Spirit Chronicles: Shot Three Times

Last night I dreamed that I was in a classroom and I was surrounded by students of all ages. As I was starting class a guy walked in and told everyone to sit down and shut up. I recognized that the guy was holding a small caliber pistol and he was very nervous. I told everyone get on the floor and get behind something. The guy asked me who I was and I told him I was the leader and it was my responsibility to make sure they were all safe. The people were panicking and some of the girls were whimpering and it made him angry. He said, “they never shut up” and fired a shot in the air and screamed for them to shut up. Well that made things worse as you can imagine so I stood up and walked from behind the desk and worked to calm people down.

The young man was crying and very distressed. I asked him what his name was and if he needed anything in an attempt to make him feel more relaxed. I needed him to calm down so no one got shot or hurt. A male student stood up and was trying to film it on his phone which set the guy off again and he pointed the gun at the kid and told him to sit down and cut the phone off. The kid said something back to him so the guy pointed the gun to the side of the kid and fired missing him and said “the next one will be in your head”. I told the boy to throw the phone down and sit down and he did. The guy said these people listen to you so I would suggest you get them in line now before someone gets hurt.

I again asked him his name and if I could let the others leave the room and just he and stay in the room. He told me no and told me he was stressed out and was struggling with life. I assured him we did not want any violence and asked him to allow the kids to leave again. He looked at me at this time I had counted two shots so I knew he was down to four in that small weapon. He pointed the gun towards the roof and fired which took him down to three. He was escalating and the room was full of enery and nervousness and one of the girls said, Coach “I want my mom”. This set him off and he turned and said evidently they don’t listen to you and fired at me and the bullet hit me in the right hand on the edge.

I felt the bullet hit me and it hurt but I was more focused on getting everyone out safely. Being a small caliber weapon I knew he couldn’t hurt anyone unless it was direct hit and he had now fired four times leaving no more than two bullets. So I thought it is time to end this and I yelled at the kids to get behind something and I ran towards him and he panicked and fired. I am a big guy so I figured it would hit me but hopefully not kill me and the others could then escape the room or grab him and hold him down. He fired twice emptying the gun and the fifth bullet hit me in my hand under the thumb area and the sixth I could see as if I was in a movie.

The bullet was coming at my face and I knew that would be bad so I thought about bending it to my hand and the bullet entered my hand right in the middle of my hand. As the last bullet hit me I tackled the shooter and landed on him. This knocked him out and I stayed on him as the room cleared and others came to help me. I looked at my hand and the last bullet was stuck in my hand and it was hurting so I was like I am getting this thing out now. I could see it moving around under the skin as I moved it to get it out the hole. It popped out of the hole and onto the floor and blood started shooting out of my hand. I woke up and wrote this dream down. I pray this is nothing more than a bad dream and not a vision that may come true.

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