Spirit Chronicles: Stars Falling From Heaven

Last night I went to bed and prayed for God and my guides to reveal to me anything I was able to handle and see from my divine guides. I fell asleep and began to dream multiple dreams about all kinds of things. The one that stood out and got my attention was a dream about three stars falling from Heaven. I looked up and I saw a wondrful night sky that was very clear and the stars were shining very bright. I saw a cluster of stars above me and there were three of them falling fast towards me. As they approached they first appeared to be burning stars but then they slowed down and began to take shape.

I suddenly realized these were not stars but were Angels lined up in a triangle pattern with the largest of the three leading the way. As they broke into the atmosphere and got into eye sight they slowed down and came to a stop spreading their massive wings to make a complete stop. At that point I saw a massive blue grey looking ship coming out of the clouds near them. The ship was moving like a whale does in the ocean and was unlike anything I had ever witnessed. It was almost fluid in movement and was kind of stealthy in look almost clear. The clouds concealed it and it was was hard to spot.

Then the ship turned and began to nose dive towards my location and there were thousands of people around me and they all began to scream and run in fear. The three Angels then flew towards the ship and a battle began with the ship firing colorful lazers at the Angels and the Angels firing lightning, fire and water. One Angel used its eyes to fire lightning at the ship hitting it numerous times. Another Angel fired water from its mouth hitting the ship many times. The third Angel shot fire from its hands and hit the ship. The ship contiued to fire and the Angels used their massive wings to deflect the colorful beams of light coming from the ship.

The three Angels took many hits and were battered with one falling to the ground. I ran to help him and he looked at me and told me to stand back, stand firm and not to be afraid. He said he was there to protect the faithful and the ship was coming after those that stood for right and beleived in the word of God. He said the ship was there to scare the faithful away and he and his friends were here to protect us. He said the fallen (the non-believers) would be the ones that run and fear. I looked around and he was right as the non-believers were running in fear, hiding behind cars and cowering down.

The Angel stood back up and flew into the air and the others joined him. They made a final assault on the ghost ship and destroyed it with the combination fire, water and lightning. The Angels turned and flew back into space eventually turning back into stars as they approached the heavens.


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