Everyday Is A Gift From God

We all are given 86,400 seconds, 1440 minutes or a total of 24 hours per day. Every second, minute and hour is a true blessing we receive from God. We are given this time here on Earth as an opportunity to spend it how we choose to. God made us in his image and hasContinue reading “Everyday Is A Gift From God”

What’s In Your Bookbag- Emotional Baggage

Today I am writing about your bookbag, your purse, your wallet, your gym bag of whatever it is you carry around with you day to day.  This bag is filled with all the stuff you need for the day to function like a phone charger, some snacks, bottle of water, clothes, laptop and all theContinue reading “What’s In Your Bookbag- Emotional Baggage”

86,400 Seconds A Day To Make A Difference

Today is my birthday and we have lots of activity planned so I will make todays coaching and leadership post short and to the point.  I am continuing to write about leading, coaching and teaching people.  The great basketball coach Jimmy Valvano was dynamic and took a group of average guys to the top ofContinue reading “86,400 Seconds A Day To Make A Difference”

Winning In Life Mindset

Winning in Life requires a mindset of dedication, determination and discipline. Today we discuss overcoming challenges and winning at life.

Traveling The Windy Roads With God

In our life we have traveled down many winding roads not knowing exactly what lies ahead.  Most of these roads were paved, smooth and relatively straight.  Then there are the dirt roads, rocky roads, hilly roads, curvy roads and others that are exciting to travel on, but also make  you nervous as to just whereContinue reading “Traveling The Windy Roads With God”

Christ Like Love

Christ Like Love The Bible tells us that God is love, he is the perfect source of love and care that we need.  Jesus came to the earth to show us the ultimate love by giving his life for others.  God’s love is different and as humans it is hard to understand that level ofContinue reading “Christ Like Love”