End Times Visions, Dreams and Nightmares

  1. God will move in ways mankind cannot understand. He will show his full might and hold over all things living in 2023.
  2. Nature will rear its ugly head in 2023 with some devastating weather patterns, record floods and the earth moving and shaking.
  3. Famine will hit many parts of the world wear it has never been. Great countries will suffer for food due to shortages.
  4. The great horn of Heaven will sound and it will ring across the world. It is a warning from God of things to come.
  5. Millions of people will turn to God for refuge as things escalate in the world with war, famine. hunger, fighting and sinful behavior.
  6. A new currency will roll out across the world. Paper money will no longer be in use and gold, silver and other rare minerals will be the backing of all money worldwide.
  7. Governments will fall and some of the biggest leaders in the world will be removed from office, die mysteriously or resign in the face of corruptness and getting caught.
  8. More moverments backed by destructive demons and global agencies will erupt in chaos in big cities across the world.
  9. Internet, cable and phone services will be interrupted and at some point a black out will take place where people will no longer have the information highway.
  10. Alien civilizations will be found and make themselves known to mankind on Earth.
  11. Mars and other star system planets will be found to posssess the water and atmosphere to support life away from earth.
  12. America will have a new President and a new constitution designed for the greater good of all people.
  13. Civil wars will break out across the world and in some cases it will be citizen against a country or army. The people that are weak will suffer, die or become a ward of the country or state to be used as pawns and for cheap labor work camps.
  14. Marshall law will be declared in many cities as the majority fight back agaisnt the groups bent on destroying cities, rioting and killing people.
  15. Zombies will walk the earth as a new wave of the covid vaccine will bring people back to life after they pass away. They will be dangerous and hard to kill.
  16. Civilizations in the ocean, far reaching mountains and rain forest will be found and these people will be from Ancient beings that have inhabited those areas for 10’s of thousands of years.
  17. Mystical creatures such as dragons, big foot, sea creatures, and others will be proven to exist scientifically with medical dna evidence, pictures, encounters as mankind presses into their living space.
  18. One world order will rise and fall quickly as the armed people of the world fight back to preserve freedom of thought, liberty and life.
  19. Alliances will form with countries like Russia, America, China, England, France and Japan to be the stronghold that combats the takeover of many small countires by Islamic nations in the middle east.
  20. Numerous attempts to takeover and destroy Isreal will fail as God is in charge and he will not let his people down.

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