10 Ways to Win in Life

Today I am writing about the ways we can work on our physical, mental and spiritual self to win at life. Winning in life is not about playing a game all the time or the result of a score board. As a coach I have had my fair share of both sides of the score board. I have had many wins and losses in life as a human being doing the best I can daily to get things done. Winning in life take a plan and commitment to being our best self. Below are 10 ways we can do and work on to begin to win at life.

  1. Stop worrying about what others think of you. Love yourself for who you are. You are not what you see in a mirror. You are much more and overvaluing what others think of how you look, walk, talk, think and act are wasted moments in time and energy.
  2. Do what you love. Find what makes you click and feel good and put time, energy and love into it. You have to do you before you help others.
  3. Cultivate self discipline in your life. You must have discipline to overcome physical, spiritual and mental fatigue. Set a plan, have goals and work hard on them daily. Routine is good when building discipline.
  4. Set reasonable short and long term goals. Set goals you can achieve in small increments or steps that build to a greater goal in mind. Monitor them, write them down and check on progress weekly.
  5. Learn to be adaptive to change. You must be willing to get out of your comfort zone and adapt to life. Life throws rocks and stones at us everyday and we must be able to adapt to the physical, mental and spiritual changes we seek.
  6. Step outside of your comfort zone and stretch yourself. Be willing to change, move on, adapt, overcome and do what you have to do to be successful with integrity and honesty. You cannot move forward until you close the doors of the past holding you back.
  7. Be a life long learner. You have to learn daily whether it be reading, doing research, on the job or just observing. I like to read articles, watch videos and other ways to gain knowledge. The more you know the better you can adapt to life and overcome challenges. Knowledge truly is power and you do not have to be a college student to learn daily.
  8. Be an optimist. Try to see the good in your daily life, interactions and living. Find positives in yourself and others. Do not be a “whiny butt” “poor pitiful me” person or you will struggle and never gain control of your physical, mental and spiritual health.
  9. Reduce stress that is holding you back. Get out of negative relationships. Change to a better job opportunity. Stay away from toxic people, friends and family. Make sure you are not being the source of your own stress or others. Stress is hard to live with but is part of daily life as an adult working, taking care of family and life.
  10. Live a very practical life. You do not have to indulge in every want you have or go beyond your means. Live your best life while also being frugal with your money, savings and pay. Find hobbies that are less expensive and eliminate urge purchases like movies, eating out and unneeded travel.

Take these things and other ideas you have to live your best physical, mental and spiritual life. Making small, minor adjustments to your thought process and way of living can be the formula for a successful plan to win at life. Win, Overcome, Conquer, Achieve, Succeed, Beat, Stomp, and go win at life!


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