Spirit Chronicles: New World Order

I dreamed about a new world order and the plot and plan to take over all countries by four of the Largest military countries in the world. They began the process of dismantling the largest and strongest countries in the world using social media, large print media and news stations. They fed lies and deciet to the younger generation to create movements that would make large citited chaotic with riots and destructive behaviors. They used power and influence to win elections and install their cronnies into power as mayors and city councilmen.

They influenced those people into making decisions that helped spread the chaos across these countries. The NWO knew that the majority of the people in these countries would eventually get tired of all the violence and destruction and fight back. Civil wars broke out as people choose sides and fought it out. The NWO leaders stood back and laughed as their reign of terror was coming to fruition. They had power over the Presidents of America, China, Russia and Japan. They knew these countries falling would open the door for them to take over.

They unleashed a virus on the world that was man made and it spread all over the world and led to countries locking down, abandoning democratic standards and going to more of a communist feel. People began to divide over the virus but the leaders of these countries continued to push for mandates, shots and restrictions. These restrictions riled up the majority and it helped lead to civil unrest and wars among states and countries. Militias formed all over the world and took over neighborhoods and stormed Capital Cities.

Then the military strength of the NWO grabbed hold of things and overwhelmed the countries that had been torn apart. These four countires were once the world powers but now the world powers were a 13 country comglomirate of saddistic minded people that had no faith in God. They forced the stamp of the Devil on people and punished or killed those that declined or fought back. Leaders emerged on both sides and many battles were lost and won on both sides.

A small group of patriots from America found away to unleash a virus on all the satelites and military weaponery of the NWO. This brought the power grid down, shut down the satelites and weapons they used to oppress the world with. Then a group of special Angels came to Earth and took the fight to the NWO. The leaders of the NWO were proven to be with the Devil with one of his highest ranked Demons the grand leader. God had not allowed the Devil to be released from Hell so he plotted around it using his minions.

The Angelic force spread the word that good was the way to go and the worlds people started to find faith again. They took the fight to the NWO eventually defeated them at the cost of millions of lives globally. It was WW3 taking place but it was fought in a different format than previous wars. It involved fighting and war, but also was technology based. The stamps were a digital implant that helped the NWO track people and punish them. The shots (vaccine) was full of things that impacte peoples health and made them weak physically with lung, stomach and muscle issues.

In the end all the NWO leaders were revealed along with the key leaders of the major countries. It had been planned for many years under the table through trade deals and powerful agreements. The virus was found to be of human origin. God had seen enough and sent his Angels to take back the world and make it a better place. I awoke and wrote down what I had seen. God has revealed this to me on more than one occasion so be warned that what we permit as a society and put up with will catch up wth us.

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