Spirit Chronicles: The Virus Encampment


I had a vision of people standing in a maasive lines like they were trying to get into a concert. Individuals, couples and families just standing there waiting in these very slow moving lines. The weather was really hot and people were struggling especially the older ones. Younger folks were moving in front of them and breaking on line. People were hot, sweaty and tired and it was making them mean. They were turing on one another, arguing over line position and fighting. The lines were about a half mile long and there were five of them. They all began at a large fence made of stone and concrete about 15 feet high with razor wire along the top. Military dressed soldiers were stationed at each entry point where the lines began and others patrolled the area and lines trying to keep the peace.

Some people failed to comply to the military orders when they were fighting or arguing and were pulled from the line and beaten or taken to an other location in the back of a military jeep. Many of the people in line were coughing and weak. They looked very sick and fragile as if they were infected with something. If they couhged or looked really sick they were tagged with a red label “infected” and put into an even longer line separated from whom ever they were with. If they failed to comply they were stricken down and taken away. Announcements were being made in various languages to remain calm, stay in line and report to a soldier if they were sick or infected.

Some saw the soliders taking people away and tried to run but a full rigimen of soliders were behind the lines holding people back and capturing them. A group of medical people were walking up and down the lines checking on people with a scanner of some sorts. They did not talk and would just nod to a solider if they wanted someone taken away. The scene was massive with hundreds of thousands of people waiting outside in the heat to get help. On the other side of the massive wall was a series of military tents numbering in the hundreds.

The area of the emcampment was about fifty acres in size and all of those tents were open air with thousands of beds lined up side by side. Most of the beds were occupied with people and they were lying still either giving blood, getting blood or getting a shot of some kind. At the back of the medical tents was a ten foot electric fence designed to keep people in it. Inside of that fence were people that were very sick, fragile and really looked like walking dead. Thousands of people were inside the fence with no security or medical staff just wondering around aimlessly like they did not know they were even there. I don’t think they were dead but appeared to be so sick that they had no idea of what they were doing.

Some had fallen down and were just lying on the ground and the others just trampled them or walked by. At the back side of this fenced in area about the size of five football fields there were cattle chutes like a farmer would run cattle into to board a truck or go into a pasture. There wer medical people and soliders at this chute and as the people would wonder in they would close the gate and push them into tractor traliers loaded with lots of infected and sick people. This area was where they sick were being taken from the lines outside the complex. This emcampment was designed to make those that had not taken a vaccination take it and get rid of the infected to slow the spread of a super virus that was attaking the wolrd and killing millions.

Behind that massive encmapment was an airport that had been setup as a control center and it housed leaders from all over the world. It was self contained and had buildings built that were designed to keep the virus outside and away from the elites of each country. Inside of this complex were the leaders of the largest countries in the world, their families and staff. Military were stationed by the thousands all around it guarding entry. Planes and helicopters were flying about patrolling the area as well. I saw a room inside the control tower and in that room was the designated leader of China, N Korea, Afganistan, Russia, Iraq and Iran. These countries had taken over the world and were ruling as a hard core one world rule.

America, Britian, France, Germany and others were no longer valid countries and had been consumed by the ruling party of the world. I saw them laughing, pointing and joking as they watched the world fall apart under their control and the virus that had been unleashed to dismantle all free countires of the world. I then saw a picture of the source of their ability to rule and destroy the world. They had used the internet, socila media, news agencies and other media to tell a story of deception, lies and propoganda designed to get people riled up about racism, freedoms, and social justice. The whole thing was a rouse to get people to self destruct as America did when the election happened.

I woke up sweating with a fast heart rate and wrote down what I had seen. I had this dream or vision and described it as I seen it happen. I am not saying this is to happen, but generally my dreams come to light at some point so we will see. Watch out for what information you are allowing to put into your head. It may be your downfall as you get programmed to be controlled and given the shot that you think may save you. In reality it may be the shot that gives them control and kills you.

Spirit Chronicles: The Battle for Souls

There is a huge battle taking place right now. This battle has been taking place of thousands of years and has more recently escalated to an all out war. This battle is for the souls of mankind and the survival of the human race. Daily things are happening that were predicted in the Bible to be taking place near the end times and last days. I do not know when or will say it is now, but these things are coming to pass. I have had many dreams of apocalyptical measure and this latest vision and dream just added to the mystery we call good versus evil.

