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  • Dream Scapes and Super Heros

    Dream Scapes and Super Heros

    Lately my dreams have become more real than ever before. I know that I am in the dream and struggle to come out of it. It is like I am living in a scyfy movie and the graphics and scenery are amazing. I literally feel the emotional, physical and spiritual events that take place. Lastnight […]

  • Spirit Chronicles: Shot Three Times

    Spirit Chronicles: Shot Three Times

    Last night I dreamed that I was in a classroom and I was surrounded by students of all ages. As I was starting class a guy walked in and told everyone to sit down and shut up. I recognized that the guy was holding a small caliber pistol and he was very nervous. I told […]

  • Spirit Chronicles: Stars Falling From Heaven

    Spirit Chronicles: Stars Falling From Heaven

    Last night I went to bed and prayed for God and my guides to reveal to me anything I was able to handle and see from my divine guides. I fell asleep and began to dream multiple dreams about all kinds of things. The one that stood out and got my attention was a dream […]

  • Spirit Chronicles: WW3

    Spirit Chronicles: WW3

    I have been having lots of dreams and visions about a world war lately. These started long before the Russia-Ukraine developments and invasion. I dreamed that two coalitions formed to fight one another with catastrophic results. It all started with a small scale international event that leads to a desparate act by one of the […]

  • Spirit Chronicles: New World Order

    Spirit Chronicles: New World Order

    I dreamed about a new world order and the plot and plan to take over all countries by four of the Largest military countries in the world. They began the process of dismantling the largest and strongest countries in the world using social media, large print media and news stations. They fed lies and deciet […]

  • Spirit Chronicles: The Virus

    Spirit Chronicles: The Virus

    I dreamed about a virus that infected millions of people all over the world. It was a man made virus that was created by people in power to control the population of the world. Those in power had come to realize that they were slowly losing contol of people and needed a way to gain […]

  • Spirit Chronicles: Light Warriors vs Legion of Vampires

    Spirit Chronicles: Light Warriors vs Legion of Vampires

    I dreamed I was a small soldier about the size of a GI Joe. I was in a war with vampires and killed many hundreds of them along side my peers. One by one the vampires and soldiers were slaughtered on the battle field. These vampires were also very small but powerful and hungry. As […]

  • Spirit Chronicles: Defending My Friend

    Spirit Chronicles: Defending My Friend

    Last night I prayed for a dear friend of mine prior to going to sleep. He has been struggling lately with some things and I am very concerned about him. I prayed that anything that may be getting in his way, attacking him or bothering him while he is weaker for away or show itself. […]

  • Spirit Chronicles: The Virus Encampment

    Spirit Chronicles: The Virus Encampment

    I had a vision of people standing in a maasive lines like they were trying to get into a concert. Individuals, couples and families just standing there waiting in these very slow moving lines. The weather was really hot and people were struggling especially the older ones. Younger folks were moving in front of them […]

  • Spirit Chronicles: The Civil War Ghosts

    Spirit Chronicles: The Civil War Ghosts

    Where I live is an old area where several Civil War camps and battles were once fought. There have been rumors and stories for many generations about people seeing Civil War era soldiers at grave yards, in the woods and on some old farms that were around back in the late 1800’s. I have seen […]

  • Spirit Chronicles: Attacked in my Sleep- People of the Woods

    Spirit Chronicles: Attacked in my Sleep- People of the Woods

    The other day I was kind of tired from work and had recently gone through a heart procedure and just wanted to go lay down and rest.  I cut the lights off, turned on some relaxing music, actually Frank Sinatra and slowly dozed off after my foot quit twitching to his songs and the big […]