Uncle Ronnie (Ron Jon)

Today I went to the funeral service of my Uncle Ronnie. He lived a long life and recently lost his battle with sickness and moved on to glory with God. As the service unfolded and people began to witness about him it made me think about the kind of man he was. I heard people say that he was a father, husband, brother, mentor, guide and other endearing terms. My uncle Ron Jon was a high school referee and umpire for over 50 years. Yes that is right, for over 50 years he served his community as a referee, coach and guide for youth and adults. He did this with passion and commitment. He did this with a desire to be the best he could and always strived to do his best.

He made statments to his peers before games like “do the best you can for these kids”. “Make the best calls and work hard”. “Remember this game is important to these kids and community”. You see, my uncle Ronnie had a kind and giving heart. He loved his family, his church, his community and did all he could to make them better. He worked for over 50 years at the same job showing what many people lack today and that is commitment to a job and cause. He got up everyday and put in the work to make sure his family was protected, taken care of, fed and clothed. He did his job with passion and was a leader at work. He didn’t call in sick, take easy days off or slack off. He was an excellent family man. One that raised his kids with integrity, passion and taught them how to be wonderful people when they became adults.

He loved sports, Disney world, his family and collecting nick knacks. I have two smurf key chains that he gave me years ago when I was little that I wouldn’t take anything for. He loved to go to rummage sales and find a good bargain. He loved to sell his knick knacks at flea markets on occasion. His biggest passion the last many years of his life was one the he shared with my mom whom passed in 2017. The church we all attended began a food pantry ten years ago or so and Uncle Ron Jon loved to make sure that pantry was always stocked and that the people of the community were fed. In his weakest moments he would make sure the cabinets were stocked and the pantry was open for people to come and get fed.

You see, that is the kind of man my Uncle Ronnie was. A mans man that loved God, Family and Friends. He was a great father, husband, brother, friend, mentor and Christian man. When he took his last breath on this Earth thing ended for him physically. But I have no doubt that in an instant he took a new breath of Gods life and wisdom. He made it to his Glory and resting place. He saw his older brother, older sisters, parents and grand parents. For he was raised by great people. He was raised to care for others, work hard and live his best life. Uncle Ronnie, I love you, miss you and Thank You for being one of my greatest influences and uncle.

Love You Ron Jon!


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