The world had fallen into despair, hope was fading and a new world government had taken over everything. The greatest sham, trickery and deception of all time had taken place. Government leaders from a few of the biggest countries in the world had worked together behind the scenes in a secret society driven by greed, power and lust to secure the devils hold on people all over the world. This group of lost souls doing the devils bidding had lied, cheated, deceived and used their influence to change the face of mankind and its fate.

They used large social media networks, news media and the internet to program the minds of the vulnerable with poison about human relations, racism, civil rights, and other social programs to change the outlook of the world and the way people saw one another. They used money and benefits from the governments to seduce people into not working hard, voting for the destruction of society and pushed liberal agendas that are against God’s word. All in the name of power and control of people.

Then a change began to happen with people that were God fearing and dedicated Christians saw through the deception and lies and fought back. Churches began to grow again with attendance and a new reform of sorts started all over the world like a grassroots organization. Anyone involved was attacked, beaten, arrested and publicly humiliated because it went against the needs and wants of the controlling world order. A leader that was weak was installed in America and he did the bidding of the powerful and with every decision slowly destroyed what America had built for so long.

This leader was deceived, fooled and lost but due to being older he just did not see what they were doing to him. Soon laws were put in place, jobs were gone, food became scarce and the world turned on itself. The social programs promised to everyone went away as the free money dried up and people turned to crime to support their families. Murder, rape, rioting, robbery, stealing and all other forms of crime were praised. The police were taken out of the picture and people fought for the criminals instead of those trying to fight for them and protect them.

The four largest countries in the world became police states where federal troops patrolled and ruled the streets. Drugs were rampant and allowed to be sold legally. Sex workers became a new legal trade and with that the destruction of the modern family continued to dwindle to nothing. Sin has become a norm for most people and the rare Christians that continued to profess against un-Godly actions were persecuted, prosecuted and made to be as fools. The whole time this new world order was plotting and planning for the devil. God and his Angels were preparing for the final fight.

This fight was for the souls of mankind. As promised in the Bible the destruction of society was official as people had turned to sin. self loathing, sexual sins. drugs, alcohol and violence as an everyday way of life. It was brother versus brother, family versus family fighting for the very soul of mankind. When it became public as to what really happened and how the government leaders had so easily decieved and re-programmed the people the war for souls began. Those that had so much supported the new world order began to fight back, began to realize what had happened.

The power hungry politicians had become super wealthy at the expense of all people. Three major plagues had wiped put tens of millions of people and were created in a lab by these world leaders. The times were near and the Christian Army of God rose up. A huge fight began between government troops and the citizens of these countries. Lives were lost daily and civil anarchy was ruling. Communities were ran by gangs and street level thugs with nom police presence due to the lies and deception given to the people about how police and rule of law was bad. Then the final chapter came and that is when the Angels of God and the Demons of Hell began to fight on behalf of mankind and their souls.

Shots and stamps were given to people to mark them. Most took the shots and marks while others did not and refused to be part of it. The minority knew in their hearts what was happening and held steadfast to their beliefs. The Demons began to kill, hurt, destroy anyone getting in the way of their total world domination activity. We now had a one world government where the political leaders of American, Russia, England, France and other huge countries were mere puppets to a master planner. He had total power over them due to dealings they had been involved in. He could make them do whatever he wanted because he had them with evidence that would ruin them.

Just as this one world ruler (the anti-Christ) had given power so did he take it away. Several of those leaders began to die, go away or be removed from all power. Then the Angels Army took a stand and came down from the Heavens and fought a war that lasted for over one hundred years. Millions of people, Angels and Demons died in this bloody contest. Countless souls were taken to hell and lost forever. It began to look very bleak when the Heavens opened up and super race of Angels more powerful and gifted than any demon could desire to be took to the world slowly wiping out the bad, the ugliness and proclaiming victory one major country at a time.

These Angels stood nine feet tall with wing spans of fifty feet. They were invincible and the finest war machines anyone could imagine. They were powerful in mind, body and soul and could not be shaken or feared anything. They were 100% committed to the salvation of mankind and could not be deceived. Even when shown in bad light, misreported and fake news was shown they stood tall and steadfast in their fight. People began to support them, join them and ask for their guidance and help. All they would say was :”look to the Heavens and give it all to God” They were the demons worst nightmare and sent down to take out evil and wipe it from the face of the earth for good.

