Spirit Chronicles: The Dead People

The Dead People (Good vs. Evil)

As I come to better understand the battle of good versus evil or good versus bad, call it what you want.  I have dreamed many dreams about the two sides for years, starting as a child.  These dreams are always very intense and scary at times.  However, there also is a comforting side to them that comes with the good or what I call the light.  The light comes from Heaven, from Jesus himself and it is in all of us. 

We just have to choose to use it, develop it and pray for protection against bad, dark and evil beings.  In this dream, I was at my nanny’s old house.  My nanny was a very tall lady, strict with discipline but a lovely person.  She was my dad’s mom and went on to be with the Lord in the 1990’s. Her house had two bedrooms, one of which felt warm and welcoming.  The other however, had a bad vibe about it growing up.  It just was sort of creepy and it felt like something bad was in that room playing in there as a child.  

The dream started with me seeing my nanny and mom in the good room (I call it the light room).  I looked over and saw both of them sitting on the bed.  Nanny looked just as she did back many years ago wearing her blue dress and heels.  She was a fancy dresser and loved to wear pearl necklaces and bracelets.  My mom was there, but was behind the scenes as if she was watching out and supporting me.  In the other room there were really horrific looking people, which I believe to be demons, dead spirits lost and wondering.  Spirits that have turned away from the light.

My nanny stood up and motioned me to her side.  I went over and she motioned me to follow her.  She didn’t speak, but I could sense what she was saying.   My nanny told me to come with her but I did not want to leave the safety of the good room.  As we exited the good room, my mom tried to help me but my nanny overpowered her and told her to step back.  I have done research on this and my personal opinion is that older beings that have been in the light (heaven) longer can over power those that are newer.  Same goes for bad or dark spirits, the longer they have been on earth roaming or in Hell the more powerful they become.  

Nanny had been in Heaven much longer and was more of the light.  She out ranked my mom so she was able to control the situation.  Nanny took me into the other room and showed me terrible things, teenagers with no faces, people putting needles into their arms, things trying to attack and run at me.  It was a horrible place, one of dread, despair and sin.  I wanted to get out but she made me confront those things, tell them to stay away and fight back to the door to escape. 

I got out the door and instantly woke up, panting, my heart racing and looking around.  It felt that real to me, it was like I actually was at the old house. I woke up very confused and immediately wrote the dream down.  When you have a dream like that, write it down so you can think about it, try to figure out what it is all about.  Often, that will happen years later because it will tie into other dreams and encounters you have. 

I was really confused as to why nanny would overpower my mom and not allow her to help me.  After thinking about it, writing it down and researching it, I came up with the theory of older spiritual beings having more say in our spiritual matters as they are more of the light than newly admitted souls into heaven, as stated above.  My nanny looked just like she did in the 1970’s and 80’s.  As I pondered the dream, it became clear to me that she was showing me that a fight for me was taking place.  A fight for me and my soul, with both sides wanting me to decide which way I would go.  She wanted me to see that powerful beings can and will infiltrate your life, spirit and soul.  Their goal is to feed fear and anger into you, it helps them win the battle for humanity.  

Thankfully, I chose not to stay in that horrible place and went back to the light.  Many things have happened in my life and they all seem to be adding up to something big that is coming.  I will be writing many more stories that tie into this line of thought, the whole good versus evil story.  As a nation and world, we are in that fight right now.  We are in a society of lost souls, that use fear, intimidation and violence, just as the Devil wants it to get what they desire. .

My original story Miracle on Old Town Road was about good versus evil and God’s grace.  He has a plan for all and we must listen to that still small voice.  Follow Jesus lead and let him take us where we can be in life.  I am so thankful for my nanny (Eva).  She was such a powerful spirit and had a huge impact on me growing up.  She was strong in life and even stronger in death.  .  Glad she is on the other side as one of my spirit guides watching out for me.  

Psalm 23:4

Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil, for you are with me; your rod and your staff, they comfort me.



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