Spirit Chronicles: Lady In a Blue Dress

I dreamed I was walking down a city street full of people going in and out of businesses. It was a very busy road and I was just walking and taking in the scenery and relaxing heading for something to eat. I looked to my left and I saw a lady standing on the opposite corner. She was young maybe in her 50’s and had a nice blue prom dress on. She had white shoes on and the dress had glitter on it.

She looked away when I saw her so I just looked back and kept walking. I went down the street and came around a corner and there stood the lady in the blue dress. When I saw her she put her head down and sat on the side of the curb in front of a store. I felt like she needed help and was seeking me out and then I realized that noone but me could see her.

People walked by her and through her but never veered off to avoid her. I stopped and asked her if she needed help. I heard her wheezing and growling so I stepped away from her and made sure that she was not hurting me. I walked around her and kept going and as I passed her she hissed at me and growled very loud. At this point I knew she was a devil temptress. These are pretty demons sent to get men to be tempted and when they get contact they attach.

I told her to get away in Gods name and she got angry and screamed at me. Her face changed and she showed her true self as a demon temptress. She had long pretty flowing hair and that shiny blue dress that revealed one of her shoulders and partial back. She was very angry and evil. She stood up and walked away the other direction and was gone as fast as she appeared.

When you are a light worker and help people find God and the light demons will attack you and try to decieve you. They play on human nature and emotions. Be careful of the devil women that will show up in your dreams and actually have sexual relations with you. They will get you to think it is real when infact it is just in your dreams. It opens the door and then they will appear to you frequently as porn, women, and sexual creatures.

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