Spirit Chronicles: Dead Man Road

I was walking down a mountain road and suddenly everywhere I looked it seemed that I was in an episode of a Zombie movie. All of the road was covered with dead men and they were everywhere. At first I was scared so I ran into the woods to find cover. They saw me but continued walking past me. I knew for sure they would turn and come get me and with so many and me being a heavy guy I couldn’t run far or climb a tree.

I stayed still and one by one they walked right by me. I saw another man driving up the road towards them and ran out to stop him but he gave me the middle finger, honked his horn and kept going. He drive through a bunch of them but his small fancy sports car eventually crashed and failed and he climbed out. When the dead saw him they attacked him. He begged me to help but before I could get to him it was too late.

I ran over to help and he stood up and with a blank stare began to follow the others down the road. The herd of zombie like men walked by me one by one, group by group and everytime a car came I couldn’t save them from the herd. I was exhausted and sat down to rest and watch what was happening. Another man suddenly walked out of the woods and sat down beside me.

He said to me, “it’s a shame all those wanderign spirits just walking lost like in space”. I asked him who they were and he said you know, the Lord has been warning you about it alot lately. He stood up and walked back into the woods and was gone. Then it hit me that they were the lost souls and the people that were being attacked were also lost. Only the saved people were able to avoid the herd and not be part of them.

I have had lots of visions lately about the fall of mankind and how the lack of moral code, break down of the family, reduction of the church and a loss of faith will lead to a destruction like none can imagine. The dead men are not going to actually be zombies. They are the representation of not knowing God and having faith in humanity anymore. Let this serve as a warning of things to come and pass soon.


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