Spirit Chronicles: Attacked in my Sleep- People of the Woods

The other day I was kind of tired from work and had recently gone through a heart procedure and just wanted to go lay down and rest.  I cut the lights off, turned on some relaxing music, actually Frank Sinatra and slowly dozed off after my foot quit twitching to his songs and the big band beat.  Once I fell asleep I was resting pretty well and suddenly to no surprise I had a very real dream.  This dream was more lifelike than any other I have ever had. I dreamed that I was sleeping and my face was jammed into the pillow and I could not breathe.  Several times in the dream I felt this way, it just kept repeating itself over and over.  Fall asleep, cannot breath, repeat.  The whole time I was asleep and just stayed in a constant cycle.  

I have had these types of repeat dreams before, but none like this one.  The last time in the cycle of fall asleep, unable to breath, wake up I felt someone slide into the bed beside me.  Typically. My wife will get into the bed, pull the covers over her way to get comfy.  I physically felt the covers slide across my ankles so I assumed my wife had gotten into the bed with me.  I also felt a presence behind me, like someone was standing up beside my bed watching over me.  I continue to dream that someone is beside me and my face is stuck in the pillow.  I am weakened a bit physically and felt like I couldn’t fight whatever it was holding me down.  

Suddenly, I get to the point where I feel like I am losing consciousness and about to die.  I hear a whisper but cannot make out what is being said, it was kind of creepy sounding honestly.  That is when I realized I was not in the bed with my wife, but something dark was attacking me in my sleep.  It was coming after me because I was weaker than usual and was vulnerable.  Out of nowhere, I get whacked with a fist right between my shoulder blades.  I was hit so hard that I woke up, sat up in bed and called for my wife to come help me.  The strike was so hard that I felt sore in that area the next day.

I was very confused and needed some help figuring this out.  So I called my spiritual guide friend and told her what happened.  She told me things are now getting real and this spiritual awakening is becoming physical.  There are old native indians on our property that pre date Jesus Christ on the cross.  These spirits are upset that the land adjoining our property is being clear cut.  The response was for a few of them to attack me because I was weak and would struggle to defend myself.  They were sending a message that the woods belong to them.

They are concerned and came at me because we are the closest house to their tribal land.  These are souls not of the light, they were dead before Jesus came back so they have no understanding of going to the light and getting to Heaven. 

They are attached to the land, and the possibility of it being destroyed has them very active and upset.  My spiritual guide told me one of the most powerful spirits on the land had been the one that came for me.  It was a tall, dark entity with a powerful spirit.  She was trying to suffocate me and scare me into doing as she wanted, which is defending that land.  You may ask, how do you know all this.  My spiritual guide told me what happened, she was able to see it after it happened.  The spirit failed because the hit to my back was from my guardian angel.  My mom who saved my life a few weeks ago has once again come to my rescue.  She hit me hard enough that it woke me up and made me start breathing.  Mom fought off the spirit and sent it back to the woods.  

Upon hearing all this news, I immediately prayed to God for closure and to protect me.  My spiritual guide went into the woods and had a conversation with the spirits and that is how I found out about the land, destruction of it and what they wanted to accomplish.  After being told the people living in the home were not the destroyers, the spirit lady told that no more attacks would occur, but pleaded for our help.  I am making an attempt to keep the landowner to clear cut the remaining woods, but it is a hard task and one that you cannot just go say, “hey a ghost told me” to tell you not to clear cut the woods.  

I am at a loss for this one, being attacked physically by spirit and saved by Heavenly spirit has taken my new adventure in life to another level.  The battle between good and bad continues and right now I am in the middle of that battle.  I remain faithful that good will win.  God is good and I feel like something will work out concerning the woods.  I want those spirits to live there and be happy.  They sacrificed everything to stay there and protect the woods.  It is nice property, nothing one could build on, but nice surrounding hardwoods.  Be careful when you destroy woods, build and do things like that.  There are spiritual forces both good and bad attached to those things.  I pray for God’s guidance, grace and direction on this issue.  

Collasians 1:12-13

Giving thanks to the Father, who has qualified you to share in the inheritance of the saints in light. He has delivered us from the domain of darkness and transferred us to the kingdom of his beloved Son.


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