Everyday Is A Gift From God

We all are given 86,400 seconds, 1440 minutes or a total of 24 hours per day. Every second, minute and hour is a true blessing we receive from God. We are given this time here on Earth as an opportunity to spend it how we choose to. God made us in his image and hasContinue reading “Everyday Is A Gift From God”

Chasing Championships- Never Let It Override Your Family Time

Coaching for a long time has shown me many things.  I have made one of the biggest mistakes many coaches make and that is losing focus of the family, spouse, kids and the most important people in your life as you pursue excellence and chasing championship rings.  I coached football for almost thirty years andContinue reading “Chasing Championships- Never Let It Override Your Family Time”

Life Skills We Need Learn Growing Up

Playing some form of organized sports is like a right of passage for many of us.  I grew up in a large family where every boy played football.  All of my brothers, and boy cousins played football at some point in their life.  Most of my girl cousins played basketball and softball in school, butContinue reading “Life Skills We Need Learn Growing Up”

Positive Attitude, Work Ethic and Winning at Life

Someone shared this with me today and I decided to write about the motivation it gave me instead of my other topic.  The quote above talks about mindset, attitude and putting in the time and effort to win.  Roger Clemens was a dominating pitcher in major league baseball from the 1980’s into the early 2000’s. Continue reading “Positive Attitude, Work Ethic and Winning at Life”

Professional Growth and Career Direction

Creating awareness of your current professional career growth and direction begins with knowing your own routines, habits and results.  We go to work and before you know it the day has come and gone with the results we may not have desired or planned for once the morning started.  There is only a set amountContinue reading “Professional Growth and Career Direction”

Go Camping- Five Reasons to Pitch a Tent This Spring, Summer or Fall

I love to go camping in the North Carolina mountains with my family.  My old roommate from college and I used to go every summer in June for a weekend of camping, trout fishing, grilling good food and chilling out with a few cold ones in hand.  Camping is not for everyone and there areContinue reading “Go Camping- Five Reasons to Pitch a Tent This Spring, Summer or Fall”

Standing Strong and Upholding Your Values in Troubling Times

Today I am discussing the importance of standing strong to you values, morals and belief system during times of trouble, struggle and strife.  Unfortunately, we are living in a time of moral, political, faith based and other belief systems that have led to a division among friends, family and co-workers.  I have friends that haveContinue reading “Standing Strong and Upholding Your Values in Troubling Times”

Leading, Guiding, Mentoring, Teaching and Coaching People

I hope we all at some point had a parent, mentor, teacher, leader, boss, or coach that just stayed on us hard and held us to a high standard all the time.  A leader that mentored us and kept us on a path moving forward and growing as a person.  The great coach Tom LandryContinue reading “Leading, Guiding, Mentoring, Teaching and Coaching People”

Ten Things We Do Not Do Anymore Because of Technology

Today we are looking at a list of things that people used to do on a daily basis before technology changed everything and made them go away.  These are actually things people should continue to do and some may do these anyways.  I love technology but I also continue to do some of these thingsContinue reading “Ten Things We Do Not Do Anymore Because of Technology”