Dream Scapes and Super Heros

Lately my dreams have become more real than ever before. I know that I am in the dream and struggle to come out of it. It is like I am living in a scyfy movie and the graphics and scenery are amazing. I literally feel the emotional, physical and spiritual events that take place. Lastnight I dreamed I was fighting like a super hero and all around me were the most colorful heros and villians. None of these were the common heros or villians that I love to read about or watch at the movies.

These were all very different suits and powers that were made up by my mind. My powers were being able to run very fast like Flash and super strength like Super Man. I battled various villians during the dream that all started with a concert by Adell at a small bar near my home town in NC. She was playing and singing to Kareoke and about a hundred people were present watching her sing and play. She had no makeup on and was just having fun because she was on a tour of America and had stopped at the local small bar to grab some food and relax.

As she was playing a fight broke out in the parking lot and one of the guys in the fight turned into a villian and another turned into a super hero. Then others began to turn and soon hundreds of heros and villians were fighting one another in this small town tearing it to shreds. I was trying to protect the folks remaining in the small bar and had to fight off several villians. The first one had a huge rock fist that could slam anything and break it into pieces. He punched me numerous times, once sending me flying though the air over a mile. The second one I fought had the ability to appear at will and when I tried to attack she could dissapear and reappear at will. The third one I fought could shoot fire and water out of his hands at people.

The fourth one I fought was very strong and could crush you by squeezing you to death. I fought all of these and eventually beat them and held them off using my super strength. I was like super man for a night and it was amazing. I woke up tired and battered as if I had been in a car crash. My wife told me she was concerned because she had never seen me fight things so hard in and started to wake me up. She knows I have crazy dreams so she left me alone and monitored me. As the dream was ending I saw these people starting to dissapear and told them they were all in a dream and to wake up or they would be stuck in it forever.

A few of them told me I was crazy and to leave them alone. I saw a big rock on the ground and it had these small various lighted symbols each representing a person of super powers. As they left the dream scape and awoke the light would go off and they would be gone. If the light stayed on and started to blink then they were stuck forever. I told them all to leave now and woke up. I do not know how many got stuck in the dream and maybe I will learn to control it as I learn to control my dreams.


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