Spirit Chronicles: The Awakening

I saw millions of people standing in line in front of the great golden gates. These people were waiting for the Awakening. The awakening is a spiritual enhancement for those that are of the light. These people have been granted special powers such as strength, speed, mind and body. They are going to become a meta-physical being of sorts. They will be cleansed physically, spiritually and mentally in preparation to fight for the light in the coming war.

A war between good and evil that is fought daily but will require these special people that have been awakened. They are here to fight to others that are decieving the world into non-biblical behaviors, actions and activities. The evil will appear to be taking place all over the world and people will fall for their plans. Plans that include control of all money, power, greed and governments. A one world order of sorts lead by folks that are of Satan hiding as Christians in the church.

The enlightened will fight for the glory of God and beat the deceptives in a great battle that no man has witnessed before. People have long dreamed of seeing someone use mind control, bend or move things with thought and do super physical things no one else can do. People will begin to witness these actions and blame it on Alien technology, the Devil, a super species and other lies to make their followers stay clear of the truth. The truth being that the enlightened with these gifts have been chosen to defend the sanctity of the Church, Human kind and life itself.

The truth will be revealed with miracles and actions. Common ordinary people will stand tall and do wonderful things without knowing how or why they did it. Their will be times of distress, fighting, fear, anger, resentment and govermental policy designed to make these people suffer. But in the end the enlightened will win and prove the reign of good always wins out over evil and its influence on the world.

Watch for small signs of awakening so you can be part of the enlightment of truth, the light, and the spirit of God.


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