Spirit Chronicles: Grandfather Penny

I was live streaming my Sunday night show Unexplained W/Coach B and a lady came into my stream asking me about her grandfather. She was very attached to him and was struggling at his recent passing. Her grandfather had raised her since she was a teenager and he was dealry missed. I felt a male spirit coming through but that is routine when I am live and have many people watching me. I asked the stream if anyone had a male that had experienced issues with breathing.

That is when the grandfather showed me it was him by giving me what I call spirit pain. I feel the symptoms or issues that the person actually felt when they were still in the human form. In this case the grandfather had an infection in his lungs and was having difficulty breathing which was exactly what I was sensing and feeling. I asked the lady if her grandfather had an infection and she said yes.

Spirit has a way of ackowledging itself with me and others that can sense them. I got a picture of a person wiping their tears in a particular manner that is kind of unusual. I showed the stream what I saw and it was exactly how the person asking for grandfather to come through wiped the tears. They used the right hand only, wiped the left eye first then the right eye. I showed her and she ackowledged that.

This was the grandfathers way of telling me to let her know that he knew she cried alot over him and did not want for her to suffer or be like that. The spirit showed me small children which signaled he is looking over them as a guardian and that also applied to the scenario. I then saw a tablet and a pin and that told me the person was writing about their concerns, pain and story.

I then saw a penny and other coins. I asked the person if she found pennies occasionally and she said yes randomly at wierd places. That was the third ackowledgment that grandfather was watching over her and the kids and his way of saying hello. This made the person feel much better and she thanked me. I told her to Thank God because he is the one that allows me to do what I do.

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