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  • Spirit Chronicles: Angel Number 111

    Spirit Chronicles: Angel Number 111

    Several times this week I have been given the number 111. This is how Angels communicate with me and others like me. Angels are letting me know that my transformation into the light worker is getting stronger and stronger. I had felt different this week picking up on spiritual beings and physical changes to myself. […]

  • Spirit Chronicles: Lady In a Blue Dress

    Spirit Chronicles: Lady In a Blue Dress

    I dreamed I was walking down a city street full of people going in and out of businesses. It was a very busy road and I was just walking and taking in the scenery and relaxing heading for something to eat. I looked to my left and I saw a lady standing on the opposite […]

  • Spirit Chronicles: The Great Reset

    Spirit Chronicles: The Great Reset

    There are two forces at play in our lives right now. One of those is good (light) and the other is evil (darkness). It is a battle that has been planned for generations by high powered leaders that are associated with the Satanic Church. One of those figures leading the way when sworn into a […]

  • Spirit Chronicles: Attacked By Giants

    Spirit Chronicles: Attacked By Giants

    At 3:11am last night I was asleep and dreaming about Heaven and suddenly two giant dark spirits walked into the room and attacked me. They were not in my own bedroom but one that I had never been in. I saw them walk into the room and a yound woman was with them. I instantly […]

  • Are You Ready for the Storm

    Are You Ready for the Storm

    We are facing a storm folks. One that is sweeping the world and soon to come to pass. A storm of Biblical proportions that I have seen in many visions and dreams. A storm that will cleanse the wicked and free the good. A storm that was predicted thousands of years ago in the Bible. […]

  • Spirit Chronicles: Man On the Throne

    Spirit Chronicles: Man On the Throne

    I was walking down the road being quiet in nature and suddenly the sky opened up above me and a troop of Heavenly Angels came down and gathered around me. I was overwhelmed with the Holy Spirit and fell to my knees in praise of God. I heard a thunderous choir begin to sing “Glory […]

  • Spirit Chronicles: Cross Roads of Life

    Spirit Chronicles: Cross Roads of Life

    I saw a group of young people all about teenage to young adult walking up a road in a line. As the road came closer to me I saw all kinds of people from different backgrounds, sizes, races and religions. As they got very close to me the road began to part going right and […]

  • Uncle Ronnie (Ron Jon)

    Uncle Ronnie (Ron Jon)

    Today I went to the funeral service of my Uncle Ronnie. He lived a long life and recently lost his battle with sickness and moved on to glory with God. As the service unfolded and people began to witness about him it made me think about the kind of man he was. I heard people […]

  • Faith- Facing Tragedy

    Faith- Facing Tragedy

    Today I am writing a brief post about one of the hardest times in my life.  I was coaching at a local high school and halfway through the season our head coach and my good friend passed away suddenly and unexpected.  This was a huge loss for his family, students, athletes and the community as […]

  • Spirit Chronicles: Beautiful Colors

    Spirit Chronicles: Beautiful Colors

    I dreamed I was floating in the sky and was surrounded by the most beautiful colors you could ever imagine. I was in the sky and it was a blue sky day with a few puffy clouds flying around me. I was just relaxing and flying is the best way I could describe it. I […]

  • Spirit Chronicles: The Golden Flood Gate

    Spirit Chronicles: The Golden Flood Gate

    I dreamed about a huge Golden gate that was holding back tons of beautiful water. The water was crystal clear and clean. It had no contamination and was pure of anything. It was the most beautiful water anyone could ever see. It was thousands of feet deep and came from deep into the earth. It […]

  • Oh God, We Seek You

    Oh God, We Seek You

    In our weakest moments we seek strength In strife we seek peace In trial we seek justice In failure we seek encouragement In doubt we seek hope In brokenness we seek healing In stress we seek patience In exhaustion we seek energy In anxiety we seek understanding In darkness we seek light In life we […]