Spirit Chronicles: New World Order Work Camps

I had a vision about work camps that were being established all across America, Canada and Mexico. These camps were ran by jack booted military soldiers from the New World Order. The camps were located centrally across all three countries and were being populated with captured Christians and Non-Conformist that refused to obey the New World Order, World Health Organization and the Coalition of Countries consisting of China, N Korea, Ukraine, Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran and a few African countires. These were all involved in the downfall of America, Canada, UK and France.

The safest places to be away and not get captured were the mountains of the West and the Southern states. Each of these camps were at former buildings that were once shopping centers or large retail stores. As people were caught or captured they were taken to a facility close to where they lived. Families were separated and taken to different facilities with the threat of never seeing your loved ones again. The captives were divided by health, age and ability to do assigned work. The elderly were sent off to a separate camp like the Germans did many years ago.

The working class people that were still strong and had good backs were sent to do physical labor such as build railway systems, buildings, and other assembly. Kids were sent to camps where they were schooled in the NWO theory, practices and thought process. Women were used for cooking, cleaning, making babies and treated terribly. People with specific skill sets such as leaders, doctors, financial, banking, engineers and others were put in charge of the sheep. Yes, I said the sheep. Everyone was called a “Sheep” by the jack booted thugs and the soldiers that ran the camps.

Anyone that tried to run, get away or flat out refused to cooperate were either killed, tortured or sent to a harsh prison where they were either broken into submission or died in prison. There was a group of people in every country across the world that fought the NWO. But they were way to strong and had used a long term plan to destory the ways people could fight back and survive. The NWO had eliminated the financial money system and went to a digital currency that only could be used with special access and privilages.

The NWO had torn countries apart using the large media and social media to warp peoples mind set. The NWO used immigration (illegal immigration) to put tens of thousands of soldiers and jack boots into America, Canada, France and the UK. They used the underground criminal entreprises to help take over neighborhoods, cities and states. Then they turned their back on those gangs and soldiers and either destroyed them with weapons of mass destruction or intensive force of thousands of soldiers. They dropped the jack boots into strategic cities big and small using air planes and the rail system.

One by one they took over regions where they could control all access, travel and ports. All airports were taken over and were only used for NWO purposes. Food became scarce as did clean water and shelter. Those that lived in the deepest woods and up in the mountains were the few that were left alone to fend for themselves. They knew a small population of people could not over throw the NWO with all iits power and over a billion soldiers world wide. I woke up and was sick on my stomach at the thought of this happening all over world.


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