This clean sweep of evil, the powerful, the lost and the deceived took another one hundred years to accomplish. This was in preparation for the coming of the king. A king made from Gods seed, one that was promised in the Bible. The Angels had rid the world of evil, hate, deception, lies and greed. There was no need for political leaders or police. There was no need for jobs, money or families as the world was now Heaven on earth. Those that failed to receive the gift of grace were swept away, banished and sent to stay with the devil forever. They had allowed sin to rule them and lost the battle for their souls as promised in the Bible. Gods people were pleasant, loving, caring, kind and saved.

Safe from all hurt, pain, suffering, humiliations and deception. They were given their eternal reward as promised in the Bible. The world was Heaven on Earth ruled by Christ himself. He was celebrated, loved and gave such in return for serving him. Through all the fighting, deception, anger, resentment, power grab and greed God had a plan. A plan for heaven on earth and peace everlasting for those the chose the gift of life and life eternal. This is as how I saw it in my dream. A huge battle of epic proportions for the souls of man. Turn now to the good. Put your eyes on God. Seek his forgiveness and look away from the ways of man.

Step back and see the deception being fed to you by social media, news outlets and super politicians. Only through the destruction of society can they every remain or gain power. Prepare for the war of souls coming soon to a city or town near you.

2nd Timothy 3: 1-5; But understand this, that in the last days there will come times of difficulty. For people will be lovers of self, lovers of money, proud, arrogant, abusive, disobedient to their parents, ungrateful, unholy, heartless, unappeasable, slanderous, without self-control, brutal, not loving good, treacherous, reckless, swollen with conceit, lovers of pleasure rather than lovers of God, having the appearance of godliness, but denying its power. Avoid such people.

Matthew 24:7; For nation will rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom, and there will be famines and earthquakes in various places.

Acts 17: 30-31; The times of ignorance God overlooked, but now he commands all people everywhere to repent, because he has fixed a day on which he will judge the world in righteousness by a man whom he has appointed; and of this he has given assurance to all by raising him from the dead.”

Outdoors: 20 Emergency Preparation Kit Items for Survival In a Disaster

Today we are talking about items that you need to have stocked in an emergency preparation and travel kit in case of a natural disaster, loss of power or who knows what with the current state of things.  After doing research on this I realized I had most of these items around the house or in the vehicles.  These are pretty basic items that you can buy at any store, even maybe a dollar tree store for lots of them. 

Being prepared for emergencies, natural disasters and other events we do not know are coming is something you need to do to make sure you and those with you are ok.  Going out the day before a predicted wind storm, hurricane or other event creates stress and the items you may need will be gone or very high priced.   
Take a look at this list and add/subtract what you want from it and prepare now.

Tuck these things away in a bag, box or the garage and have them ready to go.  Some of these things need to be in your car at all times as a precaution just incase you break down or have an accident.  Sometimes we have to think about the what ifs of life.  What if we have a wreck and the car goes down in the woods and cannot be seen by people passing by.  What if a storm hits quickly and kills the power for a few days or a week.  Think about being prepared, where are you in this process and what do you need to do to get stocked up.  As stated above, I can go to a dollar tree and buy lots of this stuff cheap and have it on hand for emergency purposes.

1. Bottled Water- You need a gallon of water per day per person.  You should have a minimum of a few cases of water tucked away in the cabinet or garage.  Water is an essential to survival and if power goes out you will need it for drinking, washing, cleaning and surviving.

2. Flashlights- Go to the store and get a few flashlights and put one in every vehicle with extra batteries.  A flashlight is a must when power goes out or if you are camping, lost or stuck on the highway somewhere.

3. Charged Portable Cell Phone Charger- Go to the store or order one online.  Fully charge it and put it in your vehicles, bedroom and emergency kit.  

4. Battery powered or hand crank radio.  You can get these online or at an outdoor store.  You lose power, get lost or have an unexpected event you grab it and turn the handle about 100 times and it gives you a way to listen to communication about things that are going on.

5. Non-Perishable Foods- Get a two week supply of canned foods for the house.  Soups, veggies and other items that you can open with a can opener (make sure you have a manual can opener in the kit also) and stock up.  It will not hurt to keep a few cans of these items in the trunk of the car as a backup plan in case of a wreck or accident and you cannot get help.  Do not leave them in the trunk over the hot months.

6. Flares or a Whistle- You need a flair or a whistle in your kit.  These things can be used to draw attention, ward off criminals and help you be found if you are lost, have wrecked or are in danger.  Flares and whistles can be bought at any outdoor store and most retail box stores.

