Spirit Chronicles: Light Warriors vs Legion of Vampires

I dreamed I was a small soldier about the size of a GI Joe. I was in a war with vampires and killed many hundreds of them along side my peers. One by one the vampires and soldiers were slaughtered on the battle field. These vampires were also very small but powerful and hungry. As they died dust would engulf them and they were taken away by these large black spirits I took to be death angels. As the soldiers perished in the battle they were taken away by light spirits to Heaven.

The vampires represented evil and all that was wrong with the world. They were beautiful to look at but had very nasty and mean spirits. They used their influence and power over others to get close enough to bite them. The soldiers were all light workers and were fighting for the greater good of mankind. They represened the good side and willingly gave their lives to protect the citizens being attacked by the legion of vampires.

Three particular vampires were leading the way and they were in full control of the legion. They stayed back away from the fighting and watch as their legion one by one perished at the hands of the light warriors. The fighting was intense and was a constant struggle. The vampire people were stronger, faster and more agile than the light warriors. The light warriors were more determined and used their skills to defend themselves and win small fights and battles.

The warriors were lead by three large ancient Angels. These Angels were the ultimate warriors and were directly tied to Heaven. They took orders from God and also got into the fight. They were frontline fighters as well and took the attack towards the cowardly three leaders of the vampire legion. I was a soldier fighting for the good side and one by one fought my way towards the larger leaders. I was a protector of the three Angels of God and my role was to make sure they got to the ultimate conflict to destroy the three death leaders.

I took numerous injuries and bites along the way. None of them seemed to phase me and I pushed my way throught the legion. At one point I had three biting me and holding me down. Then one of the larger warriors started to stomp them as if he were stomping on ants. One by one he squashed them into the ground then threw others as far as the eye could see. As they flew off they would desingrate into dust and be taken by the dark spirits.

We fought our way to the three death leaders and there was an epic battle, one in which I took several severe bites and injuries. As I lay there watching the fight between the light warriors and the three death leaders I started to feel warm like I was being taken to Heaven. As I thought I was dying one of the white spirit collectors touched me and made me whole. He told me to rise and fight and I did. The three death leaders were pushed into a cave that was linked to hell and as they went in they were pulled down into hell.

The light collectors began to go around and revive others and take others off to heaven. A few of us survived and the sun came out and all was good. A feeling of warmth and security surrounded all. People fell to their knees to worship God and his spirit. Thunder clapped and lightning crashed all over the earth. But it was not scary, it was beuatiful. Then a giant clock appeared with 1000 years on it and began to tick away. It was the beginning of a one thousand year period of good and light all across the earth and in heaven.


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