible about fear and came up with this thought. God tells us throughout the bible to fear not for he is with us. He is always there and will help us face the big and little challenges that we face. Trust in him, fear not and live life protected that he is walking with you. I hope you enjoyed the story and stay away from creepy crawly spiders is my best advice.

1- How do you face the little spider attacks in your life?

2- Do you always trust in God or do you just call on him when you face a spider attack?

Matthew 10:26 So have no fear of them, for nothing is covered that will not be revealed, or hidden that will not be known.

God Bless! KB