Spirit Chronicles: Bringing Macy Home

Bringing Macy Home

Macy was our 11 year old Shih Tzu.  She was so special and my best buddy.  She followed me everywhere I went and stayed right by my side when I was home.  We bought her as a Christmas gift for our two daughters, but she ended up being a daddy’s girl.  Macy was the runt of the litter and when we went to pick up the dog we were going to buy, she pushed her way to the top of the little doggie pile and we knew instantly she was the one for us.  Macy was a fighter, small in stature at 5.5 pounds, but her spirit was huge.  We got Macy during a very tough time in my life after losing a very good job that I will be writing about soon.  She brought me through depression and gave me hope and courage to push forward.  

Macy literally was a God send that helped save my life and put me on a path of light and hope.  She lived a good life with the family and as she got older her body started to fail her and she got where she struggled to walk and move.  It came to a point where we knew that she couldn’t go on living like that anymore.  We love our pets, but cannot allow them to suffer pain or struggle.  Letting her go was absolutely one of the hardest things I ever done.  Seeing her life end physically, knowing she had such a strong spirit was tough.  

Macy was at our former house where my wife and I lived the last four years in her urn.  When she passed, we had her ashes placed in an urn so we could keep her with us.  For a few days we could hear her after she left her physical body.  She had a way of breathing out of that tiny snubby nose and we heard her breathing on the bed.  Fast forward to six months later and we had moved from the house to live with our daughter as we are making the transition to a smaller home with the girls grown and moved out.  My daughter had plenty of room so we moved in with her until we decide exactly what we are to do.  Now to the dream which involved my mom coming to me in my sleep.  

If you read my previous post about my heart miracle, you will get the sense that my mom is still very involved in my life even in death.  Mom came to me in a dream and told me that I had left something at home and needed to go get it.  Here is how the dream played out and the outcome of the event.  I had the dream that my mom was sitting in her favorite recliner at my childhood home and she told me to go downstairs, that I had forgotten something.  I went down the steps into the basement and as I made it off the last step I heard a puppy playing on the floor.  I looked over and it was Macy.  She looked exactly as she did when she was a baby, about the size of a big hamster.  As stated above, she was our baby girl and at the end of her life was struggling with walking.  It was great to see her so playful, jumping around and excited to see me.  I bent down to pick her up and as I embraced her I woke up.  

After putting some thought into the dream and what meaning it had, I realized that we had left Macy in her urn at the old house we were selling.  She was alone at the house and we were not there with her.  I had always felt like she was around, rubbing herself against our legs and making slight noises when we were at that home.  I immediately went by the old house and picked up her urn and brought it to my daughters house.  It sits close by me as I type this message.  My mom as stated in the previous post has been a consistent presence in our lives and I see her frequently in dreams.  When I contacted our family friend that assisted us with the heart miracle, she told us that my mom was glad that we had brought Macy home and that she was here with us in spirit.  There was a void in me when that baby dog left her physical body that to this day has been hard to replace.  Having her here now fills that void and I know that she is with us and will always be.  I can feel here love, kindness and constant companionship.  The same things she offered in life she now offers in spirit.  

I miss that dog something bad, but we have brought her home to be with us.  Thanks to my guardian angel and dearly departed mom for showing me in my dream that I had left Macy behind.  Folks, love your pets, treat them as if they are family, one of your own and always know that when they leave that they are in spirit with you.  Pets have a spirit and a soul and they are special to us.  Just as we have a spirit and soul that must be fed and nurtured by God’s word, grace and mercy.  If you’re having a tough time, get a pet, adopt a pet and it will help you alot.  Pets are always committed to being the best friend possible.  They don’t gripe, complain or let you down.  They simply love, care and nurture their owner.  Wouldn’t it be nice as humans if we could all live like a pet.  God has a plan for everything, every creature big and small.  Pray for his guidance in your life and see what happens.  

Psalm 145:9

The Lord is good to all, and his mercy is over all that he has made.


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