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  • LIberalism- Destructive Ideology in America

    LIberalism- Destructive Ideology in America

    Just this past week the president of the United States stood before the country and gave a speech accusing 70-80 million Americans of being fascist, Racist, Anti-American Maga people. This speech was very devisive and hit at the heart of millions of Americans regardless of their political affiliations or political thought. You see, being a […]

  • Spirit Chronicles: Angel Number 111

    Spirit Chronicles: Angel Number 111

    Several times this week I have been given the number 111. This is how Angels communicate with me and others like me. Angels are letting me know that my transformation into the light worker is getting stronger and stronger. I had felt different this week picking up on spiritual beings and physical changes to myself. […]

  • End Times Visions, Dreams and Nightmares

    End Times Visions, Dreams and Nightmares

    God will move in ways mankind cannot understand. He will show his full might and hold over all things living in 2023. Nature will rear its ugly head in 2023 with some devastating weather patterns, record floods and the earth moving and shaking. Famine will hit many parts of the world wear it has never […]

  • Mark 3:25 spread the word to save the world

    Mark 3:25 spread the word to save the world

     I had a dream last night and it was shocking and woke me up. I dreamed I saw an old friend named Mark and then looked at my watch and it was 3:25. I had been praying for my community, North Carolina and America to turn away from evil influences and seek God. I write […]

  • Satan Ruling The Airwaves: Americas Dependence on Social Media and Major Networks

    Satan Ruling The Airwaves: Americas Dependence on Social Media and Major Networks

    I have been thinking about lots of things and how the world has changed so much so fast. I see social media and major news outlets leading the way to this destructive destination that we are heading down as a human civilization. The politicians, special interest groups, world leaders and others have captured social media […]

  • God’s Expectations and Being Non-Conforming to Indoctrination of Evil

    God’s Expectations and Being Non-Conforming to Indoctrination of Evil

    While watching television today and browsing social media sites I saw so many messages that are non-conforming to God’s word.  I wrote down a list of these things and will not address all of them on here today.  However, it is clear after going back and reading 2nd Timothy that we are now in times […]

  • Angel Number 2052

    Angel Number 2052

    Angel Number 2052 tells of important life changes that may come about sooner than expected and in unexpected and miraculous ways. You may already be feeling a shift of some kind on its way and you are being encouraged to be open-minded and optimistic about the upcoming opportunities presenting to you. Trust that they will […]

  • Spirit Chronicles: WW3

    Spirit Chronicles: WW3

    I have been having lots of dreams and visions about a world war lately. These started long before the Russia-Ukraine developments and invasion. I dreamed that two coalitions formed to fight one another with catastrophic results. It all started with a small scale international event that leads to a desparate act by one of the […]

  • Spirit Chronicles: Dead Man Road

    Spirit Chronicles: Dead Man Road

    I was walking down a mountain road and suddenly everywhere I looked it seemed that I was in an episode of a Zombie movie. All of the road was covered with dead men and they were everywhere. At first I was scared so I ran into the woods to find cover. They saw me but […]

  • Spirit Chronicles: The Great Reset

    Spirit Chronicles: The Great Reset

    There are two forces at play in our lives right now. One of those is good (light) and the other is evil (darkness). It is a battle that has been planned for generations by high powered leaders that are associated with the Satanic Church. One of those figures leading the way when sworn into a […]

  • Spirit Chronicles: The Awakening

    Spirit Chronicles: The Awakening

    I saw millions of people standing in line in front of the great golden gates. These people were waiting for the Awakening. The awakening is a spiritual enhancement for those that are of the light. These people have been granted special powers such as strength, speed, mind and body. They are going to become a […]

  • Conspiracy: The Truth Will Be Revealed

    Conspiracy: The Truth Will Be Revealed

    Soon everyone will see what is really taking place in the world and specifically America. The people that appear to be in control are not who they seem to be and the truth will be revealed soon. The truth that what has taken place and the potential takeover of the American way with these crazy […]