Spirit Chronicles: The Virus

I dreamed about a virus that infected millions of people all over the world. It was a man made virus that was created by people in power to control the population of the world. Those in power had come to realize that they were slowly losing contol of people and needed a way to gain that control back. With this intent they let loose a virus upon the world that was originally designed to help control people and make them more reliant on a one world govermental system. But what actually happened was the opposite as they released a plague upon the world like it had never seen.

A plague that killed millions across all continents of the world. A plague that kept changing and growing in strength. Regardless of what those in power did it killed millions of people all across the world and dismantled governments, economies and led to revolts and uprising. The power grab had gotten out of control and the truth had been exposed. Millions of citizens revolted and rose up to fight back and take control of their lives, economies and decisions. Millions decided not to take the shots which were proven to be ineffective against the changing plague and was truly a way for the one world government to tag people with technology.

A technology used to control and track people. Government leaders began to be held accountable. Riots took place all over the world with people fighting back, not destroying property or breaking laws. These were riots and an uprising against the harm that was being done to the world on behalf of the lost and dead. The battle for control had come and world war three erupted. This war was not about countries. It was about people taking back their God given rights. Americans, Russians, Chinese and all kinds of people fought the powers side by side.

Living in large cities had become a thing of the past as those were the main control centers for those in power. Mayors became powerful and grabbed hold of control. Local police departments were dismantled because of the threats of the plague and gangs of violent people took the cities. Cities became crap holes full of criminals, drugs, violence and unliviable conditions. People became more dependent on themselves and moved into the country. They established armies and militias to protect themselves.

One by one the big cities fell to the plague and became ghost towns of trash, treachery and death. Those that rose up thirved off the land, nature and lived a good live. The plague had forced a dependence on nature, growing foods and making things by hand. Governmental building were dorment of activity and the one world rule was over. The President of the United States and the President of China were the two main leaders of the one world party system.

Both fell hard as the truth came out about what they had done and why. It was all about money, greed, power and strength. That pursuit did them in and created a better world after all the death, deception, lies and control. The weak of mind, body and spirit fell hard also. Things thought to be tolerated during the control time were no longer accepted. People had turned back to God and his laws. Vile, filthy and unruly things were now taboo.

A small resistence remained seeking control, but the United Citizens of the world were now in control. Millions of people bonded by the courage of a few that started the movement to take back what was once the way of life. Those that benefitted financially from the plague paid a heavy price and were ruined, killed or sent away to rot in a prison. A prison that was tough, rough and mean. A place they could not survive because they were weak of mind, body and spirit. Those that knew how to survive and thrive did so and lived a good but hard existence. Those that were part of the control failed at life and struggled.


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