Spirit Chronicles: WW3

I have been having lots of dreams and visions about a world war lately. These started long before the Russia-Ukraine developments and invasion. I dreamed that two coalitions formed to fight one another with catastrophic results. It all started with a small scale international event that leads to a desparate act by one of the leaders. This event pulls over fifty countries into a global war that involves foot soldiers, tanks, planes and advanced weapons.

The dark coalition consists of 18 countries that are lead by dictators and five of those are world powers. The light coalition consists of the other 32 countries many of whom are small in size and military might. The war erupts when one of the dark side countries crosses over into lands they are not allowed to invade and that country strikes back hard. A response comes and swiftly all of these countries join in the war supporting one another.

In the end millions of people will die and countries are reduced to rubble. The light side wins and goddness prevails in those countries that were dark as the leaders are either killed, exiled or go into hiding. The truth comes out that many of these world leaders were involved in a huge coverup and conspiracy and heads will roll. The Bible tells us that nations will rise against nations to begin the end times countdown. Prepare now for war and be in prayer for the souls of mankind and our leaders.

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