7. Knife, Ax, Cutting tools-  Having an old cheap pocket knife or ax in your emergency kit is a must.  It offers you a variety of options such as protection, cutting tools for wood and being able to possibly bust a window out to save your life or others.  You can get a good knife pretty cheap or better yet a multi tool that has a cutting blade, screw driver, can opener and other functions.

8. Tools-  I have lots of tools as many people di, but I was able to go to the dollar tree and build a tool kit for about $10.00.  It has an adjustable wrench, different kinds of screw drivers, a multi tool, a knife, a small hammer, small box of nails, small box of screws, Pando straps, cheap duct tape, pliers, needle nose pliers and several other small tools.  

9. Moist Towels/Baby Wipes/TP- You can buy these at the dollar store and place them in your kit and every car.  Baby wipes, moist wipes or a few small rolls of TP can save the day if you know what I mean.  When traveling you need to make sure you have these and in case of emergency.

10: Paper Towels and Toilet Paper- Get a good deal on toilet paper and paper towels and put them in storage.  Remember back when everyone was fighting for TP and paper towels.  Prepare now and stock up now.  

11. Candles- You can get candles at any major store and even some tealights at the dollar store.  Tealights need to be in your emergency kit.  They offer light and heat if needed.

12. Pet Food/Supplies- If you have dogs and cats you need to have some food for them.  Even if it is cheap bag of food from the dollar store as a backup for emergency, power loss and other events.  Our fur babies need to eat also.

13. Medicines- Are you on medication and if so make sure you have enough extra tucked away in the kit for emergencies.  You may not be able to travel due to power lines down or fires.  Know which meds you must have on hand and stock up a months supply.  Put a week minimum in your emergency kit.

14. Important Documents- Get a fire proof safe or a small safe and put your most important documents in it.  If you for some reason have to leave quickly due a fire, emergency or whatever the reason you can grab the fire box and take it with you.  

15. Clothes- Socks, underwear and other needed items.  It pays to always have a change of older clothes in a book bag or bag in the trunk.  Put a few needed items in your emergency kit so you can grab and go.  Winter items during the winter and summer items during the summer.

16. Weapons- Not everyone will agree with this one, but I will never travel without a weapon to protect my family.  In the case of an emergency, traveling, camping, and other times you are away from your family carry some form of protection.  Better safe than sorrow.  Whatever you carry, learn how to handle it and make sure it is a last resort.  This can be a knife, big stick, stun gun, pepper spray or other weapons.

17. Fire starters or matches- You can get these at dollar tree and put them in your emergency kit and each vehicle. Do not leave matches in the car in hot weather.  It is best to have a fire starter found at any outdoor store or large retailer.  You can also get one of those clicking fire starters at the dollar store.  They last a pretty long time and can save your life in the wild, camping or if you have a car wreck and need heat.

18. Maps- This is a thing of the past, but if you are hiking, camping you may have to go old school and whip out a map to find where you are.  Cell phones do not always work and if your service is out or bad a map can serve as a guide for finding direction or a town close.  A compass is even better, it can help you find direction and if you know the road is north, follow the compass.

19. Eye glasses/contacts- Do you have to use these to see where you are going or what you are doing.  Put an old set of glasses in the emergency kit and the vehicles for caution.  Eye glasses can also be used to start a fire if needed on a sunny day. You can cut things with them and do other life saving activities.

20.  Cash and Coins- Store some spare cash in your home for emergencies and have maybe $50.00 in your emergency kit including some coins.  A debit or credit card may nor work for you depending on the situation so cash is then king.  

Other items you may need: Baby food, diapers, formula, feminine products, deodorants, hand sanitizer, extra batteries, roll of plastic wrap (you can always make a shelter with duct tape and plastic rolls).Fire extinguishers, cleaning items, car jacks, flares, first aid supplies, dust mask (covid mask), gloves, rubber gloves, water containers, sleeping bag, extra bullets, quick start fire logs and rope.  

Main thing is to be prepared for the worst case scenario and if you do not use something then that is a good thing.  You must have food, water, shelter, clothing and warmth to survive regardless.  So make sure you have those items on hand and ready.  I am not saying become a prepper for the end of the world, but if you get caught off guard and do not have the basics to live then life will be hard and survival will be tough. Best Wishes and good luck preparing for the “what ifs” of life.