Are You Sick and Tired of Being Sick and Tired

Yesterday on the way home I was thinking about the past 15 months and all this Corona 19 mess and the health issues that not only myself but hundreds of thousands of people have faced this last year. We had no idea the Corona Virus would take such a toll on us physically, mentally andContinue reading “Are You Sick and Tired of Being Sick and Tired”

Health: Eight Ways To Avoid Getting Sick Post Covid

Like millions of people I had the Covid-19 virus and was in the hospital in pretty bad shape. It took a toll on my overall health and made me really consider how I would go forward protecting myself from viruses like Covid, the Flu bug and other communicable diseases. I have always been a dailyContinue reading “Health: Eight Ways To Avoid Getting Sick Post Covid”

Health: What’s Your Why

My wife and I began to take our health much more serious in late 2020 after two close calls I had with my overall health. We sat down and talked about our future goals in life. What we wanted to accomplish together as individually. We talked about where we were and how we were goingContinue reading “Health: What’s Your Why”

Health: Life Hacks to Better Eating

My wife and I have been working really hard on our eating habits and the way we view food now. For most of our marriage of 28 years we have eat to enjoy food and were not really eating to live. These bad habits we built have now caught up with us and we areContinue reading “Health: Life Hacks to Better Eating”

Outdoors: 20 Emergency Preparation Kit Items for Survival In a Disaster

Today we are talking about items that you need to have stocked in an emergency preparation and travel kit in case of a natural disaster, loss of power or who knows what with the current state of things.  After doing research on this I realized I had most of these items around the house orContinue reading “Outdoors: 20 Emergency Preparation Kit Items for Survival In a Disaster”

Americana: Sundays At Grandma Smiths

Wrote about memories on Sunday afternoon at my Grandma Smiths house.