Crystals, Physical, Emotional and Physical Well Being

Today I am writing about a topic I am beginning to learn much more about as I have begun to use them more and more for protection and well being as I walk the spiritual journey of being a medium. I personally do not buy alot of them but do have some that felt really good to me so I bought them and have them around me at all times especially when I am dealing with spirit, conducting a reading or being hit by spirit.

I have put together a list of the most popular crystals and what they do for people that use them and nuture them as part of their daily lives and process. Crystals are believed to be powerful enough to help you with wealth, health and other aspects of your life as well. Below are my favorites and what they do for me. You may beleive or not and that is fine, but I have seen how they help me physically, emotionally and spirirutally.

Clear Quartz- This is a crystal that promotes well being and energy levels. It enhances your thought process and abilities to see, hear and feel spiritual matters and energy.

Obsidian- This stone is incredibly protective and for me is best in black obsidian. This stone is balancing and shields you against physical and emotional attacks. It will help you find a true sense of security.

Rose Quartz- This pink stone is all about love. This stone encourages love, trust, faith and honor within the soul.

Tigers Eye- This is my favortie color stone. Not only beautiful but powerful in helping you with anxiety, fear and self doubt.

Bloodstone- This awesome red like stone helps circulation of the blood stream and energy levels. It helps me to draw positive energy into my body and get rid of negative energy. This is an improtant stone for me as a medium (light worker).

Sapphire- This stone is related to roylaty and wisdom. It is my moms and wifes favorite blue stone and is excellent for grounding and energy levels.

Crystals are healing and help us rid ourselves of negativity, increase spritual awareness and enhance our inner soul. Go to a crystsl shop and look around. Pick them up and hold them and you will know which one is right for you. Let yourself feel the vibes of the earth and its energy to help you live you best spiritual, emotional and physical life